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Guest Worldmaker
Originally posted by Enforcer84

Q. Name two things a televangelist gets off thinking of and then calls the "devil's work".



A. Rush Limbaugh in a red leather bikini...( I am so so very sorry...)


Q. What image did Enforcer put in my head that is now going to cause me to hunt him down and strangle him with his own intestines?


A. A big green dragon riding on a harley...

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Originally posted by Klytus

Q: What do you need to see in your sink to persuade you that maybe you need to call a plumber?


A: Stonehenge and a rubber ducky.


Q: What is Gwydion said to have taken with him when he went Hot Tubbing?


A: A pirate with extreme phobias.

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Guest Worldmaker
Originally posted by Tim

Q:What are the 2 main ingredients in Ninja Bread?


A:Zero-G String


Q. What is the one type of space suit you never want to get caught in during explosive decompression?


A. Maybe Michael J. Fox has some Elvis in him after all.

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Originally posted by Nemesis

Q: Hey, did you notice a sample missing after the actors toured through here?


A: Because this is the only place I can get some privacy. And booze.


Q:Why does Von D-Man spend so much time in the Evil Executive's Washroom?


A: I'll have mine a little pink in the middle.

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