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  1. Looking from the outside, I am not sure this is something the parties can fix. I can see American folk, all of whom have more in common than they have that separates them, idly castigating the other half of the nation. It is like the experiment they did separating kids into blues and greens, purely at random. i can see us taking the same path in the UK, where large swathes of the country see no circumstance under which they could see themselves voting for the "other side". I detect it in myself. The initial gains for the parties are soon lost when those people don't want to vote for "their" side and "can't" vote for the "other" side. Where do they go? They become disillusioned with politics in general and disengage. Politics therefore operates in a smaller and smaller pool of extremities but the power remains there because that is how it has been set up. People then begin to feel politicians have no legitimacy as they pander more to their core group and engage less with the country as a whole. they also look at the past through the lens of the present, attributing failures and successes to the right or left, even when those terms no longer have anything approaching the meanings they did when they were attributed. It is a mess. I have no magic solutions and no actual hope that any will emerge before things become much worse.... Doc. :-(
  2. Just want to say that this thread was essential in me getting Hero Designer up and running again. I haven't been able to reset the file association but I do now have a tiny batch dfile with the hero.ico on my desktop which will open HD. whatever works, huh? thanks fr the help. Doc
  3. I think there is a huge variety of things in what people think of as a right. We often speak of them but we rarely, and I think for very good reasons, try to define what a right is. I think that it is difficult to say any right is inalienable and absolute under all circumstances. The right to think what I want had me stumped until I thought about juries. I will not be allowed to sit on some juries if I think that religion is a good reason to attack people, or that one race is inherently bad or greedy or any number of other things. So I will have my ability to sit on a jury impinged by what I think, even if I have never acted detrimentally to someone due to those beliefs. I think there are likely to be other cases but this is the HERO forums dammit - we should all be bought into the no absolutes rule!!! (Or is that, in itself an absolute....) Doc
  4. I think my problem with antifa is when they take the the offensive. There is a need to stand up for freedom and to fight for them in the streets if necessary. You should not go looking for those fights.
  5. Hmm. I am not sure where to start but I shall attemp to live by the rest of you post that is, like the rest of us, shaking our heads at how we have come to the point of active conflict on our streets. As to the above, I initially thought you were riffing on the National Socialist name but I think there are misconceptions behind what you are saying. My first question would be how you define socialist, there are many but I am not sure many of them would include Hitler and the nazis beyond the inclusion of the actual word. You will, I think, agree you judge people not by what they call themselves but how they act? I am amazed that you can say nazis are socialist and so are many on the left. In America I am not sure many on the political left would call themselves socialist, I am almost certain most nazis would not define themselves as such. To me a socialist, and I class myself as one, looks for a society based on equality of opportunity, where no one is denied the basics of a decent life and everyone has access to the levers of power. A socialist state would also prioritise labour (those who work and create) over capital (those who inherit wealth). I don't think the nazis in Germany sought any of those principles, nor do many of the groups currently described as nazi. To me a nazi looks for a society based on race, where some are superior and more deserving than others. Nazis appeal to the working class by blaming outsiders for the deficiencies in their lives and defining those outsiders as the enemy. Most nazi organisations are based on personality leaders with no real way of getting rid of them outside of political assassination. A nazi government is authoritarian and restrictive. I think it is easier to locate Trump closer to the latter than the former, regardless of labels.
  6. I would say that the whole thing probably rests on whether you consider the ownership of weapons to be a right (as in the US) or a state sanctioned privilege (as in the UK). Rights should not be breached trivially, privileges get trumped by rights (such as people's right to keep breathing). Even here though it is a judicial process, it seems acceptable for there to be a judicial process to balance rights.
