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  1. Oh, I know that, but, where your Suspension of disbelief breaks down around the concept of Gods being sustained by worshipers END or other such energies, Mine breaks down around Geocentric cosmology, surrounding a flat Earth resting on the back of Turtles going all the way down.
  2. Mighty = Mongoose. cleverness, fearless Impala = Speed Gorilla = Strength Humming Bird = precision Tiger = directed ferocity Ibis = Patience, observance Eagle = Leadership Thoughts?
  3. Thanks, I will go Bug Micky, and see if she still has it, then. Thanks.
  4. I'd love to have a version of the original DOS Hero Creator, just for my portfolio. It's one of the few pieces of software that I don't have a copy of with my (admittedly, kind of retrained) art.
  5. It's a quite entertaining read. I am towards the end of The Mummy's Mask, with 3 other players (there was a fourth, but he dropped out and one of the players took over his character). It's interesting to read how different some of your decisions were. (For instance we turned over Veldriana Hypaxes, bound and trussed up to the Temple, where upon they executed her. But all the traps and tricks in the necropolis, as well as the wash of Necromantic energy were all familiar. Trust me, this Module" goes on for a lot longer, and gets much wilder. I expect another 6-9 months of entertaining write ups from you guys. (We started at 1st level with brand new characters, and now we are around 12th, or so? Lots of stuff.) Scott
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