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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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csyphrett, you have to pick locations first. "Locations: Yes, plural. Choose two locations for your story. You may designate one as a primary location if you’d like, but it’s not required. This will be your first pair of picks on January 7th. Locations are not exclusive. "

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7 hours ago, Hermit said:

csyphrett, you have to pick locations first. "Locations: Yes, plural. Choose two locations for your story. You may designate one as a primary location if you’d like, but it’s not required. This will be your first pair of picks on January 7th. Locations are not exclusive. "

I know. I screwed that up. Hold on. let me grab something.



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Today's pick. The first couple of my universe...sadly on the outs.


Clint Barton - Hawkeye



Barbara "Bobbi" Morse - Mockingbird











“She got superpowers!” Clint cried, waiving his hand accusingly at his ex-wife.


Barbara "Bobbi" Morse glared, arms folded over her chest while she leaned back in her chair. She rolled her eyes and looked to the counselor for support on this silliness. The counselor looked back expectantly at her. Oh. Right. Communication. This was hard. Why was he so stubborn and pig headed? Why was she so stubborn and right all the time? 


“Clint, I didn’t get poked with a super serum to upset you.” It seemed reasonable. She had to be reasonable.


Clint fumed. He was standing in the middle of the comfortable, well-appointed office gesticulating wildly at his ex, trying to explain how she was always trying to humiliate him. She looked so smug. Or beautiful. She looked so beautiful. Guilt washed over him, and he funneled it back into his insecurity.


“Mr Barton,” The counselor said soothingly, “Sit back down. We’ve gone over Barba-


“Bobbi,” Bobbi interjected.


“- Bobbi’s super soldier serum before. You’ve twice used pym particles to achieve super human status, and this outburst isn’t exactly shutting down her point that you’re both suffering your insecurities.”


“I…why does everyone think I’m a loser?” He grumbled as he sat back down.


Bobbi placed a hand oh his thigh and leaned in to stage whisper conspiratorially, “No one thinks you’re a loser except you and a few criminal head-cases.”


Clint made a face. He started to speak, “Tony – “


“-Stark is exactly who I was referring to in exhibit b, Clint.” She cut him off.


Dr Hart waited for a silent three count before interjecting, she was having a devil of a time getting these two to talk about their issues. To one another. They had no trouble performing a one man show while the other looked off into space. And all her life she’d thought the Villains were the monologuers. It had been a long seven months.


“Ok, let’s try something else….” Dr. Hart scribbled a few notes and then looked from one to the other. “Clint, what’s the one thing you want Bobbi to know about how you feel?”


He stopped making eye contact with anyone and instead examined very closely the books on the shelf. The three sat in silence for a few hour-long seconds.


“I want you to know that I’m sorry. About the…Phantom Rider. I was judgmental and holier-than-thou, and you deserved better from me as a husband and as a teammate.”


Bobbi tried to make eye contact, but he wouldn’t look at her.


“I also want to apologize for prioritizing being an Avenger over being a husband.”


Dr Hart turned back to Bobbi and nodded. 


Bobbi reciprocated, slowly sitting back down. “Clint, getting married like that was the craziest, most irresponsible thing I’ve ever done. And I never regretted it for a minute.”


Dr. Hart hid her smile as she checked her watch, one breakthrough a session was all she could ask for, “We’re about at our time, and I want to thank you two for being so open today.”


“Thanks, Doc,” Clint finally looked away from the bookshelf to Bobbi and the counselor and he smiled, “Good session.”


He waited for Bobbi to leave before heading out the door, “See you next month?”


“Next month it is, Mr. Barton.” Dr. Hart nodded as she went back to her desk.


Twenty-eight days later, the phone in Dr. Hart’s office took her from her notes.


“Hey, Doc!” Clint Barton’s voice was crystal clear, Avengers seemingly had access to better cell phone performance than the rest of society. “We’re not going to be able to make the appointment Wednesday! Bobbi and I have moved back to California to start over and…you have any recommendations for counselors in the Los Angeles area? I don’t wanna mess this up again….”


“That’s wonderful news, Clint,” Dr Hart shook her head slowly as she smiled, impulsive thy name is the Bartons. “I’ll email you some names.”


“Thanks for everything, Doc!”


“THANKS DR. HART!” She heard Bobbi’s voice in the background.

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The two figures that had been  friends, allies, and team mates not just on one but two teams, found themselves arriving at the same time.


"Imperious Rex!" Namor snarled looking about at the odd alien landscape, no ocean in sight! It was a strange field of alien grass with a village of otherworldly architecture (Though it didn't look particularly high tech). He also realized that besides him, was Captain America.


"Captain, did you arrange this? And do you know where we are?" The Sub-Mariner said in that demanding tone of his.


"Me? I was about to ask you the same thing, Namor I..wait" the supersoldier looked about, "I do know this place. We're on Battleworld...from the First Secret Wars! But how? After all this time? Why?"


"I did not take part in that. It looks the same you say?" Namor flew up to get a better view. Clouds formed over them, for a momennt it got dark enough that it looked like it might rain.


"I don't see anything different," Cap answered, and then, the clouds parted enough to let a spot light of sunshine cascade upon him. It reminded him of his old  warbond raising days.


Then voices came from the village, singing! At least that had a source...but the instrumentals seemed to come from all around


How does a runty sawed off son of a drunk and his

abused wife, born of immigrants in NYC in a hole

with a great depression making a hard time colder

grow up to be a patriot, a dreamer and a super soldier?


The soul of the Avengers before they were assembled

Rose up with hopes strong and mind nimble

Believing Lady Liberty could show the world the way

And that even the poorest man had the right to his say

Even as a wimp he could do this all day!


Well, World War 2 came around, FDR said "Hitler's insane, Nation"

We need volunteers for a Rebirth operation

Gonna need a champion whose the greatest of the Greatest Generation

And the world's gonna  gather around your shield in elation!

Hey Soldier, what's your designation?


Captain America flushed with embarrassmet, opened his mouth to apologize to Namor and admit he was as confused as the Prince was when... instead, he sang a response!


"They call me their Captain.

"Cap, Winghead or the Captain!

And there's nothing that we can't do!

If we fight for the right! Might for Right!" He raised his shield which had the sunlight glint off of it like stage lighting!


And the urge stopped.


"What, in the name of Neptune's butthole was THAT?" Namor sputtered.

"I take it back," Steve said, touching his throat as if it had betrayed him, "there would appear to be differences."


HERO 1a: Namor, the Sub-Mariner

Hero 1b: Steve Rogers aka Captain America


(With Apologies to Hamilton the Musical)




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"It rains there all the time," said the seagull.


The snowman was unimpressed. "So?"


"And when it's not raining, it's snowing. You'll be very inconspicuous!"


"It's Minnesota. I don't want to live in Minnesota."


"The Land of 10,000 Lakes!" the seagull pointed out a little too enthusiastically. "It's beautiful there."


"It's cold," the snowman objected unironically. He realized that was a weak objection as he said it. If he did freeze, he could thaw at will. Maybe his sister wouldn't notice.


"Come on," she said. "Just try it for two months. If you hate it, we will try somewhere else. Like Boise."


The snowman cringed and gave in. He always did. "Okay, fine. Two months."

* * * * * * * * * *


My first pair is Zan and Jayna, The Wonder Twins!






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Updated as of this post right here. Let me know what I've mucked up.


Great work so far, everyone! I can't wait to see where you're going next!

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