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  2. ...the real unnerving thing is, I know I was holding back...
  3. If you desire fame desperately enough, you can get it, but it will be costly.
  4. ... you'll get to be on television ...
  5. That happens around oncology wards. Despite intense lobbying on his part, the International Geological Congress did not name the Anthropocene after Death Tribble.
  6. Why would you not just use Darkness with a Limiter, say -1, for Partial Effect? Then apply the modifer-per-hex and duration however you've decided to do it anyway. I ask not because I think the suggestion above is wrong, but choosing the best right way seems to be the trick to grokking Hero System and I'd like to know the decision process for why Change Environment is better for the purpose.
  7. Apparently they're bad at Google-foo since that can be searched and answered almost immediately. I'm a Trek fan, but couldn't recall the answer myself.
  8. If they ever do figure that out, your next line is the sound clip, "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."
  9. Neutrino physics Long, and pretty advanced stuff, but if you can suffer through a lot of it, you can get some stuff out of it if you go all the way through to the bottom. Last updated Sept 2011. I know there are important results since then, but I haven't found a good recap yet.
  10. Kyoto Animation, the studio behind anime classics such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and K-On!, has been the target of an arson fire that has so far killed at least 30 people, almost all of them employees of the studio. Part of the tragedy about this is that KyoAni is one of the few studios that treats their animators well, as opposed to working them impossibly hard at poverty-level wages. The suspected arsonist is in custody.. Japan's conviction rate in criminal cases is an astounding 99%, so his being imprisoned is a virtual certainty. In addition, Japan has the death penalty and has executed some of its most notorious criminals.
  11. Apparently, credit card scammers aren't Star Trek fans. When I asked the supervisor to give me the security response to the passphrase, "Queen to queen's level three", he got flustered and kept on repeating that he needed my expiration date to look up my account. I got the supervisor after requesting that they give me my last name. This time, the agent got flustered, and couldn't find it with the number lookup and claimed that their systems were down (awww!). Yesterday, the agent claimed that my last name was Sprint, apparently because that was the only information they could glean from the work cell phone's number (which was the wrong carrier, by the way). 9 minutes each call, my high score's still 18 minutes.
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  13. Those *are* the power clique right now....
  14. Most GMs I know will allow it if the special effect is something that shoots to a hex and blossoms into an area of effect (like a grenade, a missile, a classic fireball effect) even if the power did not take the limitation of can be missile deflected. It wouldn't work on say a spell which causes a fog to roll in. Limiting the missile deflection to only Area of Effects would be something your GM decides, but I would say -1.
  15. And for the final bit - Sentient Life: The current peoples of the world were not the first that Har'Ak sought to instruct in the ways of Hearth and Hospitality. There was a far older race that he blessed with His gifts. A primitive breed of one-eyed cave dwellers were the first to know His presence. In time they mastered the hearth, the garden and the home. But, they were a miserably selfish lot and hoarded rather than shared. They left their own to suffer while they grew fat in excess. Har'Ak was infuriated by this and laid a mighty curse upon their race. They would forever dwell within the mountains in their homes of stone. And they would forever be only able to consume as much as they shared. Half was the price of their greed. Still the selfish one-eyed brutes couldn't stomach the idea of giving away food, warmth and shelter. So they became master craftsmen and began bitterly to trade with the newer peoples of the world. They traded bronze for lumber; cut stone for crops and their unmatched brews for food. Many of them would eventually call upon the name of Concinnant as they took to cursing Har'Ak for their troubles. It is said that their kind can survive outside the mountain only as long as they do not sleep. When a Cyclops grows weary and sleeps outside the mountain he turns to stone and cracks. The legends of trolls arose from such deaths.
  16. So an opposite exists for something good. Alright.
  17. Jar Jar Binks is not the class clown, he's the village idiot.
  18. We have hit the Catch-22 of Hero Games. We need them to publish adventures so we can buy them. They need cash to save there company. But they don't have the cash to pay authors to write adventures. And they had bad experiences in the past with adventures not selling. We want adventures. We are willing to pay for adventures. They can't pay authors for adventures. They have no faith in adventures. Hero Games has no products on physical shelves and no new players are willing to invest in a product which the company can not support with products. We see the problem. We know the problem. Does Hero Games management see the problem? If they do, is it too late to fix the problem? Do they care enough to fix the problem?
  19. Savage Worlds got a good boost early on with its free "one sheet" adventure format. Lots of short scenarios, playable with very little additional work, and they looked professional. I expect they were very useful for driving traffic to PEG's website too.
  20. I was thinking more broadly than that. Even humans working cooperatively in a mutually beneficial manner would qualify. After all the God of Hearth and Hospitality wants everyone to benefit from each others efforts. Har'Ak cares not whether the symbiosis is between a human and their garden, a bee and the flower or farmer sheltering a weary traveler from the rain in return for news about the outside world. ScottishFox, Har’Ak God of the Hearth and Hospitality! Geography: Gardens, vineyards and open fields Sentient Life: Gift to Civilization: Ripe Meat off the Bone and Strong Drink Fauna: Travelers' Mercy/Delight/Lament Interference: Greed, Sloth, Excess, Carelessness and Hostility. Each gift of Har'Ak has a dark twin. Mythic Monster or Guardian: The Dour Man Secondary Domain: The Benevolent Flame Secondary Domain: The Homeward Glimmer Secondary Domain: Symbiosis Interference: Wherever there is generosity arises grift. Wherever there is plenty arises sloth. Wherever there is respite arises indulgence. Wherever there is safety arises destruction. Wherever there is peace arises violence.
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