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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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Alison Blaire aka the Dazzler found herself in another part of this odd planet. She had been in a Secret Wars, but not the original one. What was she doing here? How had she got here?

Then, as musical notes flooded about her, she begin to sing! It wasn't like she fought the urge, she loved to sing anyway.


"An Event

My god we're in another event!

A rushed and hurried story!

Someone wants to make a few bucks

With a spot light

As an alien world is at my feet

And I ask myself? Do I give a *BLEEP*!



Maybe this time I will get the spotlight

I remember the old me

I wasn't so jaded then.

I remember

When I thought the A list was in reach

I thought crossovers, could be my friend."


As she sang, excess sound became a sorrow tinged halo about her whole body


"Every moment

Seemed to mean something

But then I find myself in the mini series gutters

And my C list status, I'll once again be mourning.




I must hope that I break out

And get a new good run

And when the next decade comes

This will probably be in the cheap comics bin

But maybe I'm wrong? And my popularity will rise again?


Read me!

Why did the fans ever leave me?

Here in the C list

Far from my days of Disco fun?

If you'll read me

You'll know what it's like to cheer for a super in showbiz!

Oh this odd event, has begun." She hung her head as the last sad notes echoed and faded.


"Allison, are you well?" A familiar erudite voice spoke from around the corner. It was a voice of a kind man who had cared about her once, there had been a lot of guys in her life, some she would never forget, but there was only one Hank McCoy.

"Beast I…I really don't know what I was singing," Alison said "I mean, some of the lyrics made sense."

"Stars and Garters they didn’t, you've never been C list anything" The furry blue scientist snorted, "You're the Dazzler, and talent like yours shines even when others let anti mutant bigotry blind them to it."

She rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks. Wait, I do know what that was, the tune, at least… the song in cats, Memory. Beautiful piece actually. But Broadway isn't normally my style. Not that I got to select."

"You were compelled?" The Beast raised a brow, "Interesting. Mind controllers of one stripe or another are plentiful in our lifestyle. Musical fans with the ability less so."

"Something feels familiar about this whole thing, not the Broadway angle, but.." She shook her head, "I can't put my finger on it. But I know we're not here alone."

"How can you be sure?" he asked.

"Wouldn't be cinematically appropriate," She answered.

"MMM?" He said, but off they went.


Hero 2A: Alision Blaire  aka Dazzler

Hero 2B: Hank McCoy aka Beast




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My Second favorite couple


"Big" Barda Free



"Mr. Miracle" Scott Free





Part II



The compound was purchased (for cheap) from the Stark Foundation and the West Coast…well…they would need a name, but the Avengers weren’t interested in reopening a franchise, so they would be on their own. As on their own as one gets in the all for one one for all world of costumed heroism. But they had a base of operations, two team members, and a Rolodex of potential recruits. The compound was mostly empty, with the furniture arriving the following day, but time and villainy waits for no man. Mockingbird was pulling in SHIELD favors to get their tech up and running, Clint was on the recruitment drive. So now he was on the phone.


“…I know we’ve only been casual acquaintances as far as heroes go, Scott, but you’re a straight up excellent person and I can’t think of a couple we’d rather have to set up this squad.”  He nodded and gave Bobbi the thumbs up.

 “Well…I know you guys come with some challenges, but we’re up to it. The compound staff will include childcare. No this is a key component…Ok…alright, put Barda on.”


Clint face-palmed and braced himself for the finest warrior Apokalipse ever produced.


“Hey Bar -. Yes…No…. of course, we would…not in the slightest! You wound me! I have and he’s adorable. The training facilities would be completely capable of keeping you at your peak…One of the best school districts in California! He is only a year…no ma’am. Yes ma’am. Ok. Glad to have you aboard!”


Clint hung up the phone and clapped his hands with glee. Got em. “Oh yeah! Two down.”


Bobbi gave him two thumbs up and then jerked her head towards the kitchen where their take out was waiting. 


"Any idea for a name?" She asked as they headed towards lunch.


"None that haven't been used to death. Geez there have been a lot of teams."


"Well you're up to the task, Clint, though I think we'll leave the logo design to Janet if she's willing."


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Title: The Twin City Titans*

(*Not a subsidiary of the Great Lakes Avengers)


The next two Titans fly down from the frozen north.


"It's Minnesota. I don't want to live in Minnesota."


"Il serait impoli de décliner l'invitation." She knew her brother had a reputation for being rude, but in the right circumstances he would defer to propriety.


"You should stop speaking French, they're Americans. They only know one language." Besides, he thought, it would be rude to speak French among the ignorant, not that he really had a problem with that. "And they speak it poorly."


She laughed lightly. "Cher, you promised to give it a chance. To give zem a chance." Her accent was thick as her sweater was tight.


"Two months," he nodded. 


"Oui," she said, and quickly corrected to "Yes, two monthz."

* * * * * * * * *


Northstar and Aurora



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Our Team - name as yet undecided is starting to form. I hope to be giving the fic this year. Slow day at work got me the first bit.


I'll be updating my posts with the fic - which is going to be slower than the pics. And for that bit of weirdness I apologize in advance.


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