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Which adventure would you like as a convention game?

Which adventure would you like as a convention game?  

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  1. 1. Which adventure would you like as a convention game?

    • Fight evil Cultists wielding magic who seek to bring the end of times
    • Fight evil Nazis invading from their hideout on the moon
    • Fight evil color coded Ninjas and their secret plan to decimate their enemies

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I am trying to decide what to run for Dundracon now that I have ended my games for teenage supers.  The power level will all be about 12DC, 8 CVs, 5 Spd Champions combat but I haven't decided which of the three to use.  Actually two ideas really stand out while the third keeps popping its head out of the ground.  You can choose more than one but please only choose the ones that sound really interesting to you.

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I voted cultists, because a player won't know what the cultists can do ahead of time, while the others tend to be pretty standardized (if only approximately, but the DC & CV levels are pretty clear).  Whatever magic you (as Evil GM) want can pop up.  Desolid ghosts, mental powers, fear-boosted presence attacks, all that fits in nicely with occult baddies.

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I voted for the Nazi invasion from the moonbase.


They could arguably have picked up most of our technology plus have developed their own technologies which might have gone off in new and startling directions.


And it gives you a two-part adventure (if you want it) where you stop the initial invasion then have to take the battle to the moon. Dealing with some combination of spacesuits that aren't designed for use of superpowers, decompression dangers, and low gravity would be interesting challenges for most heroes.

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    I refer again to my own number one rule about motivating players......”Everybody loves hitting Nazis!”

   In my first run as a GM my players we’re so afraid of doing permanent damage to the Viper guards I put against them that even the most wimpy of them kept getting up and slowing things down so much I couldn’t even bring out the real villains. 

   Then one night I ran some Fourth Reich types....Whoooo doggies!!  All of a sudden it’s  “Can I put put this ratzi bastid’ thru the wall?”  I really wanna put ‘em through the wall!”   

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6 hours ago, BoloOfEarth said:


That's a laser raptor!  I thought they went extinct thousands of years ago!


      Space dinosaurs!!   Just write up the Herculoids and wait to see if any of the players get the joke.   

       Doc Savage,  Flash Gordon,  Mandrake the Magician, Tarzan and The Shadow vs. Zok, Igoo the rock ape Gloop & Gleep and the Space Nazis....you could walk out of that convention a GMing legend.





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Darren Watts's Golden Age Champions for Hero 6E had an interesting take on this concept. In the CU Jupiter's moon Ganymede is habitable and inhabited, by several intelligent species, including giant ant-creatures who were themselves fascists. The Germans made contact with those creatures in 1942. In the dying days of WW II, the surviving Nazi elite planned to ride an experimental atomic rocket to Ganymede, take control of that moon, and build a new Reich to strike back at Earth. (Before they left they intended to use a giant magnet to crash a celestial body into the Earth, devastating it so their subsequent takeover would be easy.)


BTW the Moon in the CU also has long-term inhabitants. These "Selenites" are artificial servant life-forms left behind in a colony city by ancient advanced aliens -- also insectile, as it turns out (and clearly inspired by the Selenites from H.G. Wells's novel, The First Men in the Moon). The CU's Selenites are thoroughly described in Champions Beyond.


Another intriguing tidbit from CB: those same advanced aliens left behind highly adaptable "life spores" which a scientist villain discovered, and used to breed humanoid "lunar Amazon" warriors.


What would make Moon Nazis with ant storm troopers even cooler? Moon Valkyries! :D

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