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  1. They run into the Giant Cat cavalry and pandemonium ensues?
  2. That's an "I am NOT amused" look if I've ever seen one.
  3. Well, it DOES say "Not man fireable". Twice.
  4. That story is date stamped May 19 2014 and he ran unopposed on November 2014, winning another term that won't expire until 2020, according to this: http://judgepedia.org/Kurt_Eisgruber.
  5. 435 in the House of Representatives + 100 in the Senate . . . oh, wait. "Consensus", not "con census". My mistake.
  6. They couldn't even leave Maggott dead, so I'm guessing no character concept is too stupid to revive.
  7. I would say no, since two characters can fit in one hex--plus solid objects can pass through YOU.
  8. I would never have expected a herd of sheep to be creepy, but there it is!
  9. If not, do you mind if we call you Bruce?
  10. I got: ------------------------------ ULS Classification: A-1 Label: Uber-man; Paragon Powerset: Better at everything; Superhero lottery; Leadership skills; Strength (both physical and character); Resolve; Big heart Notable Members: Superman, Captain America, and, apparently, You! Faster, Stronger, Better. You do it all with a smile. But you are more than a pretty face and amazing powers, you are an icon--a living symbol. People look up to you. You have the ability to inspire, just as you take inspiration from your fellow man. Genre Savvy Hint: You may want to consider Blue and
  11. We'll just have to monitor the situation and pull the plug if things get worse.
  12. Do you really want the answer to that?
  13. How many ways can we answer that with "NO! We don't want a picture!"?
  14. Based on the URL, I think it's surface wind direction.
  15. Just now? What took you so long?
  16. Nahhhh, that's funny! It'll grow back soon enough.
  17. Don't they travel in mobs? And isn't "mob" a society?
  18. Maybe it depends on the number of books ordered? My experiences mirror Scott's, but I don't think I've ordered less than 3 books at a time.
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