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  1. There's a "Follow" box to the right of the thread title for me that allows me to specify the frequency of notifications. It also allows me to "Unfollow" the thread. Is that not working for you or do you simply not have that box?
  2. I'm not sure if I'd call "iconic" cover art, but how about this one from Dream Theater? The album was originally released 11-Sep-2001, was recalled immediately and reissued with modified artwork.
  3. Is there a "Remember me" box on the login screen on the phone and is it checked? I only use a PC, but noticed that I had to sign in a couple of times when repeating visits because I'd forgotten to check that box.
  4. It might depend on how big an impact it's going to be on the game . . . if clean water is scarce, I'd probably go with Minor. Otherwise, I'd think it would simply be Cosmetic.
  5. Who says you need kids to enjoy a Pixar movie? That's just silly, Cancer.
  6. Why is that patch of grass moving? Towards me . . . quickl---?
  7. If Bueller is working as a cook, doesn't that make the question "Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Fryer? Fryer?"
  8. Thanks, Kharis. I had a vague memory of guns on that bike and did a quick check of IMDB's images from the show, but couldn't confirm if there was a minigun or not.
  9. Practical? What's that got to do with anything? We're talking about supers!
  10. Doesn't that depend on which planet you're using?
  11. He said "conscious", not "insane"--although those definitely aren't mutually exclusive.
  12. Didn't the old (1980's) show "Street Hawk" have a minigun on a motorcycle?
  13. Never let facts get in the way of a good rant.
  14. Colossus might be a bad example. Didn't his powers first manifest when he ran in front of a tractor to save his sister?
  15. Really? I thought Bird's the word.
  16. Does misreading "Skysweeper" as "Skywalker" invalidate Cancer's question? After all, "Size matters not."
  17. The missiles are clearing the way so the Captain can hit the main target unimpeded.
  18. As much as I'd like to see Captain Atom win, does he really have any defense against Rachel's mental powers?
  19. The group I last gamed with had guys with degrees in History, English, Accounting, Computer Science, and a couple that didn't have degrees. In terms of the best mathematics ability, it was probably me (Computer Science), the History major, the guys without degrees, the English major, and finally the Accounting degree. The accountant blamed the fact that he was always using a calculator for him not being able to do simple arithmetic . . . or even to count the pips on his dice correctly.
  20. To begin with, part way through the game, or at the end of the session?
  21. I would ask if we were about to go on a tangent but I'm not sure that's possible in this thread.
  22. I seem to recall a "Red in Tooth and Claw" martial arts style in one of the books that was used for animals . . . I don't know if there was a throw or trip manuever in it. (For that matter, I'm not even sure if it was used for animals or was simply inspired by them.)
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