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  1. So this started as a simple concept, but ended up posing a number of challenges. This is a conversion from a M&M character, and the concept is straight up: she has some martial arts and she grows to be fifty feet all. After my first pass, I noticed she was going to have *ahem* huge END problems, so this is a revised version. GIANT JUDO GIRL 10 STR 0 20 DEX 20 20 CON 10 23 INT 13 15 EGO 5 15 PRE 5 8 OCV 20 9 DCV 30 3 OMCV 0 4 DMCV 3 5 SPD 30 6 PD 4 6 ED 4 10 REC 6 70 END 10 15 BODY 5 40 STUN 10 SKILLS 3 Acrobatics 13- 3 Breakf
  2. Directed primarily at those who have played or own multiple editions: Are the Fantasy Hero weapons stats something that have been reprinted, more or less unchanged, edition to edition? Or have their been significant revisions? For instance, has the pike always been -1 OCV, 2d6+1 K?
  3. So to restate the question, how often in the comics do we encountered heroes who must take a full phase to act before committing a lethal act, and require an Ego roll at -5 to do so, no matter who easily justifiable or even necessary the act is? I think this whole concept evaded a lot of discussion in RPGs because for a couple of decades, comics were purposefully written to avoid showing hard choices or realistic consequences of violence.
  4. As much as they are upheld as standards of a Silver Age Code Versus Killing, the evidence suggests Cap and Superman both have a merely moderate Code Versus Killing, and with both having a carve-out for honorable participation in an actual, existential war. And Batman, depending on the version, might have a merely strong CVK. I really am not having much luck identifying any actual comic book characters with a total CVK. Cap avoids killing, Superman is so powerful he feels obliged not to, and Batman regards himself as a private citizen without the authority to perform executions. But none of the
  5. What about Fiacho as an amalgam of Helmut Zeo and Major Disaster? The idea of a privileged smart guy with an axe to grind, hooking up to commit crimes and to make cheap political points.
  6. There is an actual Cobra figure called the VIPER. I tend to dislike any depiction that looks too much like this because of the strong association I have:
  7. That's interesting in this context because Superman's species is Kryptonian.
  8. I don't think that's as true with the smaller number of core domains. A lot of gods have War clerics, for example. And Adventure League actually lets you pick your domain independent of your deity.
  9. Christopher Reeves throws a de-powered Zod into a pit. I guess you can interpret otherwise but it looks, if not instantly fatal, at least something likely to cause death. Clip. But anyway. With Code Versus Killing (Common, Total), if aliens invade in warships, you have to break out a lot of hand-cuffs. And in general I would say that's not how it works in the comics or movies. But I'm interested in examples of heroes apparently operating exactly like that.
  10. Defender has Code Versus Killing (Common, Total). Over the years I've seen it often implicitly assumed this is a common Silver Age trait, but I find myself questioning that. As written, if Defender is confronted with a quandry, he has to spend a full phase affected by this Complication, and then make Ego rolls at -5 to go against it (if the GM allows it all). That may or may not be a realistic portrayal of Defender, who is a character sheet and not a comic book character written over and over again across the decades. Superman is often cited as an exemplar of Code Versus Killing, and yet every
  11. I sometimes hear opinions that seem to treat reading a module as a cardinal sin. That's a huge assumption, though, that someone intends cheating. A lot of people read a lot of modules because they mostly GM. If you want a module to be fresh, especially one published decades ago, you should be tweaking elements of it.
  12. One way they could further their goals while generating operational funds is to buy up something like commodities or stocks, then smashing the competition.
  13. I think the most central element of fairy tale magic is the duality that it is persistent yet unreal. A curse could last 300 years, then vanish because someone calls someone by their correct name. Maleficent can certainly use combat magic; she hurls fire and turns into a dragon. She can hypnotize and command Aurora.
  14. I mildly prefer 5e, but I have trouble getting past the COBRA Viper vibe. Something tactical yet iconic looking would be best.
  15. Superheroes are shamans. They adopt a special role, often using a special name, maybe with an animal theme. Their purpose is to protect their communities from supernatural beings. In their mode of dress and behavior, they stand apart from ordinary people.
  16. Does it have spell cost divisors or anything oddball like that?
  17. So is 5e Turakian Age "complete," that is, can I play it right out of the book with minimal homebrewing? Are there any things in the transition from 5e to 6e that really mess with any of the setting assumptions?
  18. I'm pretty sure not driving is just selling back your Everyman TF.
  19. Another thing about cellphones worth noting is that you can't have a secret identity and have one. Apart from collecting all sorts of identifying information, cell phones are easily cracker, and the hacker can access not only your data but your camera and microphone. So a superhero in their costumed identity could at most use a prepaid "burner" phone.
  20. I like the Champions Complete book enough that I like it as a reference, even though I have the 6e books in PDF. Others may or may not feel it's worth the extra expense.
  21. The Turakian Age is probably the Hero setting I know the least about. For a 6e player, where should I jump in?
  22. Absolutely. Back in the day, you had Dick Tracy with his radio watch. Then in the 1980s, you have Batman running around with a micro camera and a micro cassette recorder on his utility belt.
  23. I don't know if I would call it outright silly, but I did run a game that got really strange. The villain I created used illusion powers to pretend to be a pair of card-themed villains. More clearly in the silly column, I ran a game where one of the players settled on "textile powers" gained from "a freak textile mill accident." The whole tone of the campaign shifted to this sort of Silver Age parody crossed with Doom Patrol. One of the players made a brooding, intangible assassin with a Russian accent, which seemed somehow even more hilarious in context.
  24. I think before we talk about moral insight, we should talk about facts. Lincoln did not set out to end slavery, Lincoln did not end slavery at the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln did not end slavery with the Emancipation proclamation. He wrote a letter to Horace Greeley stating that slaves could wait indefinitely to be freed if it preserved the Union. If you can't grapple with these facts, it is you who aren't ready to have this discussion.
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