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On 2/16/2019 at 6:56 PM, death tribble said:

Try this and please note the gems and the arms. They both need to be referenced.


The Silvershade Metal is a magical Weapon. Practically the magical Equivalent of a Grey Goo scenario, designed specifically to counter mages. Once in contact with a living being, it will first start to spread over the entire skin. Once the body is enveloped, it will eat the being - mind, magic and soul. As it is also a magic consumer, this is not a problem that can be solved via most magic. Very powerfull mages are usually the ones that are consumed fastest.

Aside from a quick amputation, there is a way to stall - but not cure - this artificial affliction: Jewel-Mancy.


Jewel had contracted this diseases when she was still young, her magic still weak. However she had just about enough magic to stop it progressing past her arms. Or at least at the time. Nobody had every dragged out a Silvareshaed Metal Infection that long, so nobody could have predicted that prolonged contact even with the innert/stalled metal would slowly drain her magical powers. As her powers waned, she had to add a gem into her skin as a focus. Then another. Then many others. Her hope is to find a cure until she runs out of skin or magic grade gems.

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The dark and edgy Klikita Klak, reknowned and feared plastic cyborg.   Years ago, when a large enough group of comic book collectors had decided they could stand no more, they rounded up all

"Good day, sirs and madam.  Ah, I believe you must be the members of Foxbat Force.  Welcome to the Justice Tower, home to the city's premiere superhero team.  I'm Jeeves, the team's butler and man-ser

[footage of late 19th / early 20th century train chugging down the tracks, but the engine looks higher tech than one would expect]   [interior of engine, with similar high-tech look; train engineer

Posted Images

The robotic head's eyes lit up.  "Alert!  Alert!  The Conquerors are currently robbing the Fifth-Third bank branch on Sixth Street!"


"Do I have to go?" asked the tall, dark-haired man.  "Don't you know, Juan is a lover, not a fighter."


"If we have to go, so do you," said the lovely lady Too.  She replicated, and her duplicate ran to grab a selection of martial arts weapons for the pair of femmes to use while her original grabbed spare batteries for their force field belts.  "Besides, I've seen you use that blaster pistol of yours.  You're a lover and a fighter.  Tray, could you please remotely power up the ship?"


"Already done," said the robotic head.  "I am connected remotely and ready to be placed on the link-tray in the cockpit for direct interface." 


Juan removed the head from it's sitting room link-tray and carried it out the door.  "And where is Fore?"


He may be pretty, but he's not all that smart, thought Too-1.  Agreed, thought Too-2 over their mind link.  "If I was to hazard a guess, I'd say that he saw this coming through his 'Fore-sight' and is already in the ship, strapped in and ready to go."


"That is correct," said Tray.  "He also directed me earlier to ensure the ship has a full load of fire extinguisher foam in the forward sprayers."

"Did he say why?" asked Juan.


Too-2 shook her head.  "Does he ever?  Honestly, things would be much easier if he shared what he sees in those prescient visions of his."  Too-1 added, "But noooo, doing so would 'endanger the time-flow.'  So we have to guess."  They both followed behind Juan as they ran to the ship. 

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Together they form the awesome superteam LEXX.


Leroy, The Amazing Mullet Man is noted for both his super-strength and for being so stupid that he has his mullet in the front rather than in the back.


Exodia is the cranial unit of a diplo-bot from Altair VII. Exodia currently has no superpowers per se since recently losing his body during a cruise when Leroy let Weevil Underwood "look at Exodia for a moment" then Weevil threw the Exodia body overboard. Exodia, though miffed, still tries to keep Leroy from getting lost and/or walloping the wrong target. Exodia often acts as the team spokesman.


X-Ray is the newest member of LEXX. Her energy-projection powers have significantly increased the team's offensive potential. And her Comeliness has made LEXX the new darlings of the local news media.


X-Ray-Ted was formerly known as being only Ted, the janitor of the Freedom Squad. In a freak accident during The Ultimates invasion of the Freedom Squad base, Ted gained X-Ray vision and used his new ability to outmaneuver and, ahem, ultimately escape the bad guys. Being somewhat drunk on power, and on several different liquors, Ted subsequently set out on a career to become a superhero despite his age and lack of outstanding combat abilities. Since X-Ray joined the team, X-Ray-Ted has spent the majority of his time watching her...purely in an effort to help her hone her powers and persona, of course. Ted so far has offered no explanation of why he spends the rest of his time watching other women.

