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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft


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Great Galloping Geminis, it’s the Noah’s Ark Superdraft!


This Superdraft runs much like the ones we’ve done in the past, with one key difference: You will be making your draft picks two at a time! That’s right, true believers, you’ll be drafting heroes, villains, locations, and options in pairs.


Here’s how it’ll work: We’ll start drafting on Monday, January 7th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. (That should be 10:00 p.m. in London and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Darwin, if memory serves.) On that date, you’ll make your first pair of selections. Then, at that same time each day for the next two weeks (skipping Saturday and Sunday) you’ll make another pair of picks. When you’re done, you’ll have a total of 20 selections around which to build your story.


This is a Supers draft. Focus on superheros, supervillains, and related things, please. Within that framework, however, you can build whatever story you’d like. Here are the selections you will be making:


Locations: Yes, plural. Choose two locations for your story. You may designate one as a primary location if you’d like, but it’s not required. This will be your first pair of picks on January 7th. Locations are not exclusive. 


Heroes: Choose two heroes at a time. Each pair of heroes you choose must have some relationship in canon! For example, if you want to choose Mister Incredible, you can pair him with Elastigirl, Frozone, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, or even Voyd or Gazer Beam, but not with Mister Fantastic. You will choose four pairs of heroes. Hero picks are exclusive.


(For purposes of this draft, appearing together “in canon” can be interpreted to mean “in some professionally-published work”. Fanfic isn’t canon. Cosplay isn’t canon. Marvel/DC crossovers would be considered canon. “What If” stories are considered canon. And so on. Please ask if you have questions.)


Villains: Choose villains two at a time as well. As with heroes, the villains must have appeared together in canon. Villains may be individuals, teams, or organizations. You will choose two pairs of villains. Each villain may be picked twice; the villain does not need to be paired the same way both times.


Options: These picks are for supporting cast, MacGuffins, alternate locations, additional pairs of heroes or villains, or anything else that doesn’t fit cleanly into to one of the categories above. Options that involve heroes and villains must still be made in pairs, and they must still have some relationship to each other. Other option picks need not be related in any fashion--for example, you could choose the Maltese falcon (the statue) and Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsabre as one Option pick. Again, ask if you have questions.


The usual rules for drafting characters apply. Please draft only professionally published fictional characters. Draft the man, not the mask. Choosing Ant-Man Henry Pym removes all other versions of Henry Pym (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, Ultimate Henry Pym, etc.) from the board, but Ant-Man Scott Lang and Yellowjacket Rita DeMara would still be available. With a nod to tradition, Supergirl and Power Girl are considered separate characters.


The big idea in this draft is to choose pairs. Please don’t choose a hero and a villain together, even if they fit really well or have a lot of history. Don’t pick Batman and the Joker together; pick Batman and Robin, or the Joker and Harlequin. If you use an Option pick for heroes or villains, choose a pair of them. Don’t pick Falcon (Sam Wilson) and the Millennium Falcon together. You get the idea.


As stated above, we will begin Monday, January 7th at 5:00 p.m. EST with the Location picks. We will make a new pair of picks at the same time each day until Friday. We’ll take Saturday and Sunday (the 12th & 13th) off for make-up picks, fiction, etc.  We will then make picks Monday through Friday the following week. I’ll put up a poll on or around Monday, January 28th and wrap everything up by the end of the month.


So, who’s with me?

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Player: Bazza

Title: To Rebuild A Planet

Location 1: Destiny (Stargate Universe)

Location 2: Outer space

Hero 1a:  Kal-El (Clark Kent, Superman)

Hero 1b: Kara Zor-el (Supergirl)

Hero 2a: Sif

Hero 2b: Loki

Hero 3a: Silver Surfer

Hero 3b: Shalla-Bal

Hero 4a: Cheetara

Hero 4b: Panthro

Villain 1a: Dr. Doom

Villain 1b: The Maker (Reed Richards)

Villain 2a: High Evolutionary

Villain 2b: Magus

Option 1a: Genesis Device (ST II-III)

Option 1b: DNA Resequencer (Stargate)

Option 2a: Evolution Infinity Stone (Marvel's Contest of Champions)

Option 2b: Genesis Infinity Stone (ibid.)

