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  1. How else can we help each other otherwise?
  2. Pleased be advised that there may be mature subject matter if you follow the links to the artists. Here are some example pics and links to the artists. Arklight Pinup by Dangerguy01 Psi-kick by Dangerguy01 Arklight by Javier Cruz Art Teen G-Girl with her Panda AI Penelope by PGandara Collection of some of my Original Characters by PGandara
  3. There are any number of artists that do commissions at Deviantart.com. When I get a chance and DA comes back online, I'll suggest a few.
  4. By that point buying Defensive Attack would have been a priority to me.
  5. I am currently attempting to create a character based on the world setting in the game Aberrant. I'm not trying to solicit advice on how to do this (though I would be thankful for your input) but one of the things about that game is that it is possible for the characters utilizing the power to be Tainted. Now, I was thinking to have it that if the character used powers over a certain point(50 APs is my go to number for now) then the character must attempt a check to maintain control or receive Taint which I'm attempting to simulate with a Limitation:Side Effect that uses a Transform that risks Transforming the character to gain further aberrations. The powers that have any effect beyond 50APs to partially limited with the side effect in question. Now, I was looking to put the character's powers into a Multipower with an 80 point Reserve but since all the powers would be similarly limited with the Side Effect I was thinking I should partially limit the Multipower itself. Is this allowable? An example image has been provided of a potential writeup.
  6. I would say it depends on the creature summoned. I have someone on the Discord I run that's trying to get their familiar/mount written up for a Summon under similar conditions like what you've mentioned. I'd say try comparing the powers they are suggesting for the creature compared to what it would have if just bought as powers directly for the character.
  7. I think it would be fair to say that his DCV could be considered as he can "dodge" all the time except under limited circumstances(buying +5 to DCV with an appropriate limitation). That way he can "dodge" and still act.
  8. To be totally honest, I don't remember. I wanted to give the author my support since he's been talking to me about it for years and I'm glad he got it out.
  9. Yes, it did. It got $4,107 according to Kickstarter and I have my copy on my shelf.
  10. https://www.deviantart.com/cptpatriot I don't draw, but I like sharing some character stuff there and I do on occasion write.
  11. I thought that picture looked familiar.
  12. This is gonna be interesting to work a play by play on. The limited space of the elevator and the number of agents means the DCVs of the entire group may be compromised. With DCVs being artificially lowered, Cap could take advantage with performing a Sweep to attack multiple agents. I kinda always pictured Cap with high levels of Defense Maneuver so the agents don't get the multiple attacker bonus and have to act on Cap's 1/2 DCV but as trained HTH combatants, they are still good enough to manage to grab him even with the OCV penalty.
  13. I was gonna use the same name when I saw the digest for this post. My take on her exposed legs is because her body radiates heat but she's too modest to expose herself more than that. We can say the costume acts as a heat sink, drawing the heat towards her hands where it can be discharged safely. Heaven forbid they remove this safety leotard as her body will be forced to discharge using her entire body causing a large body shaped area of effect attack.
  14. I was hoping to attempt to simulate a critical hit for a particular attack with the idea that if you hit the attack with either: an 8- or a roll that was 1/2 of what you needed to hit an attack with Whichever is lower You would get some extra dice to add to the damage Meaning if an attacker had an OCV of 5 vs a target with a DCV of 3, you could hit with a 13- so 1/2 of that is 7. Would you allow it? If not, would you allow it if it could do no more damage than the base attack the dice were attached to? What sort of limitation would you give it?
  15. Looking for players for a campaign. We will be running using Discord( https://discord.gg/mwArsy5 ) for the calls and Roll20 for the VTT with alternating GMs with one running Masks: A New generation and the other planning to run either Hero System 6th Edition or Mighty Protectors. Please inquire at my Discord server in the lobby. Thank you.
  16. Then let the player buy it Inobvious. Either way, the player gets to use the invisibility power, the only difference is now the player can hide the Inobvious foci under any conditions. At least buying multiple naked buyoffs is in the spirit of what they were trying to accomplish.
  17. How about buying off the Focus limitation as a power, linking it to the Invisibility power?
  18. Yes, I have. I should clarify when I find it appropriate. I will use the Usable As Flight advantage when the need to move over fluids is needed. If you only need to run up buildings and not run over fluids, you have the option to also choose Clinging to run up the wall.
  19. Yeah, you could place Must Touch Surface on the advantage to enforce how you must move with it.
  20. I would have bought it as Running with the Usable as Flight advantage. This way you use it as needed to run over water and up the side of a building.
  21. That's why when a person uses a Flying Dodge to attempt to move away from an attack, I decided that the person is subject to attack anywhere along the path of movement, even at the endpoints.
  22. I see no issue with using Flying Dodge in that way, but it also goes to show how abusive the Flying Dodge maneuver can be. It is a very cheap way to get extra DCVand still perform a full move.
  23. I'd be a Google server, taking advantage of their servers and bandwidth.
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