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"Neat" Pictures

Dr. Anomaly

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Re: "Neat" Pictures


I just changed my cell number' date=' because I was constantly harrassed by debt collectors going after someone who had the number before me. Which means now I get calls asking for a different person. I hope it's a net gain, statistically.[/quote']


We've gotten calls from debt collectors going after my wife's ex-husband -- and they were divorced nearly 25 years ago. After the third time we explaining the situation, I told them that (1) my number is on the Do Not Call registry, (2) nobody in our house has EVER been a customer of them or their client, and (3) they should make a note of this and cease calling us or I would report and sue them if they called me again. They stopped calling.


And y'know, it could be worse. Our home number was once a company's fax number. Even though it's been a private home number for over 5 years, we still get calls at 2 am with that warbling fax tone, and you can't even tell them to take a flying leap because there's nobody there to hear you scream.


However, since this is the Neat Pictures thread, I should probably post a picture just to get us pack on track.



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Re: "Neat" Pictures


I used to have a fellow math tutor who was once an engineer, back in the old days. The fastest way to get the old man ranting was to show off a high-density flash card. He'd go on and on about hard they had to work to use the tiniest amount of space possible. Naturally, we provoked him all the time.

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