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9 hours ago, archer said:

Exodia is the cranial unit of a diplo-bot from Altair VII. Exodia currently has no superpowers per se since recently losing his body during a cruise when Leroy let Weevil Underwood "look at Exodia for a moment" then Weevil threw the Exodia body overboard. Exodia, though miffed, still tries to keep Leroy from getting lost and/or walloping the wrong target. Exodia often acts as the team spokesman. 

You put a YugiOh reference into this?

Kudos for that.

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Night Fighter


The daughter of the legendary vigilante known as Shadow Hammer, Jocelyn Cooke is bound and determined to follow in her mother's footsteps--and while her mother would prefer otherwise, her solo excursions into crimefighting have demonstrated that she will not be deterred.  So her mother trains her as she trained herself--extensively, and relentlessly.   And Jocelyn has proven herself to be a very adept pupil.


Like her mother, Night Fighter is an exceptionally adept combat artist, acrobat, and detective, with an eye for the most minute details in any crime scene.  She always takes a quick moment to size up a potential combat situation, then executes a plan of attack with swift and certain efficiency.  To supplement her combat skills she carries a small arsenal of flashbang grenades, smoke bombs, and stinging powders, which she keeps in various pockets in her jacket.

Unlike her mother, Jocelyn likes to make quips and crack jokes during a fight--usually about how the bad guys are so lame for losing to a girl half their size.  She's been known to leave notes attached to the criminals she's apprehended, in emulation of one of her favorite comic book characters.  And when she's in civilian ID she likes to hang out with her friends--something her mother seems to have fewer and fewer of every year.

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19 hours ago, archer said:

Okay, let's try this one on for size




I feel like she is listening to the world and that gives me an idea based on a game: Melodies escape.


The Melodie Family had a story similar to the Alan Familiy: One superpower being passed down or appearing across generations.

In their case it is a "harmonic induced hyper flowstate". In laymen terms, they are able capable of peakhuman feats of agility and strenght - but only while listening to music. The partial need for a technological focus was always a bit of an issues for these heroes, but it seemed like technological progress might eliminate it for the current generation.

When it turned out the newest member of the Family was deaf, the family was between distraught (about the disability) and releived (that she would not dos something as dangerous as superheroing). Except the deafness might have been a tradeoff for her other superpower: Electromancy. The ability to manipualte and semse EM fields.


Airwave does not need ears to hear music, for she can hear the radio stations directly in her mind. Moreover while "in the flow", she has additional powers like limited flight using a form of magnetic levitation and propulsion.

Most of her time "on patrol" is spend just listening to the peacefull music of the city. But she always is aware of any major indicents that happen because she also listens to the Police Radio. Her main reason to interfere might be annoyance with this "disruption" of the peacefull music, but she is a powerfull Hero none the less.

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7 minutes ago, wcw43921 said:

Thank You, Christopher.  Here's a challenge for everyone--



Kreman Seamore is a flower shop employee who at night becomes The Pansy, flower guardian of Skid Row. He uses flower and plant-based gadgets against the crime lord known only as Audry The Second, who's greed needs constant feeding.

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Dave Frankenship as Daisy Fresh started his superhero life as a product spokesperson in a series of popular commercials in which he defeated fictional bad-smelling villains primarily by using gadgets which squirted fabric softener at them.


The real villain Piledriver, who surprisingly doesn't watch much TV, mistook him for a real superhero who was battling real villains when one of the commercials was filming. Daisy Fresh ended up defeating Piledriver by desperately shooting fabric softener into his eyes then dropping a camera crane onto his head.


The company was pleased by the publicity from Daisy Fresh's battle and upgraded Dave's gadgets and costume so that he could function as a low-level super. Mostly Daisy Fresh does commercials and public appearances. But whenever a pushover villain strikes, Daisy Fresh just might be the superhero who shows up to save the day!

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Ray Scofield was once known as The Daring Daisy a member of the 60s superteam Flower Power. However while attempting to bring a peaceful resolution to a campus protest he

ended up injuring several National Guardsmen and was arrested and sent to prison. Feeling abandoned and forgotten by his teammates and the public he emerged a free and very bitter man. He seeks revenge against his former allies and the entire world as The Daisy of Doom!!

