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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 10:05 AM, Ranxerox said:


    Yeah, last night I was struck by the death of the man, but now I am thinking of the death of the actor.  This is a man who played both Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall and did a great job on both of them.  In the future he might have played Mohammed Ali and Frederick Douglas, and I am certain that given the opportunity he would done a great job with those roles too.  That is a mind blowing amount of talent.


    I am at a loss of words.  


    Television special mentioning this had perhaps the finest line that could be said about the man:  He portrayed so many legendary figures, he became one.


    Hearing of his death was, like others said, a gut punch.  What completely broke my heart were the memes of Stan Lee welcoming him to Heaven.


  2. On 8/2/2020 at 8:20 AM, BoloOfEarth said:

    I agree with Hugh.  At 5 points per d6, it seems awful cheap for the potential effect.  60 points for 6d6 gives an average roll of 21 - enough to mesmerize  your typical 10-15 BODY person for a while, if they have to roll 2-3d6 each Phase to get the effect down to 0 to break free.


    Out of curiosity, why have it go against BODY?  It seems different types of mesmerize could go against various characteristics:

    • Charm or Placate against EGO
    • Sleep against CON
    • Confuse against INT
    • Taunt against PRE
    • Hold against STR
    • Disorient against INT or DEX


    Fair call on the cost; I was looking mostly at middle values to simulate effects, not at abusability.  For now, taking Hugh's suggestion of 10/d6 and limitation.  Might go 5/d6 for Movement and 10/d6 for Attack.


    For a lot of SFX, the target and their abilities has little to no effect on the duration.  I didn't want to make it EGO and a mental effect by default because that might stop people from thinking of any other SFX.

    BODY tends to be similar in most games.  An Advantage or Limitation to change the affected stat is pretty obvious; maybe +1/2.  


    Thanks for the thoughts, all.


  3. 1 hour ago, massey said:

    Duplication is all screwed up.  There aren't very many times you should use Duplication instead of just buying a Follower instead or using Summon.  It's expensive and has some real drawbacks to its use.  It's almost always better to use a different build.


    Agent Smith probably just had a bunch of Followers (other Agent Smiths), or used Summon: Horde of Agent Smiths to fight Neo.  Trying to do it all with Duplication is a headache.


    The problem with that line of thinking is that Followers and Summons are their own beings, even if they are CloneSmiths.  The GM runs them, not you.  Duplication is the only way to have multiples of yourself that you run.


    There is, however, nothing wrong with using "Summon Horde of Smiths" as the special effect of an attack, possibly with Indirect per your previous examples.  Duplication isn't always the answer. 



  4. In the vein of MMORPGs everywhere and their concepts of mesmerizing effects - holds, charms, sleeps, immobilize, taunts, fears, confuses and more, I wanted to create a single power to encompass and duplicate those effects, with a single concise set of rules.  Yes, there's a lot of overlap with Entangle, that might need to be addressed.  Yes, I read Steve Long's PDF of Control Powers but didn't like its reliance on absolute effects.  No, it hasn't yet been playtested; you're welcome to if you want to.  In fact I'd like opinions and comments.


        Mesmerize: The mesmerize power is used to alter a target's ability to move or to attack.  Mesmerize is an Instant power with lasting effects, is Ranged and requires a successful attack roll to hit its target.  It costs 5 Active points per d6 of effect against Movement or against Attacks; this can be combined to 10 Active Points per d6 to affect both.  The target's Power Defense applies, and if the remaining effect exceeds the target's BODY, they are Mesmerized.  
        On their phase, a Mesmerized character rolls BODY/5 d6 and reduces the level of effect in the Mesmerize by this amount; the effect ends when the effect is reduced to zero or less.  A Mesmerize can also be countered by an appropriate Healing ability.

        Forced: Often called Taunt, Fear or Charm, this effect requires the target to use their Full Phase actions as specified by the attack.  The details of a Forced effect are specified when the power is first created and cannot be changed.  A target can be specified not to move or not attack, this is often called a Hold, Immobilize or Placate.  Other possibilities include coming closer to fight the attacker, full movement away, attacking the closest character (ally or enemy), preventing movement in a given direction or preventing attack of a specific target.  
        Random: Often called a Confuse or Disorient, this effect allows the target some choice in their actions but with unexpected results.  Random movement can be determined by rolling a d6 for direction when turn mode allows.  Random attacks treat all possible targets equally - friend, foe or bystander.  [I'm debating giving Random effects a -1/2 limitation.]

        Reduce: Often called a Slow, this effect is applied as a Suppress equal to the effect rolled, affecting all the target's movement or their Speed.  [I'm debating giving Slow effects a -1/2 limitation.]

        Other effects such as altering the perception of who is an ally and who is an enemy, or suppressing other characteristics may sometimes be considered Mesmerize powers.  At the GM's option, they may be allowed, but such effects should never be more powerful than using the appropriate powers.



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