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  1. Squabbles behind the scenes of a huge creative production is par for the course, not a "huge conspiracy" as you imply that I suggest. X-Men the last stand was one of the most vile series of moving pictures I have ever seen. Its downright evil desire to reach what the director saw as an ideal narrative outcome was so foul! So absolutely disgraceful, so utterly contemptible that it sits easy as the worst movie I ever watched in the cinema. The director wanted this "epic", "tragic" and "romantic" scene where Wolverine killing Jean Grey and set up the whole movie to support
  2. All I read from that was "I need more weed gimme a research grant"
  3. Its the nickname for the show runners. After the author left the show (or got squeezed out if my guess is right.) I think they are aiming towards the same ending like Xmen the last stand.
  4. Someone should tell D&D that X-men the last stand was the worst of the Xmen movies, worst of the superhero movies. Worst, not best.
  5. Arya is not an Mary Sue the reason some might think so is that she is no longer written by the real author but some corporate "idea men" after they pushed him out of the series. The writing is no longer as tight as it were. And people notice.
  6. Crowbar Mattock Hatchet Machete Bush hook (two handed) Giant wooden mallet One handed drill (Looks a bit like a cork remover for wine bottles) Mortar mixer
  7. Its not a combat weapon its made to execute the helpless and dying to spare them pain. Just give it deadly blow with the gestures, only on the helpless and extra time limitation. To use it as a combat weapon in grappling you just let it be an regular dagger and make it so that regular daggers are to thick to be able to be pressured through the eye hole in the knights helmet. We are talking about a called shot to the eye so you gotta be pretty good even if you have a dominant grappling position advantage.
  8. I discussed this subject with a friend of mine who like and watch this show a lot more than me. And I were surprised over how divided we were on one important subject. It was not who should kill who and who or what tactics were stupid or anything like that but rather the arch of the show. I wanted the dead to be the final enemy while my friend wanted Cerci to be the final enemy. I wanted a story which would explore if humanity have the ability to stand together no matter how much blood have been spilled between them in an effort to stave off certain death.
  9. Well that is the main draw of panting.
  10. It seems that the guy is dead. Thats a shame. His deviant art gallery is just a couple of pictures and I cant find any other galleries by him.
  11. I always imagined dragons to have an amazing sense of smell.
  12. More thugs today. These pictures might need some work, you can crop the pictures or you can print them out and use the diffent guys as markers. Inspiring none the less. biker guys More thugs this time more generic Even more these guys can be rioters or other type of organized thugs Drug lab guards Thats all for now.
  13. The charges got cleared Cygnia.
  14. Lets be honest here we are afraid they are going to make the Joker out to be a tragic anti hero rather than the entertaining but monstrous villain we love to hate. It started with the Ledger Joker, he was intense and dangerous so the character became popular and instead of admiring to themselves that they like a character because he is evil and powerful different fans tried to find something of philosophical value in the Joker. Lets hope that the powers that be at Warner bros dont fall into the same trap that fan fiction writers does and keep him the evil clown prince of crime.
  15. I hate those videos so much! Hhaaaaaattteeeee.. Especially when you go into a wiki to look for info on something else and an irrelevant youtube video about something else in the same franchise pops up and starts playing without being clicked on. Its swindling youtube and google out of advertising money since it counts in their algorithms as a view and they pay the owners of the video out from that. Swindle! Annoying! CRAP! Get rid off them close it all down!
  16. It does not matter if a character is smug or confident or insecure or afraid. What matter is if its done well in the movie. Its all subjective. I think lot of the apprehension against Cpt Marvel comes from people thinking she will fly into Avengers Endgame as a deus ex machina and one shot Thanos while all the other heroes the fans have grown to love over ten years stand by twiddling their thumbs. I really doubt that. I am very sure that it will be a cooperative effort from all involved and each one will be an important part of the final victory.
  17. Today we are going to focus on costumed characters. Badass assassin looking dude. Another guy in the same vein except he is his heavier armoured. Though looking guy High tech ninja Bit future looking but actually just Asian. The background houses are reminding me of a Hong Kong block that got tore down in the 70's. That is all for today.
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