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What Your Dice Say About You?


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My dice collection contains aspects of every one of those dice listed above with the exception of the metal dice since they are so expensive.  As my character requires it, i will display all those aspects that they mention in that box, especially the one where I get the gm to display the constant face palm (even when I am the afore mentioned gm).

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I have all of them. Make of that what you will.


For main storage, I usually use small parts containers bought from Home Depot (though a few are from craft stores). I participated in a Kickstarter a few years back for some wood dice boxes, and have two of those loaded for games. The first is set up for systems that primarily use d6, and the second is set up for games that use polyhedrals (including several metal sets, so that box is heavy).





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I've got forty years' accumulation of miscellaneous malicious, chicken-raping, teacherous, abusive, probability-skewing polyhedra in a threadbare Crown Royal bag, and the entire ensemble is so unspeakably evil that the Monkey's Paw of legend, if put on the same table, would hurriedly get up and tipfinger away in search of nicer neighbors.

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I have a small bag of dice with the rpg materials that I'm going thru.  In storage is the .50 cal ammo box stuffed with dice.  Majority are six siders from the last 40 years though I think there were some that sneaked in from old board games of the sixties...  Also includes a few handfuls of the $1 for a handful from Hero games back in the 80s.  (Just one year they did that at DDC, then went to using coffee cups to combat people with size 17 hands...)


I never did the crown royal bag, but noted the other day that you can sometimes get custom stitched royal bags from them.

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Most of my dice have come from finding them left behind on and under tables at Magic the Gathering tournaments.


Though I was given several nice d20's by the organizer at a Magic pre-release. Each player was supposed to get a d20 as a promo item but most players didn't want them so I got several.

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I've not seen my dice in a decade and a half. Most of them vanished as the children thought the bags were more suited to holding various pretty rocks and odd coins ("Dad, what's a lira?"), which they subsequently grew out of the desire to maintain. My most unusual 'dice' went to a yard sale. It consisted of five pennies in connected clear glass tubes. After a shake, the pennies settled randomly and were read as binaries. The first two pairs of pennies became zero through three and the last penny indicated odd or even. I don't recall the complete rules for reading the thing, but I do remember that it was skewed to the low end of the scale.

Currently, my dice decry that I am a modernist who prefers pseudo-random number generation to the use of truly random hardware.

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On ‎8‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 12:41 PM, Ninja-Bear said:

I thought I was the only one who used a Crown Royal bag for dice!


3 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:



That's funny (but I'm not allowed to react anymore today, it seems).


Until this thread, I thought I was the only one who didn't! :lol:



I think everyone either has, or has had, a Crown Royal dice bag.


Lucius Alexander


On the other hand very few people have or have had a palindromedary

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9 hours ago, Cancer said:

For a while my wife had seamless leather dice bag...



  Reveal hidden contents

Tanned kangaroo scrotum



Made guys uncomfortable.


Imagine how the


felt about it


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary, for reasons you might understand, has less of a problem with it.

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