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  1. Hello everyone. Over at High Rock Press we will be releasing two new projects, detailed in a blog posting you can access here. The first is a new roleplaying game called Breakdown by Wilson Zorn, author of the ENnie-nominated RPG At The Hands of an Angry God. (It was nominated for Best Rules opposite D&D 5E. So we didn't, you know, win.) We will be releasing it chapter-by-chapter in the blog so gamers can comment on it before we begin a Kickstarter project to create a quality version on both physical and electronic form. The second project is a Descended From The Queen storytelling card game created by myself, inspired by the work of Alex Roberts, and published by Evil Hat Productions. It's called Symposium, and simulates the experience of being a guest at the fictional dinner party Plato outlined in his famous work of the same name. I'd like to make my crude (alas very, very crude) version of the deck available to you to look at and, if you're willing, play so that I can get your input. You can download it HERE. After I get some feedback, High Rock Press will launch another Kickstarter project to fund a quality deck in both electronic and physical form.  


    Again, I'm looking for feedback in the comments section the High Rock Press website if you're willing to contribute. All in the interests of creating the best products possible when the time comes to launch the Kickstarter projects and then publish. I know you're all busy and there's a lot of completed gaming material to consume. And this isn't Hero System material. So we appreciate any time you can spare to comment.


    Jason Walters, Publisher


  2. Hi guys! I'm planning out our next Bundle of Holding project, and I wanted to pick your collective brains about something which involves the history of Hero Games. 


    As many of you know, I've been working steadily with the help of Allen Varney of Bundle of Holding to get everything that has ever been created in print by Hero Games going all the way back to its beginnings scanned and made available in electronic form. The next step in this process involves the old Adventurers Club magazines. I envision of B of H project that includes all the issues of it, Digital Hero, maybe some issues of Steve Jackson Games' old magazine Space Gamer. (I've worked with SJG on B of H project before), and maybe even the 67 issues Haymaker! should be included?


    Here are my questions:


    1) How many issues of Adventurers Club were actually released? I've got a bunch of them here in my office, but certainly not all - and I'm unsure of what the last issue actually was. 


    2) Was there Hero System material published in Space Gamer, or just reviews *of* Hero System products in Space Gamer? I never subscribed to it, and it's hard to tell given the information available on the internet. (Maybe there were just reviews?)


    3) In your opinion, should I contact John Desmarais about including Haymaker! in this project - and possibly about making it more widely available to gamers in cooperation with Hero Games? (If you are, in fact, John Desmarais please feel extra free to comment!)


    Jason Walters, Publisher 


  3. The Hall of Champions community content program is now on line! If you wish to contribute to it, please go to DriveThruRPG, log into your account, to go your account page, and then after logging in go to "My Content" select  Enter New Community Created Title. On the next page from that there will be a drop down menu so they can select the  Hero Games Hall of Champions program.

     And for more information here:
    Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I look forward on working with you all through this program in the years to come. 
    Jason Walters, Publisher 


  4. 22 hours ago, steriaca said:

    This was intended for those who may have completed a project, and were holding back for some reason. It's not meant to pressure anyone; though, again, DriveThru requires that a new community content program open with a certain number of fan creations already available through it, and I don't have enough yet. 


    If you haven't seen it yet, there is a complete file about what can, cannot, and can with permission be published under the community content program. Feel free to email me at jason@herogames.com to see it and ask for more information. 


    Jason Walters, Publisher 



    22 hours ago, steriaca said:


    I'm not quite ready to do something for this program just yet. I am wondering, do I really need to get in on day one, or can I submit something later?


    Also, must it be adventures? Or can I submit a single npc (villain, or whatever) ?


    I'm posting this in public, cause I think everyone can enjoy the answer.



  5. Hi guys! From the main page: as most of you already know, Hero Games will be launching a fan-driven community content program on DriveThruRPG in about two weeks, similar to Dungeon Masters Guild and Storytellers Vault. And at this point an amazing *fifty* of you have contacted me about contributing work to it!  I was surprised and overwhelmed by the positive response, which I thank you all for. 