  7. I have a real problem here. I think that the right wing (in any country) are a real problem. I do not think that we have an equivalent left wing issue to point to. Those who oppose right wing marchers have a problem in that those marchers often consider it acceptable to use violence against those that oppose them or to prevent them accessing areas that do not wish their presence. What do they do? Do they passively resist and accept the beatings etc that come? Do they stand aside and allow marches despite opposing the march? Do they fight back? One of my favourite songs is the Ghosts of Cable Street which remembers ordinary people erecting barricades in the streets to prevent the British fascists in the 1930's marching through jewish areas of London. The similarities with today in the US are amazing. In 1936, about 20,000 anti-fascists were met by 6,000 police to permit a march of 2,000–3,000 fascists. The police ended up fighting the demonstrators because the Government would not ban the marching. The battle of cable street however did effectively end the ambitions of the fascist movement in the UK and put us firmly on the right side of the conflict that followed a few years later. Doc
  8. 26 downloads

    Mock up of tabloid expose
  9. Thanks Ninja-Bear, I have people in my group that get freaked by the HERO sheet and I have had to adapt to get them past the hardware and into the game.
  10. 77 downloads

    This is an alternative way of laying out a character sheet purely for playing in a game session. The aim was to get it to fit in half a side of A4.
  11. It is, will go get a link and replace the earlier one. PS:done. Repeated here. :-) You can join the sandbox at https://app.roll20.net/join/1628298/KcEqwA
  12. I have not seen that but it would be a great idea. Will suggest it on their forums. Would be nice for the last character to have spoken to have a speech bubble appear from it and a GM bubble near the top...
  13. If you don't have the chat bar on top, for example looking at macros or characters etc, it bongs when someone enters some chat. As it happens, one of the things we are interested in is capturing a game log. As such we do a lot of chatting and meta gaming in the video links but everything in character is done in the chat bar. It keeps our eyes on it and so would work for my lot. I reckon it should be possible for always bonging when chatting, though that could get tiresome.... :-)
  14. It all depends on what you want. I am now thinking that it would work purely through the chat bar. I could have a macro that gave me a graphic that had the information I have on the cards - it would simply mean instead of tapping on the turn tracker, I tapped on the macro, chose the right segment and then the chat bar would come up with those characters with an action on that segment, and those who would have an action on the next one... Doc
  15. I think that the best solution in Roll20 is likely to be a custom card deck where each player has the number of cards as they have phases, with some design work, I think it should be possible to do a player by player run through of who should be next. Trouble would come with delays etc but I think it might be workable. Will be my next experiment, haven't actually played with the cards much...
  16. Well, Roll20 does need some effort to get it properly working and it can make you feel you need to do more. However, you can do it all with a couple of very basic maps and tokens and do everything else on the fly...
  17. I wanted to challenge this as it is my own default assumption set. I think it is easy to berate the media, especially labelling them as liars. I think it is easy to believe the best of people and their willingness to do things better. Those two easy things make it feel that the current situation must be the result of machinations at the highest levels, classic conspiracy fodder. Now, who is to blame if we have a lying media? Us of course. We buy the newspapers, browse the advert supported sites and share the stuff we buy into and even the things we want to decry to our friends. In a first world democratic nation, The key driver for a lying media that peddles fake news and a right wing agenda is the right minded people that pay for the media. That is those same people that back fairness and inclusion, a chunk of whom help vote in the politicians that drive the policy debate in response to the dog whistle politics of that very same media. At some point we need to stand up and admit that we are responsible for our country's politics and culture. We are the ones allowing or facilitating it to happen and that if we cannot stop it, either accept the limitations of our fellow countrymen or accept that we might need to lose some of the choice and freedoms that have been our main goal over the past century. (Or did I go a bit too far at the end there?? :-) )
  18. Turn Order is something I have wrestled with. It is not obvious from the Macro language - you cannot appear twice on the turn order but for HERO to work you need to appear multiple times per turn and each person appears a different number of times. It actually shows the complexity. I am not a pro subscriber and so don't get to use the scripting tools, I think it would be possible to do it using them. Doc
  19. 79 downloads

    This describes the process you might go through in building a Fantasy HERO character. It is meant to demo to a new player what you might want to think about as you go through the process.
