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  1. Re: Your "Oh #@$%!" Moment My first long-running Champions campaign (being run by someone else), my character Arac saw two people on a pier, one holding a gun on the other. Being the incredible n00b that i still am, my first reaction was to have Arac use his webbing to entangle the gun. I figured that the entangle would stop the bullet. My GM declared that the gunsel shot first and killed the person I was trying to save. And that was one of many ''Oh #@$%!'' moments in that game.
  2. Re: Attacks That Follow The Target. Just throwing my $0.02US in here, but how about: Indirect, Takes Extra Time (1 turn) This would let the attack "follow" the target for a turn, jinking and avoiding things like barriers and chaff and such. Just an idea. =)
  3. Re: Superhero Legacy. Passing on a Name Well............... seeing how my "hero" is nothing but a gene-freak, I really doubt this'll ever come up.
  4. Re: Superhero X and the Fur Con of DOOM! Arac-4105 is already visibly half spider, thanks to his origins (Gengineered critter) Breakdown would most likely wind up as a bear of some sort. Black or Brown, since he's not very big. His style is really just "get in close and smack 'em around" for the most part. Mythic is already a real half-horse, so might wind up with a horse's head to go with that centaur body.
  5. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? This Is Ponderous -- 2NU
  6. Re: Alternate Earth #23(?): Living In The Wild, Wild West Arac -- Gene engineering wasn't well known back then, and even Dr. Moreau might not be able to whip up something like him. True to the Ol' West spirit, I'd have to say he's a shaman (possibly Native American, possibly other) who can call on the powers of the Spider, and occasionally the form. Breakdown -- Most likely one of those strapping, lantern-jawed heroes, specializing in defeating all kinds of crazy Steampunk contraptions. His prodigious knowledge of things mechanical allows him to bring these iron brutes down with little more than a touch in the right place.
  7. Re: You Are President! Arac: Let's see... a genetic construct who's less than ten years old. Why'd he even get written in?! "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I'll run away as fast as I can!"
  8. Re: Whatever Can Go Wrong Silly suggestion: Carmen Miranda's ghost appears (maracas drive crew crazy) Serious suggestion: Despite regular exercise from the crew, their bones still lose mass and turn so brittle that pushing buttons regularly breaks fingers.
  9. Re: Purple Powers I'm surprised nobody's remembered the technology from DC's Wonder Woman. The Purple Ray was a healing device, so this guy might be a ranged healer, or fighting zombies (who get 'hurt' by being healed).
  10. Re: Disad for Impossibly Good Health... Heh, how about this? Hunted: Medical Profession, 8 or less, NCI, want to imprison character. Any doctor who found a patient in that good a shape with a diet that hideous would love to know why, and how he could profit from it (diet book, miracle pill, etc).
  11. Re: Old Immortal RPG Immortal: the Invisible War? *shudder*
  12. Re: Small Stuff Luckily the Hero System is pretty abstract, so you could change the scale of one Game Inch to be 10cm (4 inches, 1 rat length?) with very little difficulty. If you have access to a copy of GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, it might give some further advice, since they scaled down "normal" to rabbit level in that game.
  13. Re: Kung Fu Animals I know it wasn't, but at the time I was too tired to type out the word "anthropomorphic."
  14. Re: Kung Fu Animals Today JorrJorr reminded me of Jadeclaw, a very Asian-flavored funny-animals RPG. If you want to reproduce the whole 'Kung-Fu Panda' thing, I highly recommend this system, if you can find a copy at your FLGS.
  15. Re: I'd rather be me than my character because... ... because I can walk down the street without people screaming and running away / calling the cops / shooting at me. ... because I can buy shirts off the rack and have them fit.
  16. Re: Kung Fu Animals Scrounge through TMNT for ideas, or Transdimensional TMNT, if you can get your paws on it. Oh, and Usagi Yojimbo.
  17. Re: The Champion Protocols (ie how to take down your character) Arac's vulnerable to standard pesticides: your average "bug bomb" in almost any room should kill him in minutes. Failing that, just send whatever hero's available after him. He's no good in combat and usually goes down on the first punch.
  18. Re: The Deconstructing of Wynnie Wonder Arac-4105 would see this as an obviously malfunctioning robot with superpowers that can be easily reprogrammed: Kill It! Hopefully with a lamppost through the torso or with a clean decapitation. Ideally, hitting it with a tanker truck loaded with either gasoline or liquid nitrogen then with the appropriate followup attack to finish it off.
  19. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Pumpkin-Head (The original Pre-Fab Four's take on Halloween hijinks)
  20. Re: Steampunk Dalek If we're tossing steam-powered Daleks around, let me show you kids this one. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HoCtLGP754 It moves and everything.
  21. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Blues Brothers! And to stay on topic: Grinder Hoagie Submarine HERO (probably been done already, but I'm not wading through 60+ pages of posts to find it, sorry)
  22. Re: WWYCD: <Your character>: The Clone Saga!! Arac-4105 is a genetic construct originally. He's already fought a small army of clones in his life, so a new one isn't so shocking. If he was acting alone, he'd let the one in the pod sleep (no skill with computers per se), but if he had help he'd wake up "sleeping beauty" and explain the whole situation.
  23. Re: Analysis: Extra Limbs - SFX or Power? Thank you, Mr. Mullins. I believe that the Extra Limbs rules could use some serious attention, and for a more well-thought-out set of mechanics, I recommend reading the GURPS rules, which break things down to Extra Arms, Extra Legs and Extra Heads. But anyway, it seems everything's been said on this topic for now. I'll let it drop.
  24. Re: Analysis: Extra Limbs - SFX or Power? I so wanted to be a part of this debate (multi-limb characters are fascinating to me), but I don't think I can make an effective argument without sounding like a total doofus. Suffice it to say that my opinion is as follows: Limbs are not a special effect. Sure the rules allow characters to be built in a myriad of ways, but there are some assumptions that are made at the start of character creation. One of the central ones is that the character is human in shape: two legs, two arms, one head, one torso & abdomen. Any deviation from that requires some explanation in terms of powers, advantages or disads. I have no rules mechanics to back this up, this is just how I feel on this subject.
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