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On 8/5/2022 at 12:50 AM, Lord Liaden said:


On behalf of Canada, sorry. 😔


On the plus side, you almost never get them that round. 😁


And it just HAPPENS to be the size of the White House eh?


Uh huh... *keeps an eye on Canada's secret sinkhole R&D*




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Oh man.  Really unfortunate mess.  MAJOR mess.


Oregon vs. Washington.  Tied in the bottom of the 7th, ergo extra innings.  Winner to LLWS...a lifetime dream.


Runner on 1st, batter pulls a ball down the 3rd base line.  VERY close, fair or foul.  Umpire raises both hands...which always means "foul ball"...but apparently is *saying* fair ball.  You can see Washington's 3rd base coach jumping up and down.  The ball goes down into the corner...and the runner from first has no opposition.


Thing is...did the defense *stop*?  The visual signal was Foul Ball. 


The ruling in the end?  Fair ball, the run's allowed to score.  No explanation, but it just happened.  It is possible that the runner would've scored anyway, but that's not a given at all.  And to lose like that was just....UGH.


I'm never gonna overly criticize Little League umps...seems reasonably clear the 3rd base ump messed up, but heck, the umps are volunteers too.  It is, as I led with, just quite unfortunate.  

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19 hours ago, tkdguy said:

Anne Heche dies a week after car crash


CNN reports the actress is brain dead but remains on life support, although she is not expected to survive. Other news sources report that Anne Heche has indeed passed away.


It appears that she was kept on life support for a time in order to determine whether any of her organs were suitable for donation. She had made it known that she wished to be an organ donor.


RIP, Ms. Heche. May you find the peace and contentment that seemed to elude you in this world. 

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18 minutes ago, Old Man said:

There's no conversion; a dinosaur is a unit of length and a giraffe is a unit of height.


I Googled average dinosaur size and there's an answer! (Didn't see that coming.) It seems a dinosaur is actually mass. 



The median mass of a dinosaur is determined to be 630 kg (1389 lb), or the size of an American bison


I think that settles it. 1 metric dinosaur = 1 American bison. 


Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 

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1 hour ago, Cancer said:

After having a few drinks, I may have to engage that chatbot about the superiority of 3d6 over 1d20, and advocate a holy war to eliminate the infidels.


Anything but rolling a ton of dice, needing X successes, a la Shadowrun and Storyteller, but particularly Shadowrun because of d6's.  A 1 point target number shift is big;  2 points, enormous.


Any linear-distribution roll has the advantage that any adjustments have consistent impact, until you get to the fringes.  Not true with 3d6.  

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