  20. You know, my biggest concern is that somehow it has become accepted that we should consider all, or oven most, politicians to be venal and/or corrupt. It is a dangerous situation and it means that politicians have very little incentive to strive to be better, noone would believe them. If all our politicians are venal and/or corrupt then who is to blame? In a democracy the ultimate blame must rest with the electorate, it is they, after all, who elect these venal and corrupt people. The problem is that we cannot be bothered to actually engage with the process, we want a vote or two every five years to be enough. It is not. I think there is also the problem that we flock to rumour and half-truths about our politicians, holding them to higher standards than we hold ourselves, feeding a scandal hungry media more ready to challenge personal failings than with policy failings. the biggest problem with an acceptance that all politicians lie is that when one really does simply say whatever is most personally beneficial then there is not the outrage there should be about a politician that blatantly lies to the electorate. It would behove us all to demand our politicians are truthful, that they are held to account for lying and that we are more circumspect about what we call a lie. We all need to accept that we get the politicians we deserve and that simply sounding off on the internet is not engaging with the political process and does not strengthen democracy... Doc
  21. I do love how people talking comics take on quasi-scientific stuff, apply what may be real world scientific principles and then provide quasi-authoritative responses for the quasi science. When my son asks me that kind of stuff my stock response is, it depends on what the writer thinks makes for a better story... It is a great response and often a decent principle when ruling in an RPG... Doc
  22. I reckon Tribble was indeed talking about Brexit. People are saying that the apocalypse did not descend. If you are inside just now then I think it is simply waiting for the other foot to fall. We are not outside the EU yet. There is uncertainty. The markets are short-term things and right now everything is relatively stable but it is all a bit fragile - every statement has the potential to further devalue sterling and hit the markets. I will also be interested to see how businesses make their decisions when we have actually left or when the Government actually tells us all what deal it thinks it can get with the EU when we leave and whether that is realistic. Nissan have obviously gotten a special deal to continue making cars in the UK for the short to medium term - a lot of other businesses will be looking for a "Nissan deal" in the near future. I think the worst is yet to come as far as Brexit goes. I wish you all the best of luck - I listened to the acceptance speech and nearly fell asleep - not going to accept second best in America any more, wonderful relationships with everyone, going to build lots of stuff with American labour and "we owe a debt of gratitude to Secretary Clinton for her service" is all I took from it...pretty thin to my view. I am waiting to see how it turns out but he does not fill me with the kind of confidence that almost half of voting US citizens seem to have. Vague platitudes Doc
  23. So there should be no expectation of fair press coverage and candidates should have a strategy to get networks on board. Our printed media is overwhelmingly right-leaning and, because our printed media is national, this probably has more weight than US printed media, which tends to have more state based coverage (to my memory). Is the broadcast media usually democrat biased?
  24. I am looking from the outside in here. Now, in the UK, broadcasters have pretty strict rules that they have to follow on political coverage during election periods. I was of the understanding that there were no such rules in the US. Is that right? Each broadcaster can take the position they wish and broadcast on that basis? Or is it that the big networks have rules and others (like FOX) are less constrained? If there are no rules then surely the fact that broadcasters choosing a candidate and "run blocking" is standard operational procedure??
  25. I will begin bringing things over soon. This displays an aspect of my Belbin profiling (analyses the role you play in a team). I scored 0 in "finishing/completing". I am not the guy who crosses the t's, dots the i's and ensures everything is delivered. I am, apparently a mix of what they call Plant (creative, unorthodox and generators of ideas) and Shaper (people who challenge the team to improve). What that seems to mean is that I am incredibly excited about new stuff, want to introduce it, want to keep tinkering until it is good enough to do the job it is intended for and then loses interest in the last bits that might make it usable for everyone else... :-) So I a tinkering and solving problems but not packaging up and bring the solutions back to the boards... I will force myself to overcome my natural inclinations and in time will continue posting character solutions here. Doc PS: this post is an exercise in self-shaming. Part of my process to overcome that lack of finishing by making public promises...
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