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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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Idea: take 4 groups of refugees that have survived  their home planets being destroyed.


We have Kryptonians, Asgardians*, Zenn-La-ians, and ThunderCats. Each group heard that the Destiny had a solution to bring their planets back. But it is not without a cost. 


The heroes awoke on the Destiny after being in cryogenic sleep that healed them. The outside atmosphere is toxic. Each group has the same mission, to find Genesis Device & DNA Sequencer that when used together** potentially can bring planets back. The problem for the heroes? It can be used once (or so they think).


To add to the complications, are Dr Victor Von Doom, Maker (Evil Reed Richards), High Evolutionary, and Magus (the messianic evil side of Adam Warlock).


What's going to happen? Can our heroes work together. 


*This is straight after the events of Thor Ragnarok film. Loki found Sif, or Sif found Loki. 


**How? Revealed tomorrow. 

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And finally, because it'd be a cryin' shame to have this draft without them....




Blue Beetle and Booster Gold!


My Title: The Justice Buddies!

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3 minutes ago, Doc Shadow said:

Does the Watchtower have a gigawatt range laser pointed down ... at the Avengers Mansion?  :snicker:


There is no gigawatt-range laser....er, Binary Fusion Generator aboard the Watchtower. Nosiree.

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"Chaos Squared"


My artist quit one hour after I drafted Dupli-Kate and Multi-Paul. I don't blame him. The crowd scenes are going to be bonkers. I wouldn't want to draw them.


More importantly, the Dee Dees are going to need some muscle if they're going to be and kind of threat to these assembled heroes. So, for my first non-sibling pairing, some wonderfully apropos villains to enhance the chaos. (Fenris is a threat, but they are more on the Lawful Evil side of things than Chaotic Evil, that's why they get the second story arc.) So, to back up the Deeds, masters of psychological warfare, two of Arkham's maddest, and one of slash fiction's favorite couples, The Scarecrow and The Mad Hatter!



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4 hours ago, Pariah said:

Oh yeah, I forgot my locations:


Avengers Mansion


Image result for avengers mansion



and the Watchtower


Image result for dc watchtower



Im sorry the rules state the locations have to come first. Your other picks beforehand are disqualified. :D :D 

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2 hours ago, Bazza said:


I'm sorry the rules state the locations have to come first. Your other picks beforehand are disqualified. :D :D 


I had a little 'talk' with the guy running this thing. I convinced him to let it slide.


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4 hours ago, Pariah said:


I had a little 'talk' with the guy running this thing. I convinced him to let it slide.



Fair enough. All in jest. 

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While all over battle world VIPER agents face superheroes in firefights and dance offs, often failing badly at both, their new Nest Leader begins stage two of his horrible, HORRIBLE plan. Inside a building where once a supergenius of the marvel universe made not one but two women into superhumans, he has strapped his only mildly powered henchman and friend to the reconstructed device hoping to make him more useful.. particularly against the Sub-Mariner! 


And to top it off, Le Miserables has been robbed and butchered (the latter depending on who you ask)



Dr. Horrible: "Do you hear my genius sing, it is the song of evil brain

it is the music that the shepple will rarely understand

When I reactive this device, with the wonderflonium

It'll grant the boost you need so you'll be way beyond henchman.

Hey, Moist there goes the energy surge!"


Moist: "Well I think I pissed myself, hey this really hurts

I'd like to be a bad ass, but I've really got to say

What if this doesn't work, or just gives me the squirts!

Is it really safe to play with my DNAaaaaaaaaaaaiiee?"


VIPER AGENTS: "We're giving all that we can give

to our new Leader of the Nest

He's hardly the worst we've served but we're not sure he's the best

He told us to distract the heroes while he schemes!

But they're kicking the asses of our five and eight teams

and we hope he knows what, the hell that he is doing

oh my god is it two turns already I could really use a rest!"


Dr. Horrible: "Just give all that you can give

so my Horrible plans they can advance

we're gonna need more muscle if we want to have a chance!

