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Supers Image game


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The Rules: First one person posts an image that is or could be a superhuman. Then others submit a name, powers and basic background. This doesn't have to include Champions mechanics or be in the Champions universe.


Once three submission are done or a week has passed then the person that posted the original image picks the best description.


Then that poster can post an image or pass it on. Then the first person to post an image takes their turn.


Hopefully this will be fun and provide some inspiration for NPCs if nothing else.


First Image



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Crimson Phoenix snarled at his fallen foe, the blood still dripping from his sword.  "Nobody, and I mean nobody, tries to screw me in a deal."  He ripped a length of cloth from the dead DEMON Morbane's robe and wiped the worst of the blood off the sword.  His own wounds were already healing at an incredibly fast rate.  He had gotten so used to his ability to regenerate that he didn't even notice it any more.  Ever since he had come back from supposed death a decade before, he trusted that nothing could truly harm him for long.


The DEMON initiates had fled while Phoenix was shrugging off the Morbane's magical attacks and slicing the back-stabbing jerk to pieces, but he didn't want to stick around any longer than necessary.   The authorities just might show up to investigate all the weird lights in the night sky, and Phoenix didn't want to have to slice his way through a couple cop cars to get them to leave him alone.  As Crimson Phoenix reached back to sheath his sword, he felt a pain in the middle of his back and winced.  That's right, he thought.  The Morbane had literally stabbed him in the back, and he never had pulled the dagger loose during the fight.  It took a swing or two with the sword to knock the dagger free, and it fell to the ground with a clatter. 


Shaking his head, he walked over to the stone altar and picked up the small oxyx skull DEMON had hired him to procure.  "I wonder what the heck DEMON wanted with you," he said, then shrugged indifferently and dropped it into his leather shoulder satchel.  "Whatever it is, I'll bet I can find someone else willing to pay me for you."  With that, he strode off into the night.

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Reaver:  George Temple was nothing more than a barely out of high-school museum security guard until the new acquisition from a battlefield archaeological dig began talking to him, telling him how much power was there for the taking...  Since he stole the eerie red sword, he has crossed blades with Jack Riddle, Scarborough Fair and the Brides of Adrian Messenger but so far has managed to retain his link to the sword while working as a super-mercenary.  


Powers:  Bullet and beam deflection, Regeneration of other injuries (but with an accompanying compulsion to draw blood), psychic link to his sword so he always knows where it is and can use it with expert skill, limited precognition, armour piercing melee attack.  He also wears some body armour.

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This is tough. I really like name Man'O War but there wasn't allot of content with it. BolofEarth's fiction/background is cool but I like Reaver's as well. Concise but it gives a good capsule for a possible character.


I think, by a hair I will give it Clonus with honorary mention to Bolo of Earth. Clonus the baton is yours. Post an image or leave it up for grabs if you like.


Great first round everybody!


Edit: Just in case, I wanted to be clear that characters don't have to be heroes.

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OK, how about this one?


Well, since Fire and Ice, Thermodynamics and like themes are already cliche, why not let the colors suggest Air and Earth?


From a world where magic long ago melded with technology, Gre'kori Skystone has followed the family tradition of honor, service, and justice into the Air Ranger Corps. His uniform stands for freedom and reliability, as the Air Rangers true and brave scout the Four Winds to uphold the right for the sake of the many.

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It's a little lengthy but I hope not over the top.


Superhero name: Doppler

Secret ID: Kyle Langly

Occupation: Celebrity/Super powered adventurer


Background: Kyle Langly was born with the power to move object with just a thought. But his power was initially limited and appeared to be crude able to shove things or pull them towards him but little else. Worse, his abilities sometimes activated unconsciously when he was startled, nervous or otherwise emotional. Already shy, Kyle became even more withdrawn and reclusive to avoid accidentally hurting anyone and the embarrassment his powers could cause.