    However, to launch the program in a couple of weeks I need many of you who have expressed interest to turn in your work in advance. So if you're working on something, have contacted me, and are nearly ready: please don't hesitate any longer. Send it to me!


    - Jason Walters, Publisher   


  6. DriveThruRPG has asked me only to release the exact terms of the upcoming program to a select few fans for the purpose of getting some material ready before launch.  So, by-and-large, this *is* the press release - though I will  "front page" it as well, and also post links to various groups. Basically, if you contact me by email because you wish to participate in advance, I'll provide the exact information. 


    The rest will become public mid next month when they bring it live. 



  7. Hero Games will be launching a fan-driven community content program on DriveThruRPG in about a month, similar to Dungeon Masters Guild and Storytellers Vault. It’s going to be called Hall of Champions, and it will allow you to publish your own work on DriveThru for profit under the banner of being a Hero Games product. (Though solely for commercial purposes on DriveThruRPG.) You’ll be allowed to publish using any version of the Hero System you like from 1st to 6th, including Champions Now. You will also be allowed to use both intellectual property that belongs to Hero Games, as well as the Champions Universe, which belongs to Cryptic Studios. The program will supply artwork and templates to work from to make the entire process as easy as possible.


    To being with, what I’m looking for are some initial fan contributions from you guys so that we have a certain number of products ready to go at launch. I’ve already received commitments from two of our third party publishers, but could use a bunch more from fans. There are (of course) significant rules governing the community content program, which I will share with you should you contact me. If you have work you would like to contribute, it needs only be in PDF form and have a JPEG cover image available. (This can simply be a copy of the front page.)


    Thank you as always for playing the Hero System, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Jason Walters, Publisher


    Hall of Champions Logo 5.jpg

  8. As many of you already know, over at Bundle of Holding we've launched two new projects based on an absolute mountain of scanning Hero Games has undertaken over the last few months. The first is an Early Champions bundle nearly containing three dozen .PDF ebooks featuring the groundbreaking early rulebooks, supplements, and adventures for Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game from Hero Games. The second offers all five of Hero's non-superhero RPGs, together with all their supplements and adventures, in .PDF ebook form. You can get all of them at bargain prices - but only for a limited time, as the offer ends in 18 days. 


    Jason Walters, Publisher

  9. Does anyone have an electronic copy of HPE1007 the Bright Future RPG? It would have been one the first of the Hero Games electronic products from the 80's. If so, could you contact me at jason@herogames.com? I need a copy for a project I'm working on.


    Jason Walters, Publisher

  10. 1 hour ago, jmucchiello said:

    Are the 6th edition books in print? I don't think they are. If they aren't won't this confuse people? I know you said this isn't 7th edition. But folks who don't come to the hero games website will just see a "new" champions book coming out. If you are recruiting a new player and they go to amazon next year looking for "champions" will they find the 6th ed books for sale or will they find this nostalgia edition for sale (from 3rd party resellers)?


    I'm not understanding the need for this. I've been reading the forums and the facebook groups and nothing has explained to me who this is for, other than the nostalgic RPG player.

    I'm also curious if the comment above by rjcurrie is accurate as that's the first I've heard about there being two game systems in the book.


    Actually, I've worked very hard at making certain 6th Edition (and even some 5th Edition) books are made available print-on-demand via DriveThruRPG when we sell through their print runs. In fact, the only reason the core 6th Ed rules aren't currently available that way is because Ruben and I had to recently redo their layout to fix some problems. But they will never really go out of print.


    This isn't a nostalgia project - or, at least, not mostly one. In fact, Ron removed much of my "nostalgia" text from the Story within the project. Rather, Ron came to us with a proposal. He wanted to back to the deep roots of the Hero System - back before the 4th, 5th, and 6th Editions - and create his own modern version of Champions, informed by storytelling and other narrative influences. And, being that Ron is the guy that created THIS and did THIS, we decided that it sounded like a fun idea. Which is why we're doing it. 