Though the truth of it is that not all of you will live

The're a bigger prize that waits beyond this sing and dance! "


VIPER: "So we let our new boss do his thing"


Dr. Horrible: "Like you have a choice!"


Moist: "I hope I power up to doing more than making folks just moist!"


VIPER: "It's like we're the underdogs though we're baddies through and through

and without a villain with a pHD to lead we're really quite confused"


Dr. Horrible: "So trust in me, our odds are better than you think

the heroes who meet my goggled stare will be the ones to blink

because if all else fails I happen to have Neil Patrick Harris' voice!"


Moist screams as a finale and....

Dr. Horrible begins to laugh with success



VILLAIN 1A: Dr. Horrible (From Doctor Horrible's Sing A Long Blog)


VILLAIN 1B: Moist!





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"I don't even know who we're working with, " One ViPER agent sighed, "Where are the Dragonbranch guys we know?"

"They were jerks, relax, and keep your voice down," The other agent said, "The supervillains might hear you."

Ahead of them, a massive pale slightly decomposed man in a suit that was surprisingly fresh took great strides while another man played on a violin.

"But their powers are being dead and a violin? How to they hope to beat those powerhouses on the good side?" the first VIPER agent said just a bit too loudly "One appears to be a moron and the other is crazy?"


The Zombie turned, clearly having heard it, then grabbed the first agent up and looked him over, rather than angry, he seemed...curious.

"It is true, Solomon Grundy not sharpest tool in shed, and Fiddler fight most powerful heroes there is with fiddle so he might be crazy. But, you face flying men who punch tank while you got sparkle guns? Grundy say- we all a little crazy"

"He didn't mean anything by it," The second agent swallowed.

Grundy snorted and let the first guy drop.

"I'm really sorry," the first agent said, "In fact, you're right. We're just as messed up as you. I don't even know why we keep trying to score sometimes."

The Fiddler look amused and kept his simple but jaunty tune going.

"Solomon Grundy say , everyone of us is just like a fiddler who is not bullet proof, trying to get big score without having to be nice about it. You want know why we keep going? When dangerous, when universe seem like 'good guys' more?"

Both agents nodded..

The Fiddler's music grew a bit louder, and Solomon Grundy turned around harms extended,

"Ha! That Grundy can say in one word!"

"AMBITION! Ambition, Ambition!" He sang, surprisingly well for a dead man

"Who every fight must

scramble to the front lines

Beat up on the heroes who would otherwise crush his crew

and who has the might to trade blows that break steel

and take tank shots to the dome?"

"The muscle! The muscle, the muscle!" 


The Viper agents refrained "The muscle! Ambition!"


The Fiddler sang as he moved 

"And who has a chance to eliminate whole squads

and maybe change the odds

by brainwashing cops to be his own?"

"The Mind Controllers, Controllers!"


"Controllers!" The Agents echoed! "Ambition!"


"Who do we rely to make sense of the tech stuff

when most of us just wreck stuff

but there's high brow needs that confuse the rest?" The Fiddler and Grundy gestured to the distance where the squad here knew Dr. Horrible was.


"Mad Scientists, Mad Scientists! The Scientists!" Other Agents joined in "Ambition!"


Grundy clapped and dance and pointed to the various agents "ANd then there is you, who people might say are screwed

you are the peon army we need

Even powerhouses can't be everywhere where at once so you'll do the dirty work and bleed!"


The VIPER agents "We're Fodder! with Ambition, Ambition!"


And everyone harmonized

"The Muscle!"

"The Controllers!

"Mad Scientists!"


Then as one "We've all got Ambitions, Ambitions!"

And the song trailed off, the Fiddler's music taking the longest to grind to a halt 

Solomon Grundy put a massive mitt the first agent's shoulder "That what Super Villainy is all about, Charlie Brown"


"Huh?" The agent swallowed.

Grundy's eyes glazed he grunted, "mmm Grundy bored, tell Grundy when you see heroes to smash!"


"Yes sir," the Second Agent swallowed. 


And they resumed their patrol


Villain 2a: Solomon Grundy


Villain 2B: The Fiddler (Isaac Bowin)








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