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  1. That's... remarkable. I used to play high Speed characters often, and I would be like attack, block, block, attack.
  2. I don't really see the obstacles to making a mega-villain. You can give them whatever numbers they need. For the Big Fight, you should have some kind of hazard or puzzle. So you would be fighting Mechanon but also his, you know, force field generator or whatever he has going on. For high point heroes, a lot of the assumptions break down, but I'm not convinced the game itself breaks down. Has anyone performed any play-tests?
  3. Of course I read it, I just didn't find that it addressed my dissatisfaction. In movies, you slay dragons. You don't beat them unconscious, then slowly bludgeon them to death.
  4. Let's say it is now knocked out. How do you kill it?
  5. That's still 0 Body damage. Zero.
  6. Sad Puppies was not hilarious, it was reprehensible, and the furor certainly took away from the time of energy of people on all sides of the issue.
  7. Ok, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying a Limitation is generally priced according to how it affects your options. A power that harms evil, but doesn't harm non-evil, is not as limited because there are few situations where you want to harm non-evil beings but not harm evil ones. Assuming evil opponents are common in the campaign. And no, it's not really equivalent to Detect Evil, because you can't detect evil without doing some damage. That would be like saying Fiery Blast is a free detect on characters who are invulnerable to flame. The situation "I'm being attacked by a bunch of non
  8. I honestly don't know what you're getting at here.
  9. The Charges modifier, same question. A Limitation that is less limiting is worth less of a value. If the user could purely control who was affected, that would actually be an Advantage, Selective on the Area Effect.
  10. It may be sometimes advantageous. But it still limits its utility, against robots, police dogs, etc. But it's probably not worth -1/2. It affects a lot of opponents, and against other opponents, you probably still have the rest of your ability set.
  11. This was for Fantasy Hero, but I had an animated statue once that had DS: Shrinking
  12. pawsplay

    Fear AOE?

    You agree that LOS only applies to Mind Control as far as targeting it. It is the same with AOE powers. You don't require a sense to damage targets with a fiery explosion, and you do not to affect them with a radius fear effect. There is no special rule with Mental Powers requiring the effect to have LOS, just as you agree with as far as Mind Control. p.148 And there it is. Conventional barriers don't stop Mental Powers. So as long as you can target the area, you can affect everyone in the area.
  13. pawsplay

    Fear AOE?

    I see your previous responses, and you don't seem to understand that LOS pertains to range. Can you clarify why you think walls block the area of mental powers, when there is nothing in the rules that says they do? Do you also think Mind Control instantly ends if someone walks behind a tree?
  14. What's depressing about liking Faerun or Eberron? What's distressing about "how would you build cool X spell?" in Hero System? As to the original post, Hero handles "crits" differently. They don't exist as such. But that doesn't mean, for instance, you wouldn't convert the weapon.
  15. Most versions should have martial arts. She has Stealth almost equal to Batman. Canonically, she has a photographic memory.
  16. pawsplay

    Fear AOE?

    Line of Sight is the Range of mental powers. AFAIK, you don't need any special modifier to go through walls. Unless a wall has Mental Defense.
  17. I used to make my own paper standies, usually by glueing a drawing to a cut-up notecard. I bought some Silver Age Sentinels a while back but there really aren't a lot of supers minis. Reaper's Chronoscope offers a nice variety of minis for supers games, though not a lot in the underwear-on-the-outside classic spandex look. Still, there's military, criminals, futuristic armor, ninjas, dark champions, and so forth. They do have a Shadow Talon, a Russian sniper, a warrior nun, a bow-wielding marksman, and some others.
  18. Simulating spells is a little different, since you need to have similar kinds of spells if you want a similar milieu. Like if a D&D wizard can throw a fireball, then a Hero wizard needs to be able to throw a fireball. An Eberron warforged has some construct-like traits, whatever rules-set you are using.
  19. Well, there are different ways of representing a huge, invulnerable dragon. The question I have is, what would you use this writeup for? Traditionally dragons are supposed to get slain, but it would be extraordinarily difficult for this dragon to be slain by anything.
  20. Compose - likely this is PS: Writing Dancing - PS: Dancing Falconry - Animal Handler and if you're using focused skills it's with raptors. If this is a particular specialty of your character, Skill Level: +1 with Animal Handler, KS: Falconry and PS: Falconer Flirting - Conversation, Charm if you're willing to go all the way. Maybe better as a talent, +5 PR, only for flirting Presence Attacks Heraldry - in a Pendragon context, High Society covers this to some extent, KS: Heraldry for a specialist Hunting - Tracking, and at least Familiarity with Survival Play Music
  21. If it's "technology," it's cash. If it's a powerful item, it's magic and costs points. So, for instance, in Tolkien, a mithril shirt is magic, and costs points. But in a setting where the city watch wears mithril shirts and has repeating crossbows, that's all cash. One way to avoid all this is to avoid trivial magical items and situations that require them entirely. Heroic fantasy usually works better if characters invest in CSLs rather than "+2 broadswords" and such. A better magical sword is Armor-Piercing, or intelligent, or ignores non-living armor and cuts only flesh, or simply sheds
  22. I guess one question is, should he? I guess it depends on how powerful and supernatural you want trolls to be. I would see it as a balancing factor. He can buy up his END and recovery. And he doesn't always have to use full strength; at the end of the round, why not use just 25 Strength and Haymaker?
  23. A weapon with an expanded crit range in D&D usually just has +1 OCV in Hero System. Which logically helps against hit locations. If you wanted to translate a 5e barbarian's brutal critical, try Deadly Blow (blows to neck). A fighter (champion)'s Improved Critical is probably just two CSLs. Honestly there aren't a lot of D&D weapons that don't already have Hero stats somewhere. Is there something you're struggling with?
  24. Hit Location x2 Body is after defenses, so no good. I'm wondering what the heck kind of dragon this is; many dragons are said to have hides "tougher than steel" but this has more than double the resistant defenses of plate armor. Sure, it's up to 32m tall, but this thing could eat a lot of superheroes for breakfast.
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