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A Thread for Random Mooings

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Cows of the World, Unite! finish second in season 23 of the Weekly Electronic Football Simulation (WEFS, a PBEM soccer league).  Tied for our best result ever, and we had a chance to steal the title in the final week, if another doormat team had been able to hold the leaders to a draw or loss, for the second week in a row.  No such luck, sadly.


We also had our streak of consecutive games with a clean sheet snapped at a record-making nine, but that wasn't so big a deal in the long run.


The next season will start in a couple of months (there'll be the WEFS World Cup played before then), and new managers are eagerly sought.

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Mooooo moomoomoomoooooo.....


In eight days it will be MOO DAY.


Cows of the world, unite!  You have nothing to lose but your fences!  Red rags for the bulls!!


The night before is Cowpurgisnacht.  The ghost cow yells MOOOOO!

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