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Character Theme Songs


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One of the things that I tend to do for my characters is keep a theme song in mind. If nothing else, it helps me keep the general mindset/energy of the character in mind and I can play it to quickly get into character.

For the games that I'm currently playing.


Star Wars: Mercenaries (set 5 ABY, Legends continuity)
Cyrene Veda - Human (Mandalorian) Historian and Pilot
Mostly for her frustration at what she sees as a pattern of revisionist history by every faction that comes to power.

Plowed by Sponge

Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords
Marcelano Alazario - Human Swashbuckler and minor Magnimaran noble.
He is determined to see Magnimar's obligations to it's vassal, Sandpoint, are met. Even if he has to build and staff the fort himself and to hell with the black blood in his family's veins.

Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

Pathfinder - Skulls and Shackles
Zeram Alazario - Half-Elven Bastard and Mindblade; Captain of the priate vessel, The Avarice
He may carry the name, but his bastard heritage has left him yearning to make a name for himself, hopefully while involving a little healthy patricide.

Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Pathfinder - Jade Regent
Ryuna Saita - Human Arcanist of Minkaian descent.
When Ameiko suggested he join the new caravan venture, his first thought was "as you wish." (Would have taken the lovesick drawback if it wasn't implied that she was going to be right there the entire time. Disadvantages that don't ever trigger, and all that.)
Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls



Pathfinder - The Mummy's Mask

Nemat of Valat (Nemat Merituzat) - Human Inquisitor of Wadjet.

With a family history of being shrine guardians dating back prior to Kelishite suppression of faith in the Old Gods, Nemat is fiercely loyal to and protective of his adventuring party, the Covenant of Wati.
Battle Cry by Skillet


Does anyone else do this and, if so, what are your theme songs?

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I come up with my own theme songs for my heroes--not all of them, but some of them.  Since I can't write music or play an instrument, I can't set down a melody--but I do have lyrics.  This is Captain Wonder's theme--


Captain Wonder--Away!

Fighting With His Might To Save The Day!

When It's All On The Line,

He'll Save Your Life And Mine,

Captain Wonder--Away!


Captain Wonder--Away!

Look Out, Bad Guys, 'Cause He's Here To Stay!

When There's A Wrong To Right,

He's There To Win The Fight,

Captain Wonder--Away!


His Fists Strike As Hard And Fast As Lightning,

Evil-Doers Fall Before Their Might,

When Other People Find The Villains Frightening,

He Will Charge On In And Win The Fight!


All The People Cheer For Captain Wonder,

They Think He's The Greatest In The Land,

And When He Tears The Villains' Plans Asunder,

They Do All Give Him A Great Big Hand!


Captain Wonder--Away!

And Evil Will Never Ever Have Its Way!

When Villains Come To Town,

He's There To Bring Them Down,


When Evil Bears Its Claws,

He's There To Win Our Cause,


When Villains Threaten Us,

He'll Fight For All Of Us,

Captain Wonder--Away!


Captain Wonder--Away!



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I've been dying to do this with various characters from our old campaign but our attempts to get a Champions game up and running keep failing. In particular I'd love to run:


Big Girl: Big Girls Don't Cry (Four Seasons) and  Big Girls You Are Beautiful (Mika)

Captain Third: Any of a number of "third" classical pieces i.e. Beethoven's Third Symphony


Like wcw, I did write a theme song - for my original Champions character, Robo-bushi:



He flies on jets of fire

He is undestructable!



His engines never tire

His deeds are undeductable!


When danger is proximity

He won't turn and flee



Body so steel!

Lead us to victory!


The general idea was to go for a slightly awkward machine translation to English effect. English is, of course not Robo's first language (that would be machine code).

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My daughter's very first character was searching for her lost love.  He had gone on a trading mission and never returned.  She didn't find him until years later after he had been turned into a mindless slave for the big bad guy in the campaign.


For her character I used "I will find you" Clannad from the movie The Last of the Mohicans.

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I internalise songs for most of my characters or NPCs - and I use them to help keep them 'true' to themselves when faces with a choice.


I do tend to reuse them, however, based on archetype.  A few samples:


Peaceful Warrior - calm, confident, power at the ready but reluctantly used.  Piccolo's theme - Dragonball Z original dub - Bruce Faulconer 


Hidden Power - quiet but with a near perpetual smirk, knowing something that their enemies don't know.  Itching for an excuse to show them what.  Power Tripping - Teenage Monster Magnet


Aggressive Warrior - In your face all the time. First to pick a fight, last to leave one .  Brash. Overconfident. Reckless by Judas Priest or Headstrong by Trapt.

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My first Champs hero Jack Flash was a Los Angeles based, .357 packing, FBI agent, and was so long ago that when the movie Beverly Hills Cop II came out I stole it's theme song.  Bob Segar's  "Shakedown" was always just perfect.

   "It's a given L.A. law, there's always someone faster on the draw. No matter where you hide, I'm gonna take you down."

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Just got home from the inaugural session of a TORG Eternity campaign, in which my character is a hybrid of their canned Realm Runner archetype with a stoner trucker type whose backstory and personality is drawn entirely out of Little Feat's "Willin'" (the besr rendition of which is on the Waiting For Columbus live album).  I'm going to have to buy him a shotgun, but he fits in perfectly in that game, as the truck driver who'll drive through Hell, perhaps literally, for the right reason.  I even went so far as to name him Tonopah Pete.

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