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  1. First things first: you can contact Jason at support by clicking on the "Support" tab at the top of the screen and starting a new request. What you're seeing is a check on your credit card, no funds have been withdrawn (nor will they be). The credit processor that HERO Games uses performs a verification step prior to actually charging the card. This verification step includes validating the card number as well as the address associated with it and that the funds are available (basically, that the charge will go through). The address validation in particular fails frequently for in
  2. With 100k dead (and not seeing the peak yet), I'm curious what you would consider "too much destruction"...
  3. Other than not using it anymore, I don't believe that you do anything.
  4. It's developed on a Mac, so I'd say that it runs just fine on them 😉 The requirements are the same as for all other systems: a full/functioning installation of the Java JRE (version 6 or better, but that's kind of a given these days).
  5. Well, first off, that's not how Complications work. You don't get 325 points plus 75 points in Complications. You get 400 points and need to take 75 points in matching Complications. The values are entirely and utterly up to the GM - set those fields to whatever your GM specifies. Also note: they will be set automatically by the Campaign Rules that are loaded in.
  6. Nothing truly earth-shattering, but there have been a large number of updates in that time. If you purchased in 2015, then you can download the current version/update already -- just go to the Purchases section of your Client Area and click on the HERO Designer purchase -- the current update is linked at the bottom of that page.
  7. I'm not entirely clear on what you're after...a Separator is just that -- it adds a blank line. Generally, you wouldn't want to use them in a Prefab...nothing bad will happen if you do, but they'll just show as "(separator)" in the Prefab itself. Lists will show as folders in a Prefab...and will display whatever text you give them (e.g. "Select 3 of the Following"). You can add the entirety of a List from a Prefab into your character by clicking on the "Select" button (double-clicking on a list in a Prefab will just open/close it).
  8. You can find the built in templates in HD6.jar -- that's the file that contains pretty much everything needed to run the program (from the Java class files to the templates...and the documentation). Make sure that you unpack them somewhere other than the directory that contains HD6.jar -- if they're in the same directory that you run HD from, you're likely to run into some odd behavior in terms of which template file actually gets loaded (the one in the .jar file or the one saved to your file system).
  9. You'll want to read through the documentation...specifically the section on custom templates. It's going to require work outside of the application to edit a template file (they're XML...ish). That may lean you towards the direction of a prefab if you're not comfortable with reading XML....
  10. The ability needs to meet the requirements for Continuing Charges to apply...like being a Constant Power
  11. It depends on how you want the Skills to work and how you want the players to purchase them. If Custom Skill gives you what you need for the Skills you have in mind, then a prefab is likely the best/easiest way to go. Similarly, if existing Skills are close and can just be renamed, you can use a prefab for this as well (though the players may get some odd repeat purchase warnings for some). If you're after more robust rules logic for your Skills or want to create a more elegant/seamless renaming of existing Skills, then a custom template is going to be the best option. In te
  12. I also wonder at the inclusion of Bill Gates in there -- yeah, he's a billionaire...but he and his wife have committed a huge amount of their fortune toward helping others...and I think I read that he's dedicated over 90% of whatever is left to go to charities when he passes. He's always struck me as the Jimmy Carter of CEOs.
  13. Precisely. We have next to no ability to test -- all tests that are run locally need to be sent out to a lab (even though the hospital _does_ have the lab facility to run the tests in house, they're not allowed to do that)....which means that only those who call in for a test and are showing all the signs of having COVID-19 are getting tested. So we effectively have no real notion of where we are in terms of infections....and a number of folks posing such ideas as having a flash mob bring tables and chairs and sit outside of the restaurants in town (which are providing curbside pickup) as a f
  14. That's why I was referencing deaths -- infections have too many variables. Deaths caused by COVID-19 are (sadly) more straightforward.
  15. I live in a small(ish) rural town (population ~3200). We have at last check 18 cases in the county. Not so bad. Yet. We also have a hospital that is a glorified bandaid station (no ICU), an economy focused on the service industry (tourist destination), and a large retiree population (again, vacation town...some just chose to stay). Even at only 18 cases, we haven't flattened things....they're actually looking to trend up as folks from the cities get uppity and start coming out again. And we would be devastated if it hit here in earnest. The good news is that IL has a zoned plan f
  16. If you're suggesting that social distancing and self-isolation should be curtailed earlier, then you plan on it getting a lot worse. That 250k becomes a joke -- you're back into the millions of deaths....and a greater impact on the economy than the shutdown.
  17. My quarantine project (going to take a while to complete):
  18. I’d take a cue from the CDC on that - you want to see it trending down for two weeks before -starting- to reopen
  19. Flattened, not plateaued. We’re not increasing exponentially, but we’re still increasing
  20. Quoting my own post...in a post-necro attempt. Odd. I see a lot of folks debating the validity of reporting out of various areas. I haven't seen anyone postulating that deaths or cases are being over reported, more under-reported for various political reasons. Which got me to thinking about what we can determine from the numbers that we do have...and they're not good. If we go with the reported deaths in the US (even if under-counted), look at the graph of deaths by day (that one that shows the exponential growth). The area beneath the curve is the total number of deaths. The exponen
  21. You can give the other individual the PDF -- there's no license to speak of that would prevent that. You cannot split off part of an order from your account and assign it to another account, so they will not be able to download/re-download the PDF from the site without purchasing it on their own.
  22. Nothing wrong with the export - you have both slots set to add to totals.
  23. No, there is a “limit” of 999 on Characteristics
  24. The "ding" sound makes me think that you have a modal dialog that is appearing either off-screen or behind the main window. If it's a modal dialog showing _behind_ the main app window, that's something that I've seen a couple of times with some of the recent versions of Java...but the dialog pops to the foreground as soon as you click anywhere (from what I've seen)...so it doesn't sound like it's that. A dialog showing off-screen is the most likely, and can happen easily if you move an HD installation from one system to another or otherwise have a different monitor/screen configuration f
  25. Zero desire or need to change the title bar information. As for the copyright...can be updated, but is generally assumed to be 2006 and on.
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