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Darren Watts

Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

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Champions : Return To Edge City : Superhero Mentoring Program
Getting Scooter to explain anything can be an exercise in confusion, due to his habit of fixating on what elements are interesting to him, and a tendency to add whatever flights of fancy he had, when his mind started to wander mid-conversation.

GM: So, who wants to recap?
Hero Shrew: Apparently there’s a Seal-Moreau who’s interested in me.

Game temporarily halted to assist Damselfly in distress.

Allana has ensured that the Marine-Moreau community has an alarm beacon in case Genesys finds them. But she still doesn’t tell the rest of us about them. Perhaps we just have to wait until they kidnap Invisible Girl.

Flux: ‘We have Invisible Girl!’
Fireflash: How can you tell?

Hardlight OoC: So, what do we do now? Wait for the Bat-signal to go off?
Flux OoC: What Bat-signal?
Hero Shrew OoC: *points at Allana*
Flux OoC: Oh, right. I guess it really is a Bat-Signal. Huh.
Hardlight: I suppose I could ask the ECPD to install a searchlight…
Fireflash: No, a Bat-signal is a terribly inefficient message system. I HAVE a phone.
Hero Shrew: Plus this isn’t Gotham, it’s California, so we don’t have permanent overcast.

GM: I was trying to come up for a villain for you this week. Maybe a Matrioshka Brain.
Hero Shrew OoC: I don’t think we’re ready for Cosmic-Level threats yet.
Fireflash OoC: I’m sorry, but anything that registers on the Kardashev Scale is Too Much.

Crusher Joe has arrived in town, as part of the mentor system in place for newer superheroes.

Hero Shrew: Oh RIGHT, he’s mentoring me, not the other way around.
GM: Yes, this was made very very clear to you.

He has overalls for Scooter to wear.

Crusher Joe: And this a hard hat. Because of regulations.

Crusher Joe: I’ve always found it a good idea to get a superstrong hero to patch a wall or two. After you’ve fixed a few, you think twice before punching someone through one.
Hero Shrew: How long have you been patching walls for?
Crusher Joe: About 20 years.
Hero Shrew: Were things different back then? Did you have a Bat-signal?

Flux is being visited by some heavily into the Noir look, who managed to get into Flux’s room without setting off any of the protections, and knows more about Flux than he would like.

Flux: You are a very creepy individual.
Mysterious Mentor: *sigh* I’m aware. My superhero name doesn’t help either - it’s Nightwalker. Because my ACTUAL name is Walks-by-Night. I’m Salish.
Hero Shrew OoC: *ears prick up*
Flux: Can I get you some coffee?
Nightwalker: Thanks. I couldn’t afford the real stuff back in the day.
Hero Shrew OoC: Wait, what was that elf nation in Shadowrun?
Fireflash OoC: Salish-Sidhe.
Flux OoC: What’s that got to do with anything?
Hero Shrew OoC: There IS that dimensional gate off the coast here.
GM: *grins evilly*

He offers to tutor Flux in a few fun ways to mess with people. And other useful advice such as ‘don’t rely on your magic’, and ‘Don’t get killed’.

Hardlight OoC: And then my mentor arrives, and it’s Centurion.
GM: I should TOTALLY do that.

Hero Shrew: My Rep said that me working at a titty bar doesn’t look good.
Crusher Joe: Yeah, I can see why he might say that.
Hero Shrew: I want to set a good example to young Moreaus - well, when we have any - but the problem is that bouncing people and bouncing people off walls is the only thing I’ve done since puberty set in.
Crusher Joe: You need a hobby. Well, what are you interested in?
Hero Shrew: …
Crusher Joe: *sigh* you’re thinking titties, aren’t you.

Crusher Joe: You have to find something different to do with your life.
Hero Shrew: What, like become a butt fan?

And there really isn’t much philanthropic work that needs super strength either, especially since exo-armour is a thing.

GM: So what are you going to do with your cape time, Hardlight?
Allana: Sit on a roof and flick peanuts at Centurion’s house.
GM: Yeah, I think a lot of it comes down to jealousy - because Centurion is Iron Man and you’re basically Justin Hammer.

Maybe we should finally clear up the gang situation in The Zone. Who should we target first, that wouldn’t be missed?

Hero Shrew: Humanity First.

And, of course, they were funding that giant mecha. And sent those armoured fighters into the Zoo.

Fireflash: And I’m going to play ‘Follow the Money’.
GM: Good idea - there’s no way gang activities could fund getting a Minuteman robot.

Hero Shrew: Maybe the Orphans gang just need a good example, so they’ll become a superhero team.
Hardlight: You should join them, and work your way up into a leadership position.
Hero Shrew: It’s the wrong decade for me to suddenly go ‘edgy’
Fireflash OoC: ‘I’m suddenly sprouting pouches’
GM: ‘Where did my feet go? ****, I’m being drawn by Liefeld’

Maybe Hero Shrew could make housing for Moreaus.

