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[Weapon Customization] Pimp my cane.


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Hey all!

I am going to create an NPC that fights with a cane as his melee weapon of choice (he is a expert Le Canne De Combat fighter). In order to further give this blunt weapon wielder an edge, i'd like to hear ideas on how to make his cane even more useful/surprising in battle.


The good ol' sword cane is out, because that would make the NPC's skills more centered around sword fighting techniques.

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Give the cane a curved handle, for a bonus to Grab, Disarm, and Throw Maneuvers. You could also take inspiration from the recent Kingsman: The Secret Service movie, whereby the handle could be used to grab and hurl Objects of Opportunity at people with great force. Some extra Reach would fit with that as well.


Maybe bonuses to Acrobatics when using the cane, like a mini vaulting-pole, balancing-pole when walking on narrow surfaces, or swinging from the hooked end. Perhaps even a little Swinging or a bit of extra Leaping.


I can picture some pretty spectacular kicks if he plants the cane upright and then boosts himself up with his arms, a bit like a gymnast on a pommel horse.

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My first thought was to make a removable cap on the base that covered a bang stick.


For years I have been thinking that a steel quatrefoil(appropriate term?) With inlaid wood quarters would work well.


The idea of a stun gun built in makes sense. A daredevil style cable and grapple is cool, but I am not sure it would work if you are not somehow allowing supertech or magic.


You could without problem justify a weighted end that releases, to be tethered by a length of cable or chain as long as the tether was not much longer than the cane is. A flail might be useful for some characters. Similarly, a short whip, possibly braided wire. Combine either of these with a stun gun...


To take a cue from the "spetsnaz Boar spear" a friend gave a character long ago (or the B5 minbari fighting pike) you could have it telescope, propelled by either a spring or compressed air.


If I think of other ideas I will try to remember to post them.

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I like the stun gun idea.


Also the telescoping feature to reach out to opponents for strikes or grab/disarms with the hook.  He could also use that feature to hook ledges/streetlights/tree limbs to pull himself up onto or to facilitate leaps. 

Possibly using a 'cane assisted leap' with a powerful cane blow when he lands on his opponent/target. 

Or an area attack as he swings the very long cane in an arc/circle around himself.

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Don't worry about making it out of metal - that would likely be too obvious. Instead, make it out of Jarrah wood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eucalyptus_marginata. All the durability and weight, but electrically resistant and a fine polished color too.



Or use Dymondwood laminate.  Oh, heck, the manufacturer had a catastrophic fire last August, may be out of business for good.   

http://www.rutply.com/         The material had similar mechanical qualities to Brass, iirc.  



Edit, about Jarrah wood, I am not certain it is the same kind of Eucalyptus, but my dad has seen 9mm bullets BOUNCE off Eucalyptus logs.   This was when it was still legal for Australians to have pistols without a LOT of hoops.  


I have a little chunk of eucalyptus I pulled out of a wood pile and brought back.  It is incrediply resistant to decay, and hard enough I have NOT tried to carve it as I intended. 

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Could have been any of a number of Eucalypts. They're all hardwoods, and remarkably tough. I'd suggest Jarrah because it has the property of being very workable while fresh, but hardening to a consistency that resists almost anything once it dries out. (The sleepers for much of the London Underground were originally made of Jarrah. Back in the 1980's they surveyed many of the lines, intending to replace them, as they were then about 120 years old. In most cases, they left the original sleepers in place - no rot, no damage, little wear!)

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One option would be a heavily weighted head and a retractable cable inside so it can be used as a grapple or meteor hammer.


Another option would be a glass head containing either a stroking light to distract and disorientate. In close combat or a very bright magnesium flare to. Blind a large group of enemies .

A concealed storage space would allow you tp carry Poison tipped Throwing darts or a non combat option like lockpicks or zip ties.

A. Single 410 shot gun might be another option especially with the range of shell types including rubber bullets incendiary pepper spray and tear gas.

