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Re: Answers & Questions


A: Thank God you're here. Mister Eats Far Too Much Chocolate Ice Cream!


Q: Whoa, is that a giant Chocolate Ice Cream Golem terrorizing the city?


A: There's not enough chocolate ice cream in all the world to make me do that.

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Re: Answers & Questions


A: "It's gunked up" IS the technical term!


Q: Would you please tell me, in precise, technical terms, what's wrong with the valve on the Gunk-O-Matic?


A: Try turning it off and back on again. Or hit it with a big, crusty loaf of French bread. Whatever you think would work best.

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Re: Answers & Questions


A: This is the 58th iteration.


Q: Hennery the eighth I am I am,

Hennery the eighth I am I am,

I got married to the girl next door ...

Eh? 'Second verse, same as the first?' What is this nonsense?


A: 99 cans of whoopass on the wall, 99 cans of whoopass...

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