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Go ahead, reporter boy, laugh it up.  That's what they all do.  Frankly, that's kinda why I chose this ridiculous get-up.  You're a supervillain and you see some guy in an armored battlesuit?  You hit him with everything you got.  Facing off against your local dark avenger of the night?  You use your most lethal attacks, because you know he's not gonna give you an inch.  Guy in a flower costume?  You yuk it up and toss him aside like yesterday's newspaper.


Yeah, laugh all you want, but you're looking at one of the few individuals to take down Grond.  I mean, who knew he had such terrible allergies?  Still, it counts as a major win in my book, even if his sneezes did keep blowing me across the room.


The name?  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that.  I'm Flower Child.  No, I wasn't bitten by a radioactive venus flytrap.  Har dee har har.  I'm a botanist who found a way to weaponize flower aromas.  Even ordinary floral scents can leave you mildly dizzy, fatigued, or cause nausea.  Concentrate it up the wazoo and spray it into someone's nasal passages, and you can take someone down.  Doesn't matter to me whether they're sneezing up a storm, hacking up a lung, or are lulled into taking a quick snooze.  Down is down.


The only problem is, no superhero team will take me seriously enough to let me join.  Still, I can take down muggers, bank robbers, and minor-league supervillains - which is why I'm here in Toledo instead of a big city like Chicago or New York City.

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On 3/31/2019 at 11:25 PM, wcw43921 said:

Thank You, Christopher.  Here's a challenge for everyone--



Flower Power


This is what happens when you are bitten by a radioactive flower, you become imbued with the proportional power of plants !

[what ? Since when do flowers bite and surely if a flower is radioactive it withers and dies - Ed]

Able to withstand the weather in all its guises and cling on to any surface 

[that makes sense. Are you back on your medication ? -Ed]

Flower Power soars through the air delivering punches harder than steel !

[obviously not - Ed]

Here he comes to save the day !

[copyright infringement ! - Ed]

So who are you going to call ?

[copyright infringement 2 ! - Ed]

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The Weed

"Sure, all dem other supers with doz plant powers got there powers from a radio-action accident, or dey wuz born with them. Not me! I gave myself my powers! While making a heist, I mean a withdrawal, I sorta, um, purposely ran into that parked truck with all dem radio-action garbage canisters. I, of course, knew they were leaking and planned, yeah, planned on getting powers from them! And I wuz right! So now I can make heists even easier with my plant powers. First, I act all nice and looks like I'm not much of a threat with my flowery costume. Then, bam! I hit doz heroes with my real powers. Mean plant powers rule!"


Jack Small was a small-time thug who got his powers from radioactive goo contained in leaky containers in a truck. Why they were there is unknown. He did indeed get super-powers: plant powers. However, he prefers to use the more dangerous effects of plants against heroes, such as poison ivy for starters. He wears a flowery costume in an attempt to make himself look non-threatening, but the smug look on his face doesn't help. He's not the smartest villain around, and his 6th grade education doesn't help, but he's still durable.

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I'm grateful for the number of entries received--good to see the image inspired so many people.  I'm giving it to Flower Child, because I like the notion of someone taking down a heavy hitter like Grond in such a novel way.  Weaponized flower aromas---who knew?


Congratulations, BoloOfEarth.  You may post the next image, if you are so inclined.

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2 hours ago, BoloOfEarth said:



How about this guy?  Have I posted this before?

He is The Blood Monk. He is one of the most dangerous martial artists in the world. He is not on the side of angles, nor on the side of devils. He seeks strong opponents, and always fights to kill. His most deadly attack is the Infinite Spiritual Punch of Death, which is said can kill anyone with three strikes, and can even destroy ghosts.

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26 minutes ago, BoloOfEarth said:


Then I'll post a different picture.  Sorry about that. 


How about this one instead?



This guy is Sniper Eye. A mercenary giving amazing marksman abilities by cybernetic and technological means, he usually uses less than lethal armaments (mercy bullets, netcasters, birdshot, etc) through his cybernetic linked sniper rifle not because he is not bloodthirsty, but because he is a sadist who enjoys the hunt and wants to prolong the target's suffering for as long as possible.

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