Kyle turned to books for companionship and discovered that he had a talent for physics and higher mathematics on top of sharp mind. He threw himself into the subject, the start of a life long love and even won several science and essay competitions through his childhood and teens, eventually being awarded a scholarship at a prestigious university in applied and theoretical physics. Kyle found himself drawn to the field of paraphysics: the study of metahuman powers and their relationship to the laws of nature. He decided to use himself as a subject. His meager powers should be useful for something.


However in the course of research, Kyle learned that nature of his abilities was quite a bit different than originally thought. They weren't psychokinetic, not strictly psionic at all in fact but based on the ability to manipulate some fundamental forces of nature. The revelation was life changing like a door had opened in his mind. He worked harder, not just studying his power but working to hone it, swiftly developing an array of abilities as his understanding grew. And with that understanding came a new confidence and assurance. He wasn't somehow a failure with a meaningless and dangerous "power" as he'd always secretly feared. After using his new found abilities to thwart a campus shooting, Kyle's personal transformation culminated in the creation of a costumed identity: Doppler.


Persona: The introverted. academic and, frankly, nerdy young man the Kyle was has changed. He's now much more confident, bold and daring. He's not reckless but is much more willing to take risks and stand up not just for himself but for others and against injustice. He hasn't become arrogant or a blowhard thankfully and still likes quiet moment and intellectual pursuits. but he's much more willing to try new things. He's still more than a little clueless when it comes to interpersonal relationships though, especially with women. As Doppler, Kyle is even more extroverted and outgoing, even a bit of show off. He projects a cool confident and ever so slightly smug air that can annoying touchy criminals. In both personas he's unfailingly polite and a bit of a neatnick.


Powers: Kinetic control. Can add, remove and redirect kinetic energy and inertia with incredible aptitude and precision. At low levels his power mimic psychokinsis, enabling him to move objects but in a direct manner as if he were "pushing" them. At higher levels he can accelerate and decelerate targets rapidly enough to damage them, even shake them apart if applies continuously or stress living targets to with dangerous G-forces. crudely teleport himself and other targets but accelerating them to near light speeds and stop something dead by leeching all its kinetic energy and increasing its inertia. He can effect himself with his abilities and is immune to most of negative consequences that might result. Kyle can defend himself by sapping the kinetic energy of physical projectiles and creating dense shields of "Solid air" by slowing and stilling air molecules. He's learned to turn them momentum from his jumps into a form flight, more a sustained leaping gliding but he looks impressive while doing it.


His defenses require some awareness and conscious effort though so he wears an armored (and somewhat gaudy) costume for extra security. The costumes coloration is based on the red shift/blue shift effect his power create, particularly at high levels. It has some built in gadget such a GPS, visual enhancement, glare protection, cellular link and other items developed by a friend (and would be SO) of Kyle's in Engineering College.

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Monsieur Vaillant, aka Mr. Valiant--Jacques Moreau, an All-American super-patriot from an alternate reality where North America was largely settled by the French.  The Americans declared their independence from King Louis in 1776, and with British aid the revolutionary armies led by Georges Beauchamp won their freedom.  When Napoleon's armies tried to reconquer the continent in the War of 1812, the Americans fought with all their might and defeated Napoleon, leading to his downfall.  Ever since then Les Etats-Unis have stood as a beacon of freedom, giving hope to all who would resist tyranny and oppression.


Possessing the strength of twenty men, immunity to all but the greatest of harm, and "the courage of America's teeming millions,"  Monsieur Vaillant is the embodiment of America's esprit de combatif, and wherever innocents are threatened, whenever liberty is endangered, he is there to protect the innocent, destroy those who would bring them harm, and set wrong to right.


Liberté!  Egalité! Justice!  Vivé Monsieur Vaillant!

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His name is Star Boy


His abilities is to fly,

he is damage resistant and he can project powerful beams of light-energy from his hands


the powers are in his outfit


the cape allows him to fly

the wrist bands allow him to project light beams

his mask stops even people who know him from recognizing him

and when he wears the combination, he becomes damage resistant


he found the outfit in his basement when the family moved to a new house

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