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  2. I'm guessing that would be the PART unit, PART meaning Paranormal Advanced Response Team. But I could be wrong about that.
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  4. Here's Killroy, updated. King Red indicated he wanted to save his XP, so no real change...
  5. That cuts setup time by at least half IIRC.
  6. Q: What's the problem with your new coworker? A: He reminds me of someone, who reminds me of someone else, who looks altogether different.
  7. I feel obliged to point out that he is making an unwarranted assumption as to the content of the prayers.
  8. But I added thoughts to the prayers!
  9. Pasco being a substantial town in eastern WA, I admit I checked to see which Pasco it was.
  10. L. Marcus stole all of Finland's ice cream. He plans to do the same with Denmark.
  11. Cancer built the palace of Knossos as a little summer get-away, but his students found him anyway.
  12. About 1 Bowie (new unit of measurement)
  13. Waste of good tequila. Who wants drunk mozzies?
  14. Exactly so. Finishing up a move had me unboxing and organizing my books and bookshelves. In sorting through I have found every edition of Champions up through the black book with the green lettering. The few supplements I purchased greW with the size of the rule books they were written for. In a similar time frame AD&D was released with comparatively slim hardback volumes. In the years since, then, the core rules have gone through 4 subsequent editions, but remained the same three volumes. The rules have changed, the writing improved dramatically, as did the interior art. But The size did not change. Also the rules became more streamlined but the base stats remained consistent. But with Hero, what a clever person could build with 250 a 300 points, now costs double, or more, mostly because of the fine division of skills, and point adjustments. So with all that point inflation, comeliness does away? I acknowledge I am the victim of the California public school system, and need a calculator for basic math, but I don’t think I am the only one turned away by the added cost and complexity. Even Pathfinder is streamlining their rules to compete with 5e. There is complete, there is universal, but then there is complex. Look at how FGU is doing... ...oh wait. This is is why, in introducing new players, I am using Espionage, with some Danger International. I really don’t want to scare them off.
  15. Me! Me! I'm Canadian! I'm not sure if I'm short or ugly enough, but I am pretty hairy.
  16. I really do appreciate The fact you're sitting here Your voice sounds so wonderful But your face don't look too clear So barmaid, bring a pitcher Another round of brew Honey, why don't we get drunk And screw? Why don't we get drunk And screw? I just bought a waterbed It's filled up for me and you They say you are a snub queen Honey I don't think that's true So why don't we get drunk And screw?
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