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  1. Because you didn't make it a point to tell him about MHI earlier, LL. :-)
  2. You like to show off that collection, don't you? I'm more than a bit envious. :-)
  3. There's no such thing as a bad pun!
  4. How about using the Interrogation skill with an obscenely high roll?
  5. Also known as Early Baseball, Baseball, Playoff Baseball, and No Baseball. :-)
  6. Would you believe there is and I've driven all of it in Missouri? It's not that long a drive, honestly.
  7. That wouldn't work. His ego would just keep growing until the room burst.
  8. Did you just create "Gilligan's Lost on Fantasy Island"?
  9. But then they have multiple sequels using clones of Wolverine: "Clone", "Clone High", "X-Men: Clone Wars", and "Attack of the Clones".
  10. Rails

    Stealing A Town

    So . . . Detroit?
  11. Maybe post a list of it here and see if any of us want to buy at least part of it?
  12. I played in a game for a while where the GM allowed us to roll a single die after a critical hit, then roll the damage for the attack. Any die in the damage roll that was less than the single die was automatically bumped up to the single die's value. I thought it worked well and it sometimes led to max damage on 12 - 15d6.
  13. Maybe I'd actually be able to hit something with that! No, probably not--since I can dump 5 rounds out of my pump at a single clay and not hit it before it hits the ground.
  14. "Ragnar blows a horn to the tune of the music" . . . so, you could say he plays Ragnar rock?
  15. Is that "monkeys that you throw and they come back to you" or "boomerangs made for monkeys"?
  16. I've had that nightmare. Under the bed, in the bed, coming out from the walls, dropping from the ceilings . . . woke up just after midnight a couple of weeks ago in a cold sweat from one of those. Fortunately, I had to be at work at 04:00 that morning so I only really lost a couple of hours of sleep.
  17. This might help with some of what you're looking for, too: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html
  18. I shouldn't have read this thread. Thanks for the nightmares I'll be having the next few days, guys.
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