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The Flash


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A Flash movie? Cool. DC needs to get some more stuff out there than Supes and Bats.


I have a love/hate relationship with the GL movie simply b/c their choice for Hal Jordon played Deadpool, so the whole movie to me felt like giving DP a GL ring.


No. TV show. Spinoff from Arrow.

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Arrow has been even better this season, in my view. With the exception of the character of Laurel who really got annoying (and even SHE might be on the mend) all the characters have been engaging. A few are underused, but that's hardly a problem. Some villains didn't translate as well as others, but that's par for the course on these things. It's got soap opera elements and a lot of eye candy for the ladies but if you can deal with that, it's also got some kick ass action , decent actors and some good shout outs now and then for the geeks. For example, they have already mentioned KORD industries more than once, and IIRC, they're going to eventually introduce Ted. Whether he'll actually be the Blue Beetle, I don't know.


As for the Flash stuff, I saw the episodes where they had Barry on a visit. I thought the actor managed to portray him as quite likable and a bit nerdy...which suited Barry fine to my thinking.

What they've shown us of the suit looks great!


And I loved the 90s Flash

Damn, I had a huge crush on Amanda Pays which may have biased me.

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Same here.


Also: Suicide Squad coming up, based on the latest ads. They've been setting it up a long time, will be interesting to see how they put it into action.


Overall, I think they've done a great job on the show of staying true to the comics while adapting / adjusting the material to appeal to a wider audience.

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