  11. The first wave of role-playing design was its own Renaissance, marked by greatness of all kinds. If you were playing then, you'll remember. And if you weren't, you'd be amazed at what that wave held. One of them was Champions, the Super Role-Playing Game.


    Hero Games is proud to present Champions Now, to be created by pioneering game designer Ron Edwards, author of Sorcerer and co-founder of The Forge. Ron will revisit the original three editions of first-generation Champions (1981 to 1988), recovering the power of this foundational era of superhero roleplaying.


    To learn more, including reading a playtest document and watching videos, head over to Kickstarter. If you like what you see, please back our ambitious, fan-inclusive project. 


    With this announced, I thought it might be prudent to explain what Champions Now will – and won’t – be.


    Is This The Hero System 7th Edition? No. This is exactly what it says it is: a version of Champions inspired by its earliest roots in 80’s gaming, yet updated for the 21st Century. Technically speaking, it’s not even a “Hero System” product, because Champions predates the Hero System as an independent game engine, which was born out of it.


    Does It Replace The Hero System 6th Edition? No. Nor the fifth or fourth editions, either. Each of these versions of the Hero System has its own feel, style of play, storied history, and large number of support products. We still sell them, support them, and will continue to do so. (I’m personally still publishing Hero System 6E material.) If you like them, please continue to play them. We wouldn't ask you to do otherwise.


    Is This First Edition Champions? No. Well, not exactly. A lot has happened in roleplaying game design and theory in the last forty years, and Champions Now will take this into account. Unusually for a version of Champions, Ron is placing a large focus on character play and development through play, but far less on mechanical character creation. This is his vision of Champions, informed by the important work done by himself and other small press game designers over the last decade. It isn’t simply a reprint or our version of an “OSR” game.


    Why Ron Edwards? Besides being a Champions fan from way back, Ron is considered by many to be the father of the “indie” game movement of designers who self-publish their work, which often focus on collaborative storytelling and narration. He is also the author of numerous interesting essays on comic books and roleplaying games, some of which are going to find their way into the pages of Champions Now. You can read some of his work HERE.


    What is your agenda here? Simple. We thought it would be interesting to see what Ron would do with the early versions of Champions that he loves, and he thought it would be interesting to spend time after the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter project including you - the backers - in what that will eventually mean. I can't answer any further because I don't know yet. You'll have to participate to find out.


    Jason Walters, Publisher


  12. Now LIVE on Kickstarter! Create your Champions character in less than one minute using this versatile deck of 54 cards. Pick one Characteristics card, one Complications card, and three to ten Abilities cards to make your point-averaged superhero! Then upload the card numbers to the Hero Designer software to print your character sheets. Electronic files will be made available through Bits & Mortar for retail store customers. 

    CCCC Sample Card.jpg

  13. 5 hours ago, Jerrod Owex said:

    Thank you! I shouldn't have such an "old-school" feeling, I'm only 30! I had seen the "damaged" ones available but wasn't sure how accurate the quantity was, 6E1 having only one and 6E2 having 219 or so(or was it the other way around?) and those figures haven't changed in some time.


    Having the more generic books will help in case I, or my group, gets a wild hair and decides they want to run something off-the-wall that's not fantasy or super-hero based!


    You can get physical copies of the 6E1 & 6E2 print-on-demand from One Book Shelf (DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, etc). In fact, we set that up specifically for fans like yourself Jerrod! 

  14. No - though they are all available through One Books Shelf (RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, etc etc) in the form of print-on-demand. So you *can* get physical copies if you need them.


    Hero Games is more interested in doing shorter, rules-inclusive books like Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete these days, and also supporting our small but productive community of third party publishers. In fact, we will have some news on that front to announce shortly!

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