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  1. It's been 9 months. I don't know what you feel need to be done to the files to make them presentsble, but can you just post them already? Someone else will clean them up or whatever. Please.
  2. Still are. They are available on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow (EDIT: And at paizo strangely enough), and I believe were available elsewhere as well.
  3. To make it its own power you would just add the Advantage to the Power Running. I'm not sure why you are adding a Requires a Roll. I mean, you can if you want, but that's not changing how it functions.
  4. Zoolander 2. What? Don't judge me. You wanna fight about it?
  5. No, it doesn't. 1.2 million kids drop out of high school every year. Many of them cannot read at an elementary level and we're just pushed through the system. Many more can barely read at an 8th grade level yet manage to graduate, mostly because they get pushed through the system to keep the school's numbers up. A tiny fraction of a percent of those people get sports scholarships and an even smaller percent of them make it into the NFL. All of that proves that there are massive flaws in the US education system, corruption in the university sports system, and that we really need a minor league for football instead expecting colleges to provide it for free. What it doesn't prove is the nerd/jock stereotype, because those football players are very much the exception to the rule. Most of the over million+ kids a year who are just as uneducated are not sports stars.
  6. The planet earth, where a skinny little geek is more likely to be dumber than a rock than above average intelligence and a smart, successful person is statistically more likely to be at least fit and healthy if not above average physically. EDIT for grammar (I forgot an "a").
  7. I know that feel bro. I rarely get to play and if I do get to play outside of a convention I have to GM.
  8. It's considered average and it feels wrong to have to spend points just to get to average?AoE attacks are vs DCV 3 and it shouldn't be easier to hit a moving, dodging person than the broad side of a barn? If we drop CVs down to 1 (or hey, why not 0?) Why not do it with the rest of the Characteristics? (Something that was actually suggested during the lead up to 6E). It would make the point gap between editions bigger than it already is and make converting characters from earlier editions even more costly? I'm sure there are arguments against every possible point I listed, but my point is that there are a lot of little considerations to account for beyond "tradition".
  9. Generally speaking you aren't supposed to use Transform on yourself (though of course the GM could allow it). It would be much simpler to just buy a Limited Power. Something like various Enhanced Senses with Only for 1 hour (or 5 minutes, or whatever) after healing at least X damage, (-X).
  10. I don't believe MHI is complete. I believe it was based on Hero Basic, which caused a problem when multiple monsters had Powers not described in MHI.
  11. Star Gates and such would generally be fixed locations. I believe you can always Teleport farther than you can see, it's just a Blind Teleport that risks injury. Safe Blind Teleport would let you port much farther than you can perceive with no risk of injury. You might not be able to go to the exact location you want, but you can go 10 miles "that way".
  12. That is a good build and more elegant than I expected using Images. I'm not sure if it's RAW to use Sticky that way with Images, but there is precedent with its similar use with Darkness (and depending on the setting I would allow it) and Uncontrolled covers most of my other concerns.
  13. Which is why I mentioned AVAD in my first response to you.
  14. I wasn't trying to badger anyone. Sorry that trying to discuss builds on a RPG forum is apparently upsetting. As to your comment about Surfaces, I don't believe the Surfaces modifier changes how Images and AOE fundamentally work. Images is not a "fire and forget" Power and while a paint grenade SHOULD work as you just described that is not how the Images Power works. That's my whole point. If you are hit with an AOE Transform or take damage that affects your clothes/appearance then when you leave the area you are still Transformed/obviously damaged, because that's what those Powers do. if you leave the area where an Image was being used to make everyone look a certain way the effects of the Image don't magically follow you around like some kind of permanent effect just because of your chosen SFX. EDIT: If there is a way to easily make it so Create Image DOES work that way without blatant handwaving please inform me. That's what I've been asking about all along. If there is precedent for Images to work that way and I'm completely misinterpreting the rules, show me (but as no one else has chimed in to point out any error I don't think I'm misunderstanding anything). EDIT 2.0: If I remember correctly Sticky can be applied to Darkness to make it follow someone around. Perhaps it could do something similar with Images? Not sure if that's RAW or not.
  15. From 6E1: EDIT: And from Champions Complete: Partial Transform has been in the core rules since at least 5E (when I started playing) but I believe it was in 4E as well, though I couldn't swear to that. EDIT 2.0: Sorry for the 6E references, I am at work and don't have digital copies of 5E.
  16. Transform has one problem, it goes against Power Defense and Body. That could probably be solve rather simply with some form of AVAD/NND. Meanwhile the only benefit of the suggested Images build was that it was simpler. However, it was simpler because mechanically speaking it did not remotely do what it was supposed to. It would take many more Modifiers and most of them would be there for the sole purpose of making Images work more like Transform (affect the targets indefinitely, even after they leave the Power's Range among other issues). Lucius, you excel at complex builds and I'm sure you can make Images work, but if it takes someone like you building one of your complicated fixes complete with custom Modifiers, I fail to see what the benefit is to choosing that method.
  17. I didn't want an argument either, I'm trying to discuss your build and how you see it working because it doesn't do what you are claiming it does. Everything is "simpler" if we just ignore the rules, but generally when discussing Power builds we use RAW builds or acknowledge that we are working off of a house rule.
  18. I'm not sure why you are saying "look at my post". When I replied the post said to use Selective, then you edited it. I'm not trying to bust your chops, but I don't understand how this is "simpler". Your original post doesn't do what the item described is supposed to do. When that's pointed out you suggest adding more Advantages that still don't fix the problem. Obviously in your games you can do it however you want, but you are far into House Rule territory with that build.
  19. No, it doesn't. I painted 5 enemies to make them all easier targets. They all ran different directions. The paint magically disappears off of all but one of them. That makes no sense. Selective doesn't somehow fix that
  20. So if you hit a group of 3-5 thugs with a paint grenade and they scatter?
  21. I misread, sorry, I was editing my response when you responded.
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