Fireflash: Habitat for Inhumanity.
Hero Shrew: It’s not like I need a nailgun.

GM: Anyway, one evening while Allana is closing her clinic (which incidentally is totally illegal) -
Allana: It’s not illegal until they make me a person.

Her visitor is Dr Soma, here to swap a few pointers about tissue regeneration. And a few other things that might be of interest. Such as the problems the tiny genepool is going to have for the various Moreau species. What Dr Soma doesn’t know is that Allana can tell who she really is, under the clockwork robot suit - Guilt-rider.

GM: Who said you only ever needed one secret identity?

Hero Shrew is having a bit of an existential crisis, after the mentoring. Since he’s realised his life has basically been ‘hit puberty. Got a job hitting people. Got a second job where he could hit people harder.’

Flux: This was interesting - not ‘who do I have to hit?’ as ‘What do I do with my time?’
Hero Shrew: Time? What do I do with my LIFE?!


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Not exactly a quote, but an interesting event overall, and I can't really think of a more relevant place to put it.


My youth group game is the only "weekly" game I have, after all, the other two being a bi-weekly game and an "at least every four weeks; more if possible" game.


I picked up a set of these:





Not _exactly_ those, but similar.


For those not wanting to follow links posted by relative strangers on the internet, it leads to a set of wooden dice roughly 3-1/2" on a side.  They are essentially waste cuts and drops from hardwood 4x4s, evened up and finished into "yard dice" or "lawn dice" or  (creatively)  "Yardzee" dice.  Went to Statesboro yesterday (wife wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and get some new brushes) and I saw the set of five (yeah, the set I bought only had 5 pieces, but then, it rang up at ten bucks, so I'm good ;)  ) and picked it up.  On the way home we stopped and she bought a car, but this isn't that story.  In fact, all I will say about that story is that, after nearly two decades of road tripping in the Leviathan, she now claims she wants something that rides better.  (the nerve of some people!)



So, in honor of the last of the bearable summer weather  (by this time next week, central GA will be Hell's own bakery), I decided to do something to get us out into the weather and enjoy the last breeze we're going to have until January.  


We used three of the dice as "Skill check" dice-- forgive the non-HERO-ness of the term, but over the years, I have found people pick up on the roll for Skills and Roll to Hit if they learn them to be "Skill Checks."  Don't know why, unless it just helps them group the mechanics in their head.  Now make no mistake, rolling three of those dice isn't possible.  You end up sort of backsnap-tossing it into the air to give it random spins, etc, and wait for it to land.  (I know: I played around with the viability of this idea last night when we got home and the wife was tired of driving her new car.)


I don't know why-- probably for _me_, as things conspire to keep me out of pretty weather but locked outside in rain, blast-ovens, of near-freezing temperatures with shocking regularity-- but I really wanted this to be a fun thing to do.


So I grabbed a few paint paddles-- the little balsa or white-wood slats they give you when you buy a can of paint-- and selected tomorrow's (today's) bad guys and a few random NPC-types, ad of course, the Heroes themselves, then printed the character portraits (remember I still use 2e, and our character sheets are _way_ more fun than anything that's come after 4e) and glued them the paint paddles.


Today's game featured the all-new fair-weather attack technique of "Bowl to Hit."  When a character wished to make an attack, his target's wood-and-paper effigy was stuck in the dirt roughly eight feet away.  The player had three shots (roll 3d6, right? ;) )  he would fire off his three dice toward his target.  If at any time he hit the target with one of the dice, bingo!  Automatic hit.  :D.  If he did _not_ hit the target but the total of the three dice said he made it, then he hit.  If he both hit the target _and_ made his roll, then a random good thing happened: extra damage, automatic Stunning, or some such thing as that.


If there were _multiple_ opponents, then multiple targets were set up.  You might hit an opponent totally different from the one you were aiming at!  And of course, the die total might say "nope; seems you hit the _both_!  :lol:  


And if there were innocent bystanders, well things got....  dicey..... (wow. That hurt more than I thought it would) 


It was really funny watching them just _sling_ the dice at the villains, but when there were civilians, they'd oh-so-carefully line up their shots, roll the die, and wince at every odd tumble.....   :rofl:   "There."  I proclaimed.  "Now you have a _much_ better idea of what it's like to actually be a super-hero-- to know how much power you have, and how easily you could accidentally hurt someone.  You understand the worry and fear your character's should have when fighting out in the open, and you understand why you might want to restrain the amount of power you use when something bad happens at the mall or the amusement park. "  Most of them found that to be eye-opening, as most of them (the oldest is in ninth grade right now) get their ideas of superheroes from movies, which don't seem to put a lot of emphasis on internal struggle or watching out for the civilians.



Yeah, this story goes nowhere, and only has a single quote, and it's by the world's worst Superhero Sensei, but still: it was a blast, and I wanted to share it. :D



Y'all have fun.






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