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2019-2020 NFL Thread

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19 minutes ago, Logan.1179 said:

The Jags lost in a gut-wrenching manner yesterday. For those that did not see it (most of you, I'd wager; I mean, it's the Jags), 

we scored a desperation TD in the final minute to pull within one point.


Then we decided to go for two. 


We could have tied it with thirty seconds left, but we trusted our minimally-effective offense to win the game instead, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, they failed. It was a bad play call. A horrible play call. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad call. Was overtime a guaranteed win? Of course not, but it was a better chance than what we got. The whole game was a forgettable affair for both sides... except for that last call. 


And we're still without Foles, too, of course. Gonna be a long season. 




Never play to tie. 

Jags have a pretty decent young QB in Crazyname McWhat'sthatfor II, they will be entertaining to watch in ways the Panthers are not. 


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On the contrary. Any day I get to see the Dallas Cowboys lose is a good day.

So, a year from now Minnesota will be 0-5 in Super Bowls

YES, the 49ers are denied!   I was a Elway Broncos fan back in the day. The petty bitterness lingers

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I’m sorry to remind you this, but I’m going to die one day, you are going to die one day, the sun will eventually run out of hydrogen, expand, cool down, and even the Earth will die. Remember this next time you watch football. Savor your life. Don’t do things like watch the Miami Dolphins.



I wasn’t hungover Sunday morning, but I wish I was. The Texans-Jaguars game would have been enriched by a nauseous turning stomach; is this my last breath anxiety; cold brew, four Tylenol, and a Alka Seltzer headache; four beers so I can finally fall asleep hangover. This is required to get in the correct headspace to fully savor AFC South football. It’s like listening to Explosions In the Sky on a National Park drive, or reading The Blood Meridian in West Texas during a scorched a summer with parched mouth, or meditating next to a river and focusing on each individual rolling and trickling section that composes the entire symphony.



This time of year Blue marker on a paper bag is clanging around my head, the idea of going outside and swimming and walking is exhausting after months of barraging around in it, fantasy football drafts are completed, the NFL season finally comes around, and everything finally feels right in the world. The motif to these thoughts, the thing I see when I close my eyes, is the window that overlooks my grandmother’s backyard filled with hummingbirds and mosquitoes, and the Oakland Raiders playing football on a baseball field.


The infield shredding players, pulling together two worlds into one, is the signal to the beginning of the season. It cracks me open every time. Reminding me of backyard football and previous days that probably weren’t even very good to begin with. And it leads to me rooting for the Oakland A’s to extend their season as far into October as they can, so the Raiders’ scrum can continue across the infield for as long as possible.


After this season it will be gone forever. Things won’t ever be the same. Robots and plastic people will exhale cancerous plumes of vape smoke. Raiders’ games will be an event, not a football game. The gothic costume party where every Sunday is Halloween. Gone. The eternal flame. Carried on a flat bed truck through the Mojave. It will only exist inside of a dusty Xbox spinning a coagulated copy of Madden. The baseball diamond’s final resting place.


And all this from a Bills fan.  

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This being the NFL's 100th, promo stuff is happening, including letting (at least in Seattle) fans vote on "Greatest moment in franchise history".  IMO these always end up heavily overweighting things from the most recent decade.


For Seattle, the four choices (here's the voting page) are the 2010 Beastquake run, the Richard Sherman tip/Malcolm Smith pick in the 2013 NFC title game, the Wilson/Kearse overtime TD in the 2014 NFC title game, and then a 1988 play where Steve Largent annihilates a Broncos DB who'd made a pick (and with whom Largent had ... a little history) and then recovers the fumble himself.


While the Largent hit is spectacular, to me his most memorable game was an AFC Division Playoff game in 1983 in Miami.  Chuck Knox had come up with an offensive game plan that worked, in that they used Largent -- already recognized as a great WR at the time, and had an impressive consecutive-games-with-catch string -- as a decoy.  Don Shula's Dolphins gave up too many turnovers, and the upstart Seahawks looked to have the game in hand with a bit over 4 minutes to play (the highlights are here) when Dave Krieg went against the game plan and tried a dumb little flat pass to keep Largent's string going, and it was picked off, and the Dolphins took two plays to score and retake the lead.


And then ... after letting himself be blanketed for 57 minutes, Largent showed why he's a legend with two back-to-back catches that took Seattle 55 yards to the Dolphin 2.  (The second one has an isolated replay in that video clip, but they airbrushed out the DB's pants, cup, jock, and pubic hair being scattered across the field by Largent's move :rolleyes: .)  Curt Warner ran it in on the next play to recapture the lead.  The Dolphins fumbled the ensuing kickoff return and Seattle made a FG to make the final score.

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There seem to be a plethora of really, godawful, bad teams in the NFL this season. The only thing preventing the Jets and Dolphins from both going 0-16 is that they play each other twice before the season is over.


It appears that the Dolphins' front office has decided that to tank is the way to go -- deliberately put a bad product out on the field in the hope that it will give them draft picks and cap room for a rapid rebuild. We've seen this before -- remember "Suck for Luck" in Indy (and what that ended up getting them)? It just hasn't been this blatant in a long time, and the team has absolutely failed to get the fans to buy into the idea. Although the fans seem not to care about that sort of thing, this is doing a lot of harm to the careers of the players now on the Dolphins. Their risk of injury increases from being continually outgunned, the film other potential teams judge them by will show them completely outmatched, and this could shorten and even end pro careers before they even get a chance to begin. I don't have the exact figure in front of me, but a few years ago I heard the average NFL career is about three and a half seasons. And this is extended due to the longevity of the Bradys and Mannings of the football world.


So booing these guys during their home games would be literally adding insult to injury.

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