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  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/universe-may-be-billion-years-younger-we-thought-scientists-are-ncna1005541
  3. Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) Miles Morales (8) Foxbat (6) Squirrel Girl (6) Scott Free (1)
  4. How different would this be in play from halving the price of SPD?
  5. The problem with developing the Champions setting is that theoretically, you're just enhancing the value of something you don't own. I'm sure Cryptic would be perfectly happy if Hero Games poured a bunch of time and money into the Champions setting and made it really popular again. That would make them more money. Now, I don't know the terms of the sales agreement, but it may be possible to separate Champions the game from Champions the setting. The company could possibly decide to create a new setting from scratch, something that they would own. Of course that means leaving behind Dr Destroyer, VIPER, and a lot of the other pieces of the Champions history. It might even mean leaving behind the idea of a team named "The Champions". That would all be determined by the conditions of the sales agreement between them and Cryptic (which, obviously, I don't have and haven't read). I think you could still create a well done Marvel/DC combo universe, but who knows how well that would do in the modern RPG environment. -- I see a few possible avenues if Hero Games really wanted to get back in the game. All of these, of course, would require a significant investment. 1. Find a well known IP that is somewhat stagnant at the moment, but that might have some appeal to fans, and that you can get for cheap. (Is anybody doing anything with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the moment?) 2. Try and guess the next big thing. Get an IP that hasn't hit yet and hope it blows up big. (Find some Young Adult book series that hasn't had its movie deal yet) 3. Pick a genre that appears to be underserved, and do a generic version of it. (All Flesh Must Be Eaten did this with zombies -- can you find the next zombie craze?) With all of these, I think you need to be willing to run a bare bones version of the Hero System. Use only the most needed parts, ditch the rest, and produce a slick book in color that's customized for your setting. If you're not willing to do that, don't waste your time.
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  7. What would I do? I would play 5th edition where this problem doesn't come up. But really, we're talking about a very small number of points. It's easy enough to save like 6 points by cutting costs in other areas. This is one that seems to set off certain GMs, and if I had one of those GMs, I'd cut costs in a different place. For instance, if you've got 50 meters of Flight, why do you need all 12 meters of Running? You could sell it down to like 9 meters and save a few points since it's not your primary method of movement. But I really don't see it as a big deal, particularly in a superheroic game.
  8. Guidance on selling back OMCV: players are free to sell their OMCV down to 0 if they like. Be advised, some supernatural attacks in the setting work by targeting OMCV. Yes, this is a metagame hack to make OMCV matter. No, I don't feel bad about it. You're (mostly) grown adults...make a decision about getting 9 free points or not and live with the consequences... 😀
  9. ..and it was good. But it doesn't exactly end the franchise either.
  10. I'm retroactively putting some structure around the four sessions of play with the current crop of players / characters for organizational purposes. The first two sessions w/ Drew and Joey vs the Revenants and Antonio Aguilar will be considered the first (short) arc of a loose campaign. The third and fourth sessions in the game rooms of At Ease Games with the larger group of players against Nikolai and his Cthonically corrupted dimension will be considered the second arc. Heading into the fifth session, some of the players have a choice to make...continue playing their current characters or pick or make new characters. Here's the breakdown on how that will work. Joey, Drew, Murgatroyd, and Killroy all have a new Complication worth 5 points called "Marked By The Elder Things"; their Complications max has been raised by 55 to accommodate this, and in return the characters have 5 additional character points to work with. What does it mean to be Marked by the Elder Things? Nothing good, I assure you. The tl;dr is that those who choose to play Joey, Drew, Murgatroyd, or Killroy will have a 155 point character. Scything wants to keep playing Joey, so we updated the character to be ready for play when we resume; thus Joey serves as an example of this in action. Those making new characters will start at the 125/50 point norm for a new Here There Be Monsters character, following the guidelines described on the Assumptions page, and then may add 25 XP to their character. Players may also just pick one of the Iconics and then add 25 XP to them. I actually prefer this approach for people new to the setting, but it is not a requirement. The Campaign Rules for Hero Designer are attached, as well as a prefab with some write ups of some gear used in the setting. HereThereBeMonsters.hdr HereThereBeMonstersEquipment.hdp
  11. To be fair, Dark Shadows was a dark drama in its age. It only looks campy to use now. Which actually makes this recent Burton/Depp offering more horrific.
