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What do y’all think a DragonBall/anime power up would be like?


Xd6 Aid, Self Only, Extra Time (full or half phase)?


Compound Power with characteristics and defenses that’s on charges?


Ive been watching Dragonball Super again and this thought keeps percolating.  Seems to me that a power up would take at least half a phase, increase characteristics, defenses and maybe other stuff... and be able to be done more than once and thus stack.


How would you build it? 


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14 hours ago, megaplayboy said:


The alternative to Aid is Multiform



That right there.


Is it something you can scale up, getting stronger and stronger as your character goes about his business?  If it is, them likey it's Aid or some form of limited power that kicks in slowly under X conditions.


If you have two (or more) distinct states: powered up and not not powered up, or powered up level 1, powered up level 2, etc., then multiform would be a clean option.

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I remember a friend ran a game were the heroes 'powered up' using multiform. 


It was 3rd ed and IIRC the GM removed the multiform restriction on additional forms having more points than the base form. 

The other forms also ran on End Reserves and had a cool down period, though it has been far too long for me to remember the details.


The long and short of it was a Hero could 'power up' but only had so much time before the 'power up' ended.  And there was a delay before the PC could reactivate the power up. 


After a while a player could activate multiple levels of power up's that they could lose at a most inconvenient time if they took too long.

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