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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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I think my favorite Iron Chef period was the first few years of Iron Chef America.  Mychal Simon was still pretty fun.  The later ones...not so much, and when they went, shall we say, populist, with some of the non-foodie judges...bleah.  I hadn't seen this, but this is apparently part of the reason Batali left...the scandal came a few years later:



However, in a May 2012 interview with The Atlantic, Batali later explained that he resented the decision to move away from serious food critics to "skinny little actresses" and other personalities he felt weren't credible enough to judge his cuisine.[4]


This is also the period where Food Network debuted Chopped...and around the time where, more generally, they where shifting heavily away from serious food to cooking as entertainment only.  Some shows that were...semi-ok, like Restaurant: Impossible, became transparently fake with some of the "oh you're doing too well, time for a crisis."  

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The modern era equivalent of that is "I hated this, then my favorite social media influencer said I should try it!!!  That's why I love her, she opened my eyes!!!!"


Since aligning with one's preferred influencers is absolutely an integral part of the reward circuitry these days....


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20 hours ago, Cygnia said:



Basically the chicken thigh video reprised, which isn't a bad thing, per se.  It reiterates the approach elements...drying out the meat surface, the balanced marinade, playing with your food to get the marinade to work in, why you use alcohol, etc. 

I might try tweaking that...the big swap would be almond flour or almond meal (I forget which is supposed to be finer, and finer is better here), and fake sugar of some sort.

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13 hours ago, Cygnia said:


My grandmother was an amazing cook, but she never wrote anything down. Probably because she never used an actual recipe. I wish she had left behind a recipe for her sour cream raisin pie.

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