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SUPERDRAFT: Cast your Fantasy KINGDOM!


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"She is to be your wife, the two of you will unite the kingdoms as one! Oh if only your father were alive today, your majesty"

"But father isn't - and you know why? Because she killed father, with her bare hands! And now I Have to take her to wife?"

"Heavy is the head that wears the..."

"Finish that sentence and I will have you thrown into a dungeon so help me" A beat "We do have a dungeon right?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Well, I've got that going for me then," And the man who had been king for less than a month rose up to greet his bride, his beautiful and highly intimidating bride.


Sovereign PickPaul Rudd as newly crowned King Rudderick V



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Will this get nixed by the honorable commissioner? Maybe. The gamble is what makes it fun!


As inspired by the short story "Rome, Sweet Rome":

Stealing from another Set/Studio: A United States Expeditionary Strike Group


Hasn't the kingdom known enough war? Enough blood shed to slake a thousand demons? What cruel joke then, for a mad mage to summon this steel fleet!


No less cruel to the strangers themselves, strangely. They were captured by a capricious wizard for his games, forcing them to sail through the elemental ether, complete tasks and win games and fight battles. He'd replenish their supplies, even raise their dead a score deaths over, just to draw out his fun. By cleverness, the Colonel won their freedom, but the mage still managed to poison the victory by returning them not to San Diego, but to these strange shores.


But, at least it isn't the elemental chaos. No, they'll do whatever it takes to not go back through those waters. Conquest if necessary. Perhaps Diplomacy might be in order?


The Expeditionary Strike Group includes a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a spec ops team, a few VTOL aircraft, a couple destroyers and submarines, a repair ship and even a replenishment oiler. The wizard replenished all their supplies before dropping them off, but they are otherwise unsupported logistically.





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19 minutes ago, Sociotard said:

Most of the Marines and Sailors are extras. Those are props that eat.


"Stealing from another Set/Studio: We're casting a fantasy movie right? that ain't cheap, and we want to interest fanboys. So, feel free to use any prop from any High Fantasy movie, TV show, or Novel. Magic swords, rings, and even whole sets ("It's only a model")"


Okay, I thought that was clearer with the examples above that this was the NOT person selection. On top of that, I have a hard time with modern military equipment as a 'high fantasy prop', was it in a movie with a dragon? YES. But is that enough to maike it high fantasy as over URban fantasy? I don't think so

Shadowrun isn't high fantasy and it has dragons, IMO (Others may disagree but there you have it)



So no. 


Now, if you want to take ONE or TWO (I believe I limited it to two)  modern soldier(s) and his personal gear as one of your other picks (Greatest Warrior, Our hero, Option Character) that's fine but no, not whole squads of soldiers with multiple navy ships etc




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4 minutes ago, Bazza said:

Humphrey Bogart as Optional Character. 


Every fantasy needs a tavern or pub and who is better as a barkeep? Plus Bogie has a secret. 


Not Ted Danson (or others from that show)?  Or someone from Pizza?

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Designated Heir: Thandie Newton


To be honest, even 10 years after the end of the civil war, the exact terms of succession aren't all ironed out.  That said, the mostly likely outcome, should the Provisionarch fall, would be for the First Governor, of the College of Governors, to take over. After a babbling infant was made supreme monarch, two things were obvious. First, somebody had to run things until she was old enough to take the reigns. Second, she'd have to be taught how to take the reigns.  So the lords created the College of Governors to do both. Not governor as in "of a state", but rather "sounds more dignified than nanny". The Governors were elected by the squabbling lords to run the kingdom and raise the baby. They chose the "First Governor" from among their ranks. She is slowly ceding authority to the Provisonarch as she gains in competence.

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8 hours ago, Hermit said:


Shadowrun isn't high fantasy and it has dragons, IMO (Others may disagree but there you have it






Wait a minute.  I'm lost just a bit now.  Before selecting a prop, I need to pin down your understanding of high fantasy, apparently. 


Strictly,high fantasy means magic is common, potentially invasive to any moment in the story, has deep or lasting impact, etc.  As an example, perhaps my favorite high fantasy is Turtlwdove's Case of the Toxic Spell Dump.  It's the modern world (at least at the time of writing), but every single aspect of technology in our world is replaced with a magical equivalent: flying carpets for cars, micro imps power computers; alarm systems are done via magical warding-- its quite possibly the _highest_ fantasy I have ever read (though, to be honest, I'm not a huge high fantasy fan.  It's really all about the author for me). 


High and low fantasy have no specific relationship to background.  The names were originally derived from "high occurrence of magic / diety intervention" and "low occurrence etc." 


Shadowrun is very much high fantasy.  Yes: it is also _urban_ fantasy, but the two are not mutually exclusive.  In the same way, low fantasy doesn't mean Conan (which also tended toward high fantasy more than low; I mean, every damned book was about killing a sorcerer or a witch to break some spell or curse!) 


To be clear:  I am not arguing with you;  I am asking for more clear specifics as to what sort of fantasy you are specifically wanting.   I am suspecting more "mideval Europe fantasy" stuff? 



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