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Davenport, Washington?  DAVENPORT?!?  I've been to Davenport.  Multiple times, though not since the 1970s.  It's a dump.  If you head eastbound on US 2 out of Davenport, you pass through Reardan (also a dump), and right after US 2 goes from 2 lanes to 4 lanes at the air base, you zip about 60 yards from my old back yard (the house isn't there any more, but that's a technicality).  It's more a wheat town than than a cow town, really.  You don't need to run so fast to catch wheat.


But after reading the entirety of the article ... sweet creeping Jeshua on a stick, that's catastrophically bad.  How could you delude yourself into thinking you could get away with that?

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I suggest a new strategy Chewbacca. Let the Droid win.


Russian chess robot breaks a seven-year-olds finger.

Rather than waiting for the machine to complete its move, the boy opted for a quick riposte. Apparently unsettled by the quick responses of the boy, the robot unceremoniously grabbed and broke his finger. “It has performed at many opens. Apparently, children need to be warned. It happens.”

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3 hours ago, death tribble said:

David Warner dead at 80.



He played Evil in the Time Bandits. I got his autograph of a picture of Evil from one of the Film and Comic Cons in London

This hurts. He was one of those supporting guys who appeared everywhere and was always excellent when he did. And he was a sci-fi staple—Tron, Dark City, Star Trek, Titanic. He will be missed. 

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