  12. DT's fake ID is in the name of Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo Jr.
  13. We understand. I had little inspiration myself for my Champions games for about 2 months and only now is a little coming back.
  14. I might have some of my ancient sheets. I'll have to check.
  15. Not sure if this helps guys but I'll throw it out there just in case. I found that DOJHERO 1101 (Champions, Powers) book to be super useful for fleshed-out examples of powers I would like my character to have and they can be used as spell powers or magical powers as well, its done a lot of the work for you.
  16. I take that with a pinch of salt. Its pretty obvious that GRRM are passively working against the show at this point. He write other books than the ones that would help the show. He does extremely minimal promotion for the show on his own twitter and keep in mind this is the greatest most expensive TV show of all time. You just dont take time off that to promote your wild card series unless something have gone seriously wrong behind the scenes. That said I think we can leave this particular train of discussion dead since we will get to know the truth sooner or later as contracts run out and silence agreements are voided. Unless both GRRM dies and there is a total Disneyiesce media black out lol.
  17. Well classical fantasy is all about the heroes versus a force and modernist is the heroes versus society. While postmodernism is more subversive deconstruction of modernism stories and tropes. After Game of Thrones show decided to focus on the war for the throne after the undead threat was over I think of it as a modernist narrative but since they had the last episode it became more of a post modernist piece. If it had used the battle for the throne as a distraction from the war against the white walkers but still had a deconstructionist narrative like with the last episode I guess I could call it anti classic? Or atleast a modernist twist on a classical tale.
  18. "How has your involvement in the show changed over time? I’m a co-executive producer on the show; David and Dan are the showrunners. Right from the first, we knew that they were going to do the lion’s share of the work, but I did wanted to be involved. Initially, I was involved in all the casting — I wasn’t physically present — I was here in Santa Fe. But through the wonders of the internet, I was able to look at all of the actors reading and to write them long letters and to have phone calls where I discussed which actors I like and which actors I didn’t like. And in the early seasons, I wrote one script per season. I would have gladly done more, but there just wasn’t time. I’m still trying to do these books. It takes me about a month to write a script and I didn’t have a month to spare, so I said, I think I’ll sit out season 5. I’ve sat out seasons 6 and 7 too, just trying to concentrate on this book, which as you know is massively late. So in that sense, my involvement in the show has diminished over time, though, I’m still here whenever they want to talk to me, and I’m always glad to weigh in. David and Dan have come to Santa Fe and we’ve discussed many of the ultimate developments, those landmarks that I spoke to at the end of the road that we’re both driving for. So I don’t need to be quite as involved as I was at the beginning." http://time.com/4791258/game-of-thrones-george-r-r-martin-interview/ Ergo, GRRM, was not squeezed out or left the show. As I said: "GRRM has too much on his plate to be active with GoT like he was in earlier seasons."
  19. In what way is Game of Thrones post-modernist?
  20. Yeah, there was no way Warner Brothers was going to let Jamie Alexander take time away from Blindspot to help Disney make $2.5B.
  21. Best New Team-Up Book Tournament! For the Best New Team-Up Book Tournament, each person submitted 2 entries of a comic book character that they would like to see star in a new team-up comic book series. They Cannot have starred in one before. You the voters will decide who would be the Best New Super Summer Blockbuster! Anyone can participate. Round 2 Results: Foxbat (6) OVER Ant-Man (Lang) (10) – 6 to 3 Squirrel Girl (6) OVER Galactus (3) – 5 to 4 Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) OVER Hercules (Marvel) (9) – 7 to 2 Scott Free (1) OVER Marvin, The Paranoid Android (4) – 6 to 3 Miles Morales (8) OVER Wong (5) – 6 to 3 Going solo: Death Tribble (3), Cancer (4), Archer (5), Starlord (9), Logan (10) Round 3 – Rank the following: Foxbat (6) Miles Morales (8) Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) Scott Free (1) Squirrel Girl (6) Thank you all for your patience on this one!
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