Option 3a: The Black Galaxy

Option 3b: Celestials


Player: csyphrett

Title: Battle of Greyskull

Location 1: San Fransokyo

Location 2: Metroville

Hero 1a: Hiro Hamada

Hero 1b: Baymax

Hero 2a: Dashiel Parr

Hero 2b: Violet Parr

Hero 3a: Ben 10

Hero 3b: Gwen 10

Hero 4a: He-Man

Hero 4b: She-ra

Villain 1a: Skeletor

Villain 1b: Hordak

Villain 2a: Tex Hex

Villain 2b: Stampede

Option 1a: Castle Greyskull

Option 1b: The Sorceress

Option 2a: Abigail Callahan

Option 2b: Teleporter (BH6)

Option 3a: Hank Pym

Option 3b: Ultron


Player: Death Tribble

Title: TV or Not TV: That Is the Answer

Location 1: New York City

Location 2: Los Angeles 

Hero 1a: Mon-El

Hero 1b: Shadow Lass

Hero 2a: Colossus

Hero 2b: Shadowcat

Hero 3a: Zealot

Hero 3b: Grifter

Hero 4a: Psylocke

Hero 4b: Captain Britain

Villain 1a: Captain Cold

Villain 1b: Heat Wave

Villain 2a: Juggernaut

Villain 2b: Black Tom Cassidy

Option 1a: The Love Boat

Option 1b: Fantasy island

Option 2a: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Option 2b: CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite

Option 3a: Boom tube

Option 3b: Aladdin's lamp


Player: Doc Shadow

Title: In the Shadows of the City

Location 1: New York City

Location 2: NY/NJ/CT Tri-State Region

Hero 1a: Spider-Man Noir

Hero 1b: Black Cat

Hero 2a: Silver Sable

Hero 2b: Black Widow

Hero 3a: Winter Soldier

Hero 3b: Moon Knight

Hero 4a: Power Man

Hero 4b: Iron Fist

Villain 1a: Ra'as al Ghul

Villain 1b: Talia al Ghul

Villain 2a: Joker

Villain 2b: Harley Quinn

Option 1a: Vandal savage

Option 1b: Cheetah

Option 2a: KGBeast

Option 2b: Bane

Option 3a: Cheshire

Option 3b: Lady Shiva


Player: Enforcer84


Location 1: Los Angeles, CA

Location 2: Millennium City, MI

Hero 1a: Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Hero 1b: Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird)

Hero 2a: Big Barda

Hero 2b: Mister Miracle

Hero 3a: Wiccan

Hero 3b: Hulkling

Hero 4a: Songbird

Hero 4b: MACH

Villain 1a: Absorbing Man

Villain 1b: Titania

Villain 2a: Scandal Savage

Villain 2b: Knockout

Option 1a: Lightning (Champions 4th)

Option 1b: Thunder (ibid.)

Option 2a: 

Option 2b: 

Option 3a: 

Option 3b: 


Player: Hermit

Title: Broadway on Battleworld! (A Mojoverse Production)

Location 1: Battleworld

Location 2: Mojoworld

Hero 1a: Captain America

Hero 1b: Namor, the Sub-mariner

Hero 2a: Dazzler

Hero 2b: Beast

Hero 3a: Black Canary

Hero 3b: Huntress

Hero 4a: Spider-Gwen

Hero 4b: Miles Morales

Villain 1a: Dr. Horrible

Villain 1b: Moist

Villain 2a: Solomon Grundy

Villain 2b: The Fiddler

Option 1a: VIPER

Option 1b: Lazarus Pits

Option 2a: 

Option 2b: 

Option 3a: 

Option 3b: 


Player: Logan.1179

Title: ChAos SquArEd

Location 1: Minneapolis

Location 2: St. Paul

Hero 1a: Zan

Hero 1b: Jayna

Hero 2a: Northstar

Hero 2b: Aurora

Hero 3a: Hawk

Hero 3b: Dove

Hero 4a: Captain Marvel (Billy)

