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Originally posted by Wormhole

A: "Okay, I'll watch the movie, but only if I can sit on the front row and get smashed on some good pot."


Q: Hey, you wanna go see "Gigli" with us?


A: When the winds howl, the thunder roars and the lightning strikes.

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Originally posted by Enforcer84

Q. How will I know that Ben and J-Lo have made another film together?


A. Foxbat! And in my spiderman underoos no less!


Q: Who broke in to your house last night? An d what were you wearing when you suprised him?



A: Total Annihilation. One Bowl, One Hundred Percent.

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Originally posted by austenandrews

Q: How does the latest cereal, Extreme Bran, affect your colon?


A: And that, my friends, is a sad, sad way to reach 1000 posts.




Q: Why did you start all those threads on how America sucks?


A: Dexter's Labratory, Castle Grayskull, and the local Krispy Cremes.

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Originally posted by OddHat

Q: Name three evil organizations Doctor Destroyer is too much of a nitwit to run.


A: She told me it wouldn't hurt!


Q: You and your wife tried what last night?


A: "I'm a guardian angel, it's my job to save people's lives... even when they act like ungrateful assholes."

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