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  1. What about Silhouette - all you usually see of the hero would be his silhouette within the fog...? Doc
  2. I would go with BRP as everyone understand the chance to do something. The key problems for most systems come during combat or magic use because everything else is hand-wavy or very clear. BRP has that simple hit parry chance - very easy, though it has strike ranks and other stuff. I would also proffer WEG Star Wars. Everything is a bundle of D6, if you have 5D6 Blaster and want to shoot three times, then you drop a dice for each additional shot you want to make. If you want to dodge an attack, you roll the D6 and compare the sum of the dice you roll with the sum of the dice the other person rolled. Multiple skills work the same, you want to fire, dodge AND hack your way through the locked door? Fine, drop all the skills by 2D6 and go for it... It is VERY simple to learn. And it has a great theme for Star Wars, I have not tried it for other genres, though the core D6 books are very cheap on Drivethrurpg - about $3 for D6 Space, D6 Fantasy or D6 Adventure and only $2 for D6 Powers (superhero rules). Doc
  3. Beyond my ken, but Darren does - see the conversation on character sheet... Alpha version of character sheet: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6441787/finished-alpha-version-of-new-character-sheet HERO turn tracking API: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6277448/hero-turn-tracking-api
  4. That would be good - there are a couple of folk on there doing similar stuff. Worth us working together. I will go now and upgrade you to GM in the sandbox. ? EDIT - all done. Am sure you and Darren might have fruitful discussions on character sheets that might benefit all HERO players on Roll20.
  5. Done. There are now 38 people in that particular sandbox - a decent number of folk that are looking on how to use Roll20 to play HERO. I use it weekly for D&D purposes and I find it laggy. The problems are worse as the size of the group increases, I cannot imagine playing with more than four or five people (including the GM) and even with three, not using video, dropping out can be an issue. I think that they grew more quickly than they could cope with but if I this was not the best of a bad bunch of options (for my purposes), I would be looking elsewhere. I am hoping it continues to improve.
  6. Hmm. I have slowly been convinced by Hugh (yup, it can happen on internet discussions!). Those advantages delivered by END are not advantages, they are the baseline of the rules. What you have to consider, if you were to change the Charges limitation is whether you have it properly stripped down. If the Charges limitation is simply how many times it can be used per day then that is all it should be doing, no hidden limitations or advantages. Why should a charge not be able to be pushed? Why shouldn't you be able to reduce the effect of a charge? We have limitations that can add these things if they are required. There is an interesting point on being able to get more charges if you reduce the effect but I think the gain is minimal for the level of bureaucracy you would add when END Battery already exists and would probably be a far better mechanism to use for that kind of power. Doc
  7. I'm confused, do you support charges with END by default or not!! ? You say you are, first clause, then argue against it for the rest of the sentence....
  8. There is a point in the rules where charges switch from being a limitation to an advantage, there is no such threshold in END Battery. i am sure that there must be a point where the END Battery is a limitation. Just have not been able to sit down and define where it is...
  9. Lots of good points there Hugh, though I am not sure that they are wholly focussed on what the OP was looking for but I appreciate the interaction. ? As you say, if the limitation on taking time to build up enough "charge" to deliver greater healing is small in relation to the other limitations placed on the power, then you are not going to get much bang for your limitation buck. Wont save a lot of points but it does have significant game impact. If we go with your 3D6 Healing example. If the power is straight up - no other limits then, as you point out you have a 45 point power that costs you 4 END to use at full power. If you want the power to slowly build to its 3D6, then your example becomes Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); full phase (-1/2) = 10 real points + Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); extra phase (-3/4) = 9 real points + Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); full turn (-1) = 7 real points Your 45 point power has become a 26 point power. That is a significant saving without any of the other flim flam added in. If you wanted to compare it with 0 END then the 60 point power becomes a 39 point power. If you, instead, use the END Battery, which allows you to fine tune things with more finesse than the compound power (and can look much less untidy on the character sheet) then you get the following. The powers will have a base cost, the "cost END" version comes to 30 points (45 with a -1/2 for Double END) and the no END version costs 45 points for the power. As compared to 26 points and 39 points for the compound power. The cost of the END battery might not be an awful lot. I would have limitations on it anyway - to reflect that it would not start full and would only recover when the character was concentrating on it gaining power. It might only be 2 points in total but those would be adding to powers already costing more than the compound version. It should be no surprise that a power with limitations (the compound version or the straight up limitation) cost less than the vanilla power. The limitations make the power more difficult for the character to use in-game. That makes sense. A 60 point power becomes a 39 point power. Using the END battery in the way I describe also makes the power more difficult for the character to use in-game, to almost the same extent. But in this case the 60 point power becomes a 47 point power. I dont think I am doing myself any favours!! ? The END Battery solution is therefore a decent way of reducing the cost but not as efficient as the equivalent limitations would be....
  10. I watched the film with son and friend at the weekend. I could easily have fallen asleep at almost any time in the first hour, the second hour was more entertaining but the film did not grab me and while it passed some time quite pleasantly, I cannot imagine ever wanting to watch it again. Unlike Winter Soldier which I would re-watch any time it happened to be on.
  11. Just because there are always other ways (I think eepjr24 gave you the response I would have had I been here first) and because it feeds my current hobby-horse. END Battery would give you the perfect vehicle to do this, but it would cost you points rather than save you them. Have the healing draw from an END Battery that only Recovers when you are focussing on the battery and completely discharges whenever it is used. You can then delay while the battery fills until you have enough END to cast whatever amount of dice you want and then need to start from the beginning again. It is odd that something that makes something more difficult should cost you points. ? (I stretch things here but it is a decent mechanism that I think should have, at least, a way to make it cost neutral). Doc
  12. I do have to disagree again. Fantasy HERO is absolutely neutral as to the kind of magic system you decide to use in your game. If Vancian style magic is what turns you on, then do it. If it is a poor deal for players, they will not pay the points for it and magic will be rare. As for free kit, I saw nothing in the original post that magic would be incompatible with weapons and armour... of course, a true wizard may disdain physical power but that was not part of the costings folk were talking about. what you might get is fighter types that know a few charms rather than full-on wizards, more like fafhrd and the grey mouser. Not a terrible outcome...
