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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: What happened to the cannibal tribe? Why were they butchered by the natives?


A: The world's most comfortable chair


Q: What was the downfall of the Spanish Inquisition?


A: These budget cuts made it harder to find qualiifed Torturers.

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Re: Answers & Questions


A: Approximately 126% of the eligible voting population supported it.


Q: As Prime Minister of the Free Democratic People's Republic of Legiron, what is your opinion of last week's measure where you were elected Benevolent Dictator For Life?


A: Here, we just call them "legislators".

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Re: Answers & Questions


A: Inane inanities' date=' inculcated insanely.[/quote']


Q: Incestuous Irene incompetently infected innumerable incontinent indigents with invasive indigestion incubi! What's the best way to give relief?


A: On the other hand, maybe I'll just have a nice green salad with oil & vinegar.

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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: Hey, what's with the champagne? Usually you have cold duck, and I like that better.


A: It's like sausage. If you know what's in it, you stop wanting any.



Q: So, what goes into Super Soldier Serum, anyway?


A: Deep fried NSA computer hard drives.

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