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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore


There's nothing unhealthy about an egg on a hamburger patty, depending on the quality of the ingredients. The link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease tends to be over-simplified and exagerated by the media. The most unhealthful thing on the plate is that white bread bun.


Of course, someone who doesn't exercise regularly should be having only about 3-4 ounces of beef with that egg.


This post brought to you by Grumpy Health Nuts.


Fight the good fight! :)


I've mostly given up trying to convince people that their food stereotypes are, well, stereotypes. If it makes them feel better to think of eggs and beef as being bad for you it isn't really any skin of my nose. I generally eat red meat at least once a day. I'll also go through somewhere between 3 and 8 eggs during a week, along with bacon and/or sausage on the weekends. My serum cholesterol is just fine, my BP is good, my heartrate is good, and I feel generally happy and energetic. Granted I'm overweight, but that has more to do with a mismatch of portions vs. exercise than anything else.

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Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore


Oh man, that pancake/sausage thingie reminds me of most agregious and oft repeated transgression of my youth... the Chocolate Chip pancakes at iHop, smothered in maple syrup. It's a wonder I'm not horribly diabetic.

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Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore


If she what's being offered for dinner? Because if so' date=' then [i']pass the menu![/i] :doi:


From The West Wing...

Margaret: "Watching your cooking show."

Leo: "It's not just a cooking show, all right? It's very relaxing. That woman is sublime."

Margaret: "If you ask me, it's soft porn. No one needs to massage garlic oil into a leg of lamb that much."

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Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore





It's a pumpkin pie inside a spice cake, an apple pie inside a yellow cake, and a cherry pie inside a white cake, the dessert equivalent of the turducken(duck inside a chicken inside a turkey).




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