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  2. Hey, can you point me to the Ninja HERO errata? Is it a file, or is it the Adventurers Club 17 article that you're talking about? And . . . does anyone have Adventurers Club 17?
  3. 1st, yes. 2nd, Superman is an easy character to make a movie of, but first you have to actually read a Superman comic. Normally I'd say ignore anything after the 80's, but to be safe ignore anything after the 70's. A weak writer slapping together a poor excuse for a story and then pasting a character and calling it Superman does not make a Superman story.
  4. there are two audiences for comic-: The fans and the general public. The fans adore the world building and the tight continuity. It’s adds greatly to their enjoyment of the property. The general audiences enjoy a good story, and the comic editor want to turn the general audience into fans. Discussions of the continuity are often what builds the fan community. As a working creatives, right limitations often help to produce better stories. In general, a superhero story is a hard magic system so it needs consistency and continuity, or the story is bad, like a lot of 1950’s Superman stories. There are good writers and bad writers, and the comics never paid well so you either got bad writers, good writers who were fans, and good but lazy writers hoping to get a job in Hollywood. So I do not think tight continuity is responsible for the decline of writing quality, but often a property is just at the end of its life cycle, and it either ceases publication, or it is rebooted.
  5. Comics didn't fail because of developing canon. They fails because the creators completely lost sight of what a comic was and spun out into idiot land. For me the Mega cross-over didn't kill my interest in comics, they simply failed to to re-kindle any interest years after P-poor story lines had already made me abandon regular reading. Every once in a while I swing by ye old comic emporium to see if anything appears. So far only disappointment.
  6. That and splitting storylines across multiple titles, making them next to impossible to track and keep up with. It's possible that Superman is too difficult to make a successful movie out of. More knowledgeable people than I have pointed out that Superman (and -girl) fare much better as TV series, where the episodic format and lower budgets force writers to focus on Clark and Kara, not effects-laden battle royales.
  7. "Take me drunk, ossifer, I'm home again."
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  9. Happens all the time. Tangentially, Amy Klobuchar failed to charge this exact cop with any wrongdoing when he gunned down another civilian on 2006 while she was serving as prosecutor.
  10. Xahtep Oksana Vasilev a former operative for S.K.Y.D.A.S and now a freelance bounty hunter specializing in superhuman threats. While she usually prefers working alone, Mr. Spider is a powerful enough enemy to warrant teaming up with like minded allies.
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  12. I was not aware that some prosecutors overcharge police officers guilty of manslaughter/murder as a tactic to get them off scot-free (or at least with only an absurdly minor charge to their name).
  13. Here is the Executive Order regarding Free Speech on Twitter that just got signed. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-preventing-online-censorship/ TLDR: Twitter flagged Trump, and they didn't flag Schiff for repeating the Russian Collusion thing. That means they're playing favorites. There are other (not cited or specified) examples of liberal bias on social media platforms. Everybody needs to think on the Communications Decency Act (section 230(c)). It lets platforms delete some stuff (hate speech) without necessarily taking on the obligations of publishers. Basically, make sure that part gets a narrow interpretation. All the agencies need to make a report on what advertising they do on platforms that restrict free speech. (remember how much advertising the armed forces do on any platform frequented by young adults) In May they made a tool for citizens to report getting their free speech blocked on assorted platforms, and the order says the DOJ should investigate these.
  14. I am glad to hear you say that Biden (presumptive) nomination is the result of lawful processes. I am bone weary of hearing people on both the right and the left claiming election fraud where none existed just because their favorite didn't win. As for "electability" both the House and the Senate are chalk full with "electable" candidates. Indeed in taking back the House in 2018, while there were a handful of notable progressive victories, the majority of the newly elected were centrist whose views were largely in line with those of their constituents. Yes, at the end of the day Joe Biden is the political equivalent of comfort food. However, after three years of the fiesta party platter of lies, greed and racism that is the Trump administration do not underestimate the allure of good old comfort food. [Redacted] the pundits and their talk of electabity. Biden is widely liked by voters and most people prefer to vote for people they actually like.
  15. Not sure what I said entails a lone superhero. I absolutely hate the fact that every movie has to carry the weight of everything that went before. I am less inclined to watch a movie if I need to watch another in the franchise to appreciate it fully. Comics carry the same problem and there becomes a constraint on writers who cannot write a story because it disagrees with what happened before or makes changes noone is willing to wear for the future of the franchise. Mega cross-over events/stories are what finally turned a 10-14 title habit into buying the odd graphic novel. Doc
  16. How does damage negation and penetrating work against each other? I tried searching the forum as I thought this was asked a while back but didn't find it. i.e. If someone has 6d6 of damage negation and is attacked by a 4d6 blast penetrating(say 6,4,3,1 in damage for a minimum of 4 stun), how much damage would they take?
  17. "Solar Systems: Ours and Others", an astronomy-based course for nonscience students. It includes discussion on the origins of life on Earth and by extension elsewhere, and how you might look for it (both on Mars, Titan, Europa, etc., and on planets orbiting other stars).
  18. Justice League Is still the DCEU film I’d watch again out of all of them.
  19. Remember too, that as long as your END use per turn, with your Movement, is < your Recovery, you're just in Long Term END rules in regular Hero. The cost is a temporary reduction in your END stat. Plus: you can always reduce your SPD. So if I'm buying Flight, with either my HiScale advantage (works like MegaScale, but for +1/4 to +3/4, you get x5, x15, and x50 movements) or a x8 or x16 adder...IOW, when I'm talking buying a significant velocity, I'll usually throw in 1/2 END, cuz getting that END cost down to 2 per phase is likely to mean I can move fast and not really worry about LTE rules. And given that LTE is optional anyway...I think Ron's point is it's not worth the trouble. His view on END is "I only want to worry about it when I have to worry about it." The standard post-12 is really an outlier...why have it? Action doesn't end. You can start an extra-phase action on 12, and it continues on smoothly past the end of turn to whenever your next phase is. ESPECIALLY in 6E with END costs being so reduced, you can readily ditch it, I'd think. So Ron did. Flip side: if the GM wants to consider fatigue, go for it. The opening scene in Marion G. Harmon's Small Town Heroes (in the Wearing the Cape series) has the lead character helping in a massive flood situation, by flying 10-ton concrete barricades into position to create flood barriers. In VERY high winds, which makes flying that much trickier. In COLD! sleeting rain. Yeah...I'd say that fatigue's legit there....
  20. I'm sorry. -- AZ isn't looking great. The numbers aren't telling the whole picture, that the navajo nation is getting crushed by this, and there are hospitals already over capacity. Going from 200 to 400 new cases in short order, and keep in mind that's 'new' cases. It can take upwards of four weeks to discharge someone, so it's not exactly surprising that hospitals are already over capacity.
  21. I have an old article for the forums where the Author talks about the benefits of using Multipower to represent Not only a martial art but then using it to represent a martial art with weapons. Mind you this was back when multipower were forbidden for martial arts. The author felt it was better to show how a hero could improve his art with weapons more logical with just a few points spent in each slot (and iirc the pool cost too if needed).
  22. There was a helpful list of real-life mythological and religious spheres of influence posted in the Fantasy Hero topic. I deliberately chose a domain that wasn't on the list. "Spanner" is British for "wrench". And if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball...
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