  13. It has a lot of poor reviews, I think it will depend on what you want to use it for. It looks as though it works better as a supplement than as a replacement by the looks of it.
  14. Another 4 people, have made you GMs so that you can see everything in there.
  15. Iena There are, as typical in HERO, a lot of ways to implement this kind of stuff. It is for you to sort it out and write it up. One example, and I stress that, for limiting the points ploughed into Magic Skill might be to implement a system in the game world where folk are inducted into magical colleges, master to apprentice, overseen by one (or many) magical college. The induction into the arts means that the apprentice must satisfy in-game requirements as well as spending character points for skill levels. This would show that the apprentice is delving into the mysteries, one after another. You might do that in-game with a series of quests that the wizard must undertake (and persuade his fellows to do them when other, more lucrative opportunities abound) or you might do it by putting pre-requisites on levels on the Magic Skill such as needing 14- in Arcane Mythic Writing before you can purchase +1 in Magic. A series of pre-requisites means that the player needs to spend a lot of points broadening out the magician to increase his game effectiveness (though those broad skills should be drawn out by the GM to make the points spent worthwhile). As for limiting the number of spells, that is really all in how the spells are drawn up. I will provide one possibility. You can put a prerequisite that a spell must be memorised through evening or morning study to before it can be used. You can provide the magician with a free END reserve (I personally dont like charging characters for things that limit them) with a set amount of END within it that recharges once per day (but only if the character gets a good night's rest). The player can then decide which spells he wishes to memorise, up to the limit of the END in the reserve. The spells should be bought such that they can only be used with END from the reserve, not personal END from the character. You can use this kind of thing to beef up the drama too. A wizard "might" be able to push END into the reserve by spending BODY, again if you decide to build it that way. Though I would make this a side effect of BODY drain where the recovery of that BODY is hugely delayed - to ensure it cannot simply be fixed by a judicious healing spell. Everything is possible if you think hard enough about how you want the mechanics to work. Do the thinking, use D&D as the basis and then think of all the things you wished had been included in that system and you can bake them into yours. When you have the detail, come back and people here will give you at least one, if not more, way to get what you want from your magic system. Doc PS: your English is INFINITELY better than my Italian, kudos.
  16. I have neglected this for a while - combination of work and home distractions (not all terrible ones). However, I note that there are now 24 people who have access, that is a reasonable amount of people online on Roll20 who are interested in HERO. It should be easy for folk to start playing games there if they want to and chatting about them here! :-) Doc
  17. The problem with that is the same as the problem of fire extinguishers, they can give a false sense of security that you might be able to handle a situation when you are well out of your league. In the case of a fire, you dont report it early enough - dont think I want teachers going up against someone armed with even just a semi-automatic pistol wielding nothing but a taser...
  18. My key issue with arming teachers is that it instantly puts more guns inside schools. More guns would surely mean a potentially increased availability of guns to those young people inclined to use them... I think this would make school shootings more likely, not less.
  19. I think it often relates to the political rhetoric. it is convenient for opposition parties to make frequent reference to the inadequacies of Government as shorthand for the inadequacies they want to paint onto their political opponents. The constant drip-feed of criticism of the wheels of Government has the unsurprising effect that people begin to believe it is true. We have had the same issue with the EU. Domestic politicians always found the EU to be a convenient scapegoat, until they wanted to convince people that the EU was something they should want to belong to. You do not reverse the propaganda of 40 years with a few choice words during a referendum campaign... Doc
  20. That is a bigger problem than climate change I think....
  21. Too complicated. The answer to this is "Exactly, no one of us can change what needs done, it needs co-ordinated Government action. I need the Government to change things so that I can change my behaviour in line with everyone else".
  22. It is nice of you to welcome him, but he has been here since 2008! :-) Just not as vociferous as some of us!
  23. My usual route for someone who wants to be able to do everything is to say yes but your "theme" is therefore versatility and because you can do everything you can do it less well than specialists, so if the usual energy blast is 10D6, every power man has 8d6 or 9d6. If the usual force field is 20PD 20ED thenevery power man has 17 or 18. everything, just a little bit less of it.... Doc
  24. Looking from the outside, I am not sure this is something the parties can fix. I can see American folk, all of whom have more in common than they have that separates them, idly castigating the other half of the nation. It is like the experiment they did separating kids into blues and greens, purely at random. i can see us taking the same path in the UK, where large swathes of the country see no circumstance under which they could see themselves voting for the "other side". I detect it in myself. The initial gains for the parties are soon lost when those people don't want to vote for "their" side and "can't" vote for the "other" side. Where do they go? They become disillusioned with politics in general and disengage. Politics therefore operates in a smaller and smaller pool of extremities but the power remains there because that is how it has been set up. People then begin to feel politicians have no legitimacy as they pander more to their core group and engage less with the country as a whole. they also look at the past through the lens of the present, attributing failures and successes to the right or left, even when those terms no longer have anything approaching the meanings they did when they were attributed. It is a mess. I have no magic solutions and no actual hope that any will emerge before things become much worse.... Doc. :-(
  25. Just want to say that this thread was essential in me getting Hero Designer up and running again. I haven't been able to reset the file association but I do now have a tiny batch dfile with the hero.ico on my desktop which will open HD. whatever works, huh? thanks fr the help. Doc
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