Hero 4b: Mary Marvel

Villain 1a: Deirdre

Villain 1b: Delia

Villain 2a: Andrea von Strucker

Villain 2b: Andreas von Strucker

Option 1a: Dupli-Kate

Option 1b: Multi-Paul

Option 2a: Scarecrow

Option 2b: Mad Hatter

Option 3a: Tommy

Option 3b: Tuppence


Player: Old Man

Title: Red Wedding in Star City (or Honeymoon in Latveria)

Location 1: Latveria 

Location 2: Wakanda

Hero 1a: Thor

Hero 1b: T'Challa

Hero 2a: Starfire

Hero 2b: Aquaman

Hero 3a: Diana, Princess of Themiscyra 

Hero 3b: Queen Hippolyta of Themiscyra

Hero 4a: Maxima

Hero 4b: Darkseid

Villain 1a: Nebula

Villain 1b: Thanos

Villain 2a: Teth-Adam

Villain 2b: Lady Blaze

Option 1a: The Heart of the Universe

Option 1b: The Infinity Gauntlet

Option 2a: An Ultimate Nullifier

Option 2b: A Cosmic Cube 

Option 3a: White Lantern Rings

Option 3b: Star City


Player: Psybolt

Title: The New Monster Squad

Location 1: Monster Island

Location 2: The Savage Land

Hero 1a: Ka-Zar

Hero 1b: Shanna the She-Devil

Hero 2a: Morbius, the Living Vampire

Hero 2b: Elsa Bloodstone

Hero 3a: Swamp Thing

Hero 3b: Animal Man

Hero 4a: Archie

Hero 4b: Veronica

Villain 1a: Freddy Kruger

Villain 1b: Jason Voorhees

Villain 2a: Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Villain 2b: Frankenstein's creature

Option 1a: King Kong

Option 1b: Godzilla

Option 2a: Mothra

Option 2b: King Ghidorah

Option 3a: Dr. Henry Wu

Option 3b: Indominus Rex





Location 1: 

Location 2: 

Hero 1a: 

Hero 1b:

Hero 2a: 

Hero 2b: 

Hero 3a: 

Hero 3b: 

Hero 4a: 

Hero 4b: 

Villain 1a: 

Villain 1b: 

Villain 2a: 

Villain 2b: 

Option 1a: 

Option 1b: 

Option 2a: 

Option 2b: 

Option 3a: 

Option 3b: 

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1 minute ago, Hermit said:

Interesting, for a moment I thought it was a breeding program for protagonists . which would be interesting, but limited. I think I like your take better. I hope to be in!

And thank you for running it


Now I'm curious. Explain....

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The Noah's arc title taken to it's more narrow take, the preservation of  life and species until the hazard passes and a new locale to set up a home and restore civilization. Sounded like something a deranged Silver/Bronze age cosmic being might try . Mind you, I got past the title and read the rest, but that's what came to mind before that.





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2 hours ago, death tribble said:

So I could draft Noah and God. Or Moses and God. Or the Devil and Daniel Webster


1 hour ago, Lucius said:


What about Moses and Noah?


Lucius Alexander


What about a palindromedary and itself?


1 hour ago, Hermit said:

Uhm, let's not bring in religious figures please.. I mean, it's not MY draft, but I don't see much good coming of that.


Figures from established mythologies--Greco-Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, etc.--are fine. But let's avoid referring to figures like Moses, Mohammed, the Buddha, and such from current world religions as "fictional characters".

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4 hours ago, Hermit said:

Uhm, let's not bring in religious figures please.. I mean, it's not MY draft, but I don't see much good coming of that.


I've used Noah in a draft before and I thought a lot of good came of it.


Lucius Alexander


I don't think I've ever drafted a palindromedary.

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4 hours ago, Pariah said:




Figures from established mythologies--Greco-Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, etc.--are fine. But let's avoid referring to figures like Moses, Mohammed, the Buddha, and such from current world religions as "fictional characters".


Can we use L Ron Hubbard then?

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