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Old Man

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The total eclipse of the Sun crossing North America happens two months from today.  Totality comes ashore at Mazatlan and runs northeast across Mexico and through central Texas, stepping on Little Rock, central Indiana, western Ohio (including Cleveland), across parts of New England and southern Ontario and Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  See the Great American Eclipse page for more information.

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I've had two of the three pens I habitually carry fail on me today.  One was a failure mode I'd never seen before.  Yeesh.  I have lots of backups, but it required me to go home to get them, since the only functioning one left was the red one.


And, the cats are especially needy this morning now that I am home, for no discernable reason.  Must Get Pets And Lap Time.

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My kids have just discovered the millions of "maybe the real treasure is the friends we made along the way" memes.  I have been inundated with the things the past few days.


Then I had an epiphany!


Armageddon will have nothing to do with angels and demons, nor Jesus and Satan, nor Allah nor any other religion.


Armageddon will occur because this is how they try to end One Piece....



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Hm.  It seems you can start a business ostensibly for "Biohazard cleanup" but not simply for "Biohazard".  How limiting.


EDIT: Similarly, you can have "Cosmetologist" but not "Cosmologist".

and "Debris Cleanup" but not "Debris Creation".

Not simply "Demolition".

You can have "Dog Food", but that probably is manufacturing or selling that, not being it.

You can have "Emu Raising" but not "Emo Raising".

"Escort Service" and "Exotic Dancer" are explicitly permitted.

Woo!  "Explosives User (Blaster)" is allowed!

"Liquidation" probably does not mean turning your enemies into a slurry.

"Mad Bomber" and "Mad Scientist" are not on the allowed list.

"Magician" is allowed, but "Mercenary" is not.  "Motor Vehicle Wrecker" is allowed.  "Necromancer" is nowhere to be found.

"Neighborhood Watch" is there but not "Neighborhood Witch".

Nothing starting with "Nuclear" is on the allowed list.

"Peep Show" is allowed, as is "Pest Inspector".  I wonder what the overlap is among those.

"Physicist" is not on the allowed list, but "Astronomer" is.  Fascinating.

You cannot have "Arsonist", but I suppose "Pyrotechnics Operator" (which is allowed) is an appropriate stand-in for that.

"Shatterer of Worlds" is not allowed.

I wonder what "Social Worker, Uncertified" is supposed to be.

Huh.  Had no idea there was enough demand for them to list "Tank Renovating".

"Telegram Stripper" is on the allowed list. :nonp:

No "Torturemaster".

No "Wizard", but maybe they throw those in with "Magician".





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Since I have been appointed executor for an estate, I have started learning of a whole cesspool ecology of opportunistic bottom-feeders I had not previously imagined.


There are outfits who are most easily described as the equivalent of payday loan (sharks), but they go after inheritances rather than paychecks.  "Get your inheritance now!" is the teaser line.  Since wills and estates that become active are public records, they grab those wills off the government sites where they are posted, scrape all the names and addresses out of them, and spam those with their come-hither (not, of course, mentioning any terms or rates).  I know this because I got one of the come-hither papermails also, even though I'm the executor.


There are also lots of opportunist solo operators who want to buy your house (for rather less than it's worth) but these aren't really a new discovery.


I expect I will continue to learn more varieties of scumbags and ripoff artists as I negotiate this estate thing over the coming months, and I will post descriptions and spread the knowledge as I gain it.

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There was a period when deconstruction of the superhero genre was fresh, interesting, and useful. Deeper analysis of what and why certain characters and conventions are the way they are, contributed in the best cases to stories with a richer, more mature undercurrent, while keeping the ideals and hopefulness that made us love superheroes. But too many comics creators are still stuck in that tearing-down phase, thinking that being "dark" and "edgy" is enough. They forgot, or never understood, that superheroes have endured for generations because they inspire us to strive to be better than we are.

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Been on a binge of late. Got 7 Wrestlemanias that I did not have; a couple of Marvels that I did not have; one fantasy novel to complete a set; a detective work with supernatural elements and the book version of Is Paris Burning ?. Finished this off with a board game expansion Scoundrels of Skullport and a Banshees collection that I stumbled upon by accident.

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