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SUPERDRAFT: Cast your Fantasy KINGDOM!


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On 1/12/2020 at 7:30 PM, death tribble said:

Greatest Warrior in the Land is Arnold Schwarzenegger channelling Conan the Barbarian


3 hours ago, death tribble said:

Greatest Warrior in the Land is Basil Rathbone channelling Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Oh dear.

So what I will do is change Arnold channelling Conan to be The Villain.

It makes much more sense with what I am doing

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Greatest Warrior: Prince Slick was OK on the battlefield, but nothing compared to his distaff-side cousin and marshal, Lord Borna the Younger.  Lord Borna is portrayed by George C Scott, reprising something close to one of his most famous roles, Gen. George Patton. 




Borna is now old enough that he's no longer a single-combat guy, but as a strategist, tactician and a battle leader he is absolutely matchless.  If the Splato Army wasn't outnumbered five to one by the Twrp's forces, and more importantly could conduct multiple engagements at different locations more or less simultaneously against converging invading forces, then Borna might be able to stand off the invader ... alone.  In one squence in the film, the palace guard and the crossbowmen under Borna's command decisively repel the main Twrp force despite overwhelming odds.


But ... the deadlier threat to the House of Slime is not on that battlefield....

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I know the commissioner said to play nice, but I have to try one more tricky pick. A consort is a difficult pick, as I went with a child. But you can pair a girl in a way that is pretty intimate but not really creepy.


A horse.


Consort: Galebite the Horse, played by Pinocchio, and Voiced by Alan Tudyk


Sample film credits: Snow White and the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth’s horse), The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Chris Hemsworth’s horse), Cinderella (Lily James’s horse), Maleficent, Outlander

“Pinocchio was brought over for Snow White and The Huntsman for Chris to ride. He didn’t belong to us then and at the end of the job he went back to Spain. I loved him from the start and was gutted when he went home. Dad brought him for me as a surprise when we were shooting the first Maleficent. He’s Andalusian x Friesian so he has the temperament of a Friesian and the look and movement of a Spanish horse. He really is so beautiful but super cheeky though. When my dad Steve walks through the barn he leans out and takes his cap off of his head. He is my absolute, ultimate horse.”


An animistic spirit of an avalanche was trapped in the form of a horse. Over the centuries he has calmed to his new place in the world, but even now when he charges you can hear a thunder that mere hooves can't account for and his mane smells of crisp snow. He glides across the landscape with a fluid grace that belies his unstoppable power.

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7 hours ago, death tribble said:

This is one that parents will understand

The Monster that Threatens the Kingdom is the largest character from the franchise. Big McIntosh.from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



What actor is playing him?

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Jessup wanted to thank Neika for her bravery in his rescue and apologize for his lack of chivalry directly after, so he led her through the woods.  He had a specific place in mind, a place that he would visit with his mother. It was a place within the expanse of the kingdom where they could drop any pretenses and just be mother and son.  It was not something that they were able to do often and it had been years since they had returned. Matters of state always seemed to take precedent.  


“This is one of my favorite places,” said Jessup, holding back on the information about coming here with his mother.  The fiction of his youth was well known in the kingdom and, no matter how much he was annoyed by his mother pretending to be his father, Jessup would never betray her.


Leading Neika up a hill, they came to the edge of a cliff.  The view out across the expanse of the kingdom was breathtaking and Neika had never seen anything like it.


“I knew Galadral was beautiful, but this is beyond my imagination.” she said, staring out in amazement across the green and brown land.  “Why haven’t you come back here?”


“Oh, being a prince is not as easy as it sounds,” he joked, trying to change the subject.  “The sunsets here are magnificent.”


Though their initial interaction was awkward, Neika and Jessup had found plenty in common on the walk to this spot and the beauty before them made the moment even more special.  It was worth the fight with the crocodile and their own skirmish to end up here.


“I have lived here my whole life and I never knew that this was here,” she said.  “Thank you for sharing.”


The coziness of the situation was suddenly broken as Neika quickly turned from the cliff, struck her fighting pose and darted her eyes around the trees at their back. 


“Someone is there,” she said.


As Jessup turned to look, he heard a familiar voice.


“Prince Jessup, it is I.”


Jessup calmly placed his hand on Neika’s shoulder.  With a smile, he nodded softly.


“Elder?” Jessup said to the voice.  The Elder exited the trees, sword drawn.


“My Prince, this is the criminal known as Wyldsyde,” he said, slowly advancing to the pair.  “Be careful.”


“Stand down, Elder,” said Jessup.  “I know exactly whom this is. She saved my life earlier today from a crocodile attack.  She is my friend.”


The Elder glanced at Neika from head to toe a couple of times, taking mental notes on the young girl.  He had heard the reputation of Wyldsyde, but he knew that, no matter how competent, she would not be considered a threat to him.  


“Whatever you say, Prince Jessup,” said the Elder, putting both hands on the handle of the sword and holding it close to his chest, pointed end toward the ground.  It was a pose that Jesup had seen many times.


“Neika, this is my friend, The Elder,” said Jessup.  “He protected me for years. Please, be calm. I trust him completely.”


“Yes,” said Neika nervously.  “I have heard of The Elder.”


“What are you doing here?” asked Jessup.  “I thought you had retired. Is there something wrong?”


“No, Prince Jessup,” said The Elder.  “It was a coincidence. I like to come here to watch the sunsets like the old days.  It reminds me of good times. I saw you here with… this girl… and I did not… I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.  My apologies, Miss Neika.”


“Of course,” she said.


“It is good to see you, my friend.  The castle has not been the same since you left,” said Jessup.


“I have missed the old days as well,” he said, a note of sadness in his tone.


“You could always return,” said Jessup.  “I’m sure the King would agree.”


“Perhaps,” he said, turning his attention to the horizon.  “The sun is beginning to descend.”


Jessup and Neika turned and looked to the sky.  The Elder put one hand in the center of Neika’s back and shoved her over the cliff.  Her screams cutting through the silence of the eve and echoing across the land.


“Naika!” screamed Jessup, but before he could spin to face his betrayer, The Elder drilled the boy in the chin with the butt of the sword.  The massive blow dropped the Prince to the ground, his face resting in the dirt.


Without a word or hesitation, The Elder sheathed his sword, reached down and picked up the boy, slinging him over his shoulder.  The great warrior pivoted away from the cliff edge and quickly departed the area with his prize.  


The pristine view was engulfed by the glorious reds and oranges as the kingdom slowly entered into the darkness of the evening. The most gifted artist could not do the image justice.  


Breaking the peacefulness of the painting, a hand reached from beyond the cliff, desperately grasping for anything to grab ahold of, to complete the improbable return from certain death.  

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