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  1. Under 5E, just make sure you have TUS selected as an available template in the application preferences. Under 6E you can either create a custom rules template or manually add the appropriate category/sub-category to the skill as an Adder -- the Skill cost structure will change appropriately when you do so.
  2. Also: he, at least, should pull the most recent update. Given your build, you may need to repurchase in order to get that...
  3. He likely needs to enable the appropriate supplements (like TUS) under his application preferences (this only applies to 5E)
  4. The answer will be pretty much the same.
  5. If you want to use the MATH tag for that, you'd likely need to do an extra loop through the Powers list...not generating any output for each Power, just "+1" for each loop. Wrap the whole thing in a MATH container...likely have a leading "0" to handle that stray "+" at the beginning of your Powers output...should be good to go.
  6. Well, one would be to figure out why jarfix is not finding your JRE...but that may be an exercise in frustration. Easiest would be to create a batch file to launch HD -- just put the command above in it ("java -jar HD6.jar"). Then you just double-click the batch file. Note: you can create a batch file by simply making any text file and giving it a .bat extension. For example: runHD.bat with the following contents cd [full path to your HD folder here - the one containing HD6.jar] java -jar HD6.jar
  7. Simon


    If you start creating Powers right after creating the MP, they'll be added to it by default. You can move Powers into or out of an MP (or any other list) by selecting the Power and using the up and down arrows at the bottom of the panel.
  8. Simon


    Well, first off, I'd recommend going through the documentation (which covers this pretty specifically). That, said, on the Powers tab, use the Power Frameworks menu and select "New Multipower..."
  9. Because Growth is no longer a level-based Power, but a discrete purchase (e.g. purchasing Huge rather than +5 levels of Growth). Also note that it is intended for Characters that can change their size and as such should not be reflected in primary characteristics.
  10. Then there is either something going wrong with how you are installing Java or how you are running jarfix (e.g. installing Java only for one user and running jarfix as a different account). A working copy of Java is (obviously) a pre-requisite for HD. One thing you can try (in case the problem is restricted to jarfix for some reason): Go back to the command prompt and cd to the directory that you unzipped the HD download into (the directory that contains HD6.jar) and execute the following: java -jar HD6.jar That should launch HD...if that works, we can punt on jarfix and
  11. And jarfix still doesn't see your Java installation?
  12. Simon

    Math Tags

    They are not -- you would want to use a scripting language (e.g. JavaScript) to further process the output from the math tag.
  13. May want to post the hdt file if you want help with it...
  14. I would suggest reading through the documentation -- REMOVE tags work just fine and are used fairly extensively in the application.
  15. Then you're likely adding it to the character data section of the template and not the rules definitions.
  16. You're going to want to read the documentation regarding custom templates. Copying over all Modifiers and removing one won't actually eliminate it from your custom template -- it'll just have all Modifiers but that one be defined in your extension template. Use the REMOVE tag in your extension template.
  17. It sounds like something is going awry with your Java installation. Where are you downloading Java from? After a successful installation, you should be able to open a command prompt and enter "java -version" to see the version information for whatever Java you have installed on your system -- paste that into a reply to this post and I can hopefully provide more help.
  18. I've been doing the exact same with my chiro -- they're still open, but I'm not in any dire need. Heck, with the forge closed down I'm doing pretty well of late. They still keep checking every 2 weeks, which is nice of them, but I keep pushing them out until I either _really_ need it or our stay at home orders are relaxed.
  19. No, I am telling you that HD will do whatever you need within the HERO System rules...but you need to define what you're looking to do. If you want to create a Naked Advantage within your VPP, then you do exactly that within HD -- create a VPP and build a Naked Advantage as a slot within it. If you want to build your Power concept in some different fashion, then you need to define that build (what it is you're looking to do) within the rules of the system...then it's pretty much just a matter of mirroring exactly that within HD. So, for the final time: your question
  20. Again, you're positing how to do it within the Hero System rules. If you want to create the ability with a Naked Advantage, then you'd do just that in HD -- buy a Naked Advantage (and deal with the appropriate warnings about buying abilities like that in a Power Framework). I would recommend posting in the Hero System Discussion if you're looking for feedback about how to construct such an ability. When you have questions about how to do something specific in HD (e.g. how to purchase a Naked Advantage as an example power in a VPP), post back here.
  21. Step 1: define it within the rules of the system. What specific rule are you trying to mirror in HD to both add to the damage of an ability and increase the Charges (reduce a Limitation on the ability). When you define that, you pretty much have the way to build it in HD.
  22. You don't as that is not allowed within the rules of the system. To build an ability that has a negative impact on Characteristics, you'd typically use Side Effects. This is not an HD question as you'd build it in HD the same way you'd construct it within the rules of the system...so I'll defer on this and suggest you post in HERO System Discussion.
  23. You are correct - builtIn.Main6E.hdt is telling HD to use the Main6E.hdt file that is contained in the main HD6.jar file for the application (an ensuring that any updates to that file are included when you use your custom template). As a note: if you're saving off a copy of the built in templates, I would recommend placing them somewhere other than the directory that you run HD from (i.e. not in the same directory as HD6.jar). If they're in the same directory, Java may look to load those instead of the copies contained in the jar file when HD runs.
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