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For real shock and awe with a one shot i'm thinking .410 dragons breath after seeing the videos I think even if you don't immolate them they are probably gonna run



another option for a more silent and deadly cane gun would be to use compressed air as used by Lewis and Clarke and the fictional colonel Moran (professor moriarty's right hand man).


and for more fire power in a compact space go futuristic with a electrically fired Metalstorm system


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The bottom part of the cane is a high grade plastic to add damage and use as an unbreakable barrier.


The middle of the cane has sound equipment to record and play various sounds,


The top of the cane contains three doses of depending of how fantastic you want to be tear gas or knock out gas.

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That cane fighting video looks like two guys using chinese straight sword techniques with wood sticks. Some of the footwork and spinning like a tart reminded me of wushu stuff. *shrug* (I say this as a former practitioner of southern kung fu styles, so I have some bias... =)  )


Lots of classic stuff here. Some more ideas:


  • It helps him walk (sorry, had to)
  • Motion sensor in the cane, perhaps relaying information to him via the grip or a HUD in his glasses/contacts.
  • a simple spike, protuding from... well, anywhere. Perhaps more than one.
  • An actual grapple. Smallish spines extend from the end, curving as they come out, plenty of space for line in the shaft.
  • The ability to come apart with chain/line (monofilament, even) so that he could use the cane as a three-piece staff, nun-chuks, or even a kind of chain whip. One or more options, depending on what you like. With monofilament or wire, it adds another nuance as garrotte or otherwise. Maybe even a fishing pole. =) Oh, with the chain whip bit, if the handle is curved, it could be like the end of a scorpion tail, making it even more visually interesting. Even as a regular handle it would still be a hooked part at the end. Kind of neat. (now I'm gonna use this one...)
  • Partial high friction or frictionless section, thus his parries or or ripostes might be rather odd or disconcerting in its irregularity.
  • Have the handle (or other section, I suppose) be an incredibly strong magnet when he likes. Have said magnet interact with pieces on his body he could control, making it an interesting point of leverage or even grip. Depending on how fantastic you're going, maybe it can even achieve the whole lightsaber pull trick or various throwing gags.
  • Stuff it full of dynamite that he can throw out (or other explosive) of the end of it. hehe.
  • Use the classic single weapon splits into two halves bit (like those chinese swords).
  • This one is a bit out there, but have the cane actually be an extended piece of his arm like a cyber-implant weapon sort of thing, so he can retract it and thrust it out as he wishes.
  • It changes into an umbrella. (I know, the cleverness is overwhelming... /sarcasm)
  • I feel like there's another idea bouncing around in this noggin... but all that's coming out is that it has a companion cane that, when combined, allows you to summon the Power of Grayskull. *sigh*
  • Oh, a super suction cup sort of end. Makes it hard to get away from him, uses it to disarm or even apply a kind of hold or something. hehe.
  • Okay, kind of Penguin, but four or more of the sides split off and start whirling around the tip like plane propellers... allowing him to float and/or attack people with it.

I'll stop there before I get more ridiculous. I didn't get the impression you were looking for silly or out there, but some of those seem like decent ideas. Dunno. Hope that helps.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have not read everything that has already been posted so if I repeat anything, I am sorry. 


It could have built in compartment to hold small things: Fine wire line, caltrops, blasting powder packs, etc. 

It could be curved to be better able to compel movement - this would assist with tossing / dropping opponents.

I could have an edge built into the above curve that would give it the ability to cut when positioned at the correct angle. 


I could have a highpower light source suck in one end. This would act as a flashlight OR work to blind an opponent when put close to their face without warning. 


Parts of it could be designed to  be a high power electromagnet thus making it easier to disarm foes with metal weapons (guns, knives, etc). 


I could have a air filter built in so that if the hero is in a room of poisonous gas, they could breathe through the filter to buy them a few extra minutes. 


And probably many more options. 


La Rose. 

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