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Lockjaw looks a little undersized in that picture. And who drew the flag flapping in the lunar 'wind'? That artist gets an F- in Science.

Lockjaw farted, that is why the flag is "flapping in the wind". :P

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After 3 weeks, we head into our halftime break thusly:



                           Wins    Losses   Victories
        The Universals        3    0        12
        LAUGH                 3    0        11
        Scrapyard             2    1        8
        District-Psy          2    1        8
        The Hell-Razors       2    1        7
        Rising Sun            1    2        8
        High Aces             1    2        6
        Cherry Bombs          1    2        5
        Magic or Mundane?     0    3        5
        New Suicide Squad     0    3        5

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Nice wins for the Bombshells and the Hell Razors this well. Nicely done, gents.

The ladies deserve the credit, Makkari the sole gent didn't perform. :D

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I think Streaky could beat Hawkeye - sorry but the guy's a normal! 


Seems that point allocation and die rolls are the big determining factors in the arena matches - but I'm going to keep voting 'cause it's so much fun!

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When we return, here are your opponents for Week 4:


Magic or Mundane?   vs.    Rising Sun

The Universals           vs.            High Aces

Scrapyard                 vs.                   The Tributes of District-Psy

The Hell-Razors            vs.            The New Suicide Squad

Cherry Bombs & Bombshells   vs.    LAUGH

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Just wondering when I would find out Iron Man's replacement?


A fair question. Let's do that right now. Here's the updated bench list:

  • Captain Ultra
  • Doctor Mid-Nite
  • Detective Chimp
  • The Top
  • NFL Superpro
  • Boom Boom
  • Stinky
  • Aquaman
  • D-Man
  • Vibe
  • Steve Trevor
  • Stilt-Man

Now we roll the die ... and the newest member of  The Tributes of District Psy is






Power Girl's cat is a tribute to Supergirl's cat, Streaky (RIP). 




Stinky has no overt powers, but he is very hard to kill, and has a bad luck aura that almost singlehandedly took down the entire Justice League International ...









Stinky dislikes men, especially men hitting on Power Girl. For Arena Game purposes, stinky has a mystery power.  :sneaky:




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Inside the super secret headquarters of the Tributes of District-Psy...


"I hope everyone had a pleasant week off," said Captain America, standing behind a podium.  Miles Morales was stuck to the wall to his left.  Kamala Khan and Molly Hayes were fussing over the new feline arrival, Stinky.  Lobo the Duck stood in the corner, a snarling expression glaring at the cat.  Shuri stood to the right of Captain America and she appeared to be above everything.  "I know our last battle was a set back..."


"Setback?  You gotta be $%%^^ kidding me, Cap," said Lobo, lighting a cigar.  "We had Stark replaced by a cat.  We should feed that thing to the Kraken."


Molly sat up straight, pausing from rubbing Stinky's belly. 


"Oh no you don't, Duck," she said.  "Take one step toward Stinky and we'll have an after Christmas duck special."


"Anytime you wanna try, muffin," said Lobo, puffing a ring of smoke in her direction.  Molly coughed in an overly dramatic manner.  "Yeah, yer tough."


"Well, I WON my match up," Molly said.


"Now, let's calm down," said Cap.


"He started it!" Molly said.


"Regardless of that," said Cap, scowling toward Lobo, "We need to be ready for the Scrapyard this week."


"Scrapyard... that wouldn't have been helpful having Stark to battle them, now would it?" Lobo growled.


"Captain," said Shuri.  "As much as I detest agreeing with that fowl creature..."


"Hey!" Lobo belched.


"...he does have a point.  How will this feline help us?"


"Well, he is Power Girl's cat," said Cap.


"Power Girl? The one with the excessive breasts?" Shuri asked.


"Yeah, baby," Lobo said, chewing on the cigar.


"Well, ...yes," said Cap.


"Does the cat share her powers?" Shuri asked.




"What can the cat do?" Shuri asked.


"Well,  apparently Stinky has a mystery power," said Cap.


"Cap," interrupts Kamala, "Can we change his name?  I mean Stinky?  Really?"


"How does a mystery power help us?" Shuri asked.  Cap did not respond. 


"Great!" said Lobo.  "Tell ya what.  I'm gonna go hang out with the Kraken."  The duck waddled from the room.


"If anyone should be named Stinky, it is him," said Kamala.


"Cap," said Miles, "last week was a tough one for morale around here."


"You did your job, Miles," said Cap, looking for the bright spot.


"Yeah, but mine was a fluke.  Luck.  Fate, maybe.  But I had been losing until the end."


"There are a lot of Bendis haters out there," said Kamala.  "Hard to overcome that."


"With Iron Man gone," said Miles, "what chance do we have?"


Cap steadied himself for a moment.  He knew these questions would be coming up, rightfully so.  The confidence from the first two weeks of success had disappeared quickly from his team.  He had been preparing for this during the Christmas break.


"Listen Miles, I know last week was hard, it was hard for all of us.  I sent Tony into that volcano to battle Volcana, never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that he would lose that encounter, let alone be rebooted."


"Maybe he'll come back 'Superior'," said Molly.  Cap looked sideways at the young girl.  Miles shook his head.


"But we cannot give up.  Yes, we suffered a blow with Iron Man now being gone, but we cannot just lay down and give up.  Just the opposite.  We each now need to step up and take even more responsibility around here.  Challenges like this are what make us what we are, and our ability to embrace our limitations, our drawbacks... will make our struggle all the greater.  I have looked at the character of the Tributes of District-Psy, and I have seen the hearts of champions."


"Even the duck?" asked Molly.


"Even the duck," Cap replied.  "We are just starting our stride.  In every battle, at some time, things look dark, but that is only the wake up call.  Real heroes wait for that challenge and accept it, even if it is short, feathery and smoking a cigar.  Or if it is a cat with a distinct odor.  And if we fall, we shall go down fighting to the last man, woman or animal."


"We are with you, Captain.  Bring on Scrapyard.  The Tributes will be ready," said Shuri.


"Meow" said Stinky.

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