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SUPERDRAFT: Cast your Fantasy KINGDOM!


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Lead Cleric: There's a Bishop of Splato, but the most prestigious and most powerful cleric in the principality is the Abbess of Castle Lepfene.  Lepfene is a hilltop monastery outside of Splato that was established as a Christian fortification and sanctuary late in the 4th Century.  Several very holy relics are housed there, famously including the Sword of St George (St George slew the dragon, but used a spear for that; of course, he also had a sword, and that's one of the relics in Castle Lepfene).  Consequently, the Abbess's word carries more oomph than the Bishop's.

This may be good, because the Abbess Zoot, portrayed by Carol Cleveland (who played Zoot and her identical twin sister Dingo in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and her flock, are ... a little ... eccentric.  Ms. Cleveland is playing exactly the same character as she did in MP&tHG.


For those of you who don't get the reference, "Lepfene" is Hungarian for "Anthrax", and the relevant sequence is [NSFW alert!!] the first 1:18 or so here.  Zoot (Carol Cleveland) is the woman who does most of the talking in that sequence,  famously including the final expletive (which supposedly was not in the script but was left in after the shooting).  Video quality is poor, but the audio is OK and it's the dialog that matters most.

Abbess Zoot gets along fine with Slick's daughters, who have received much instruction from the Abbess.


{Side note, and this is NOT a pick: I almost drafted a different cleric here, Crispus Stultus, the Bishop of Splato, who is in our film also but isn't the leading cleric.  Bishop Crispus is a decent guy and long-time buddy of Prince Slick, but the ability to get along with his lord and lord's family is about the only positive quality on his resume.  Stultus does mean "stupid".  And Crispus means "curly-haired", which is why this role is filled by Curly Howard of the Three Stooges.}

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On 1/5/2020 at 7:50 PM, Hermit said:


High Priest/Priestess of the Major region In your kingdom: Playing Brother Chaos (the God from the World Creation)... Ralph Fiennes  (Of course, the Pick is supposed to be the Priest OF the God, with religion mentioned, but given the God of CHaos is involved we'll let this slide)




Keep reading.....

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Wizard: Dany DeVito as Benjamin Franklin


It turns out, Benjamin Franklin never died. It was just a cover story for his disappearance following an eccentric experiment with electricity. He awoke to find himself in a strange land, and immediately followed his curiosity hither and yon.


He's been around a few centuries now, his lifespan having been drawn out by the magic he has studied. He's brilliant, brash but diplomatic, and keeps annoying the Council of Governors with ideas about 'Democratic Republics'.


Steal from other Studios: The Ivory Tower (Neverending Story)

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Designated Heir: In the Most Serene, but not Most Democratic, Republic, Doges are elected. Of course, not many people get to vote, and a certain level of bribery is expected even for people whose votes can be counted on by a specific candidate, so it's pretty easy to predict the likely winner of an election ahead of time.


In this case, it is expected that the next Doge will be the son of the current Doge, as played by Rowan Atkinson.

I really need to go back and name everybody.

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Depends on the scene: Captain Howdy or Come Out and Play, both by Twisted Sister.


Regent:  George Burns


Consort:  That guy from the Stargate Movie-- you know the one.


Heir apparent:  David Keith


Hero: Tawny Kitaen kitted up as Lady Amethyst  (horrible comic; great imagery), albeit a tad "grimdarkier" than that pablum.


Villain:  Tom Baker (it's that creepy damned smile)


Fantasy Race:  Manphibians from whatever it was Marvel called themselves before they were Marvel.

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