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What comes after rookie?

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I've seen a pretty consistent use of the term "rookie build" for starter superheroes (or existing supers built on a reduced budget). Are there similar terms for more experienced builds?  Like 50, 100, 200 points in? I suppose "veteran build" would be obvious, but it doesn't have the same ring for me.


I'd like to make pre-gen characters for my players at a few different levels of experience:

  • Rookie is a simple build for the first play session, intended to introduce the players to the Hero System and some standard archetypes.
  • Veteran? is the same character with a few years of experience. Used in the second play session to introduce players to the campaign world -- how has the world adapted to the emergence of supers. Mechanically, it would show there are multiple ways to improve characters when they're not locked into the idea of a D&D "level".
  • GodAmongstMortals? is not for play. This is the Justice League-level final stage NPC build, showing the character at the height of their powers, recognized as a preeminent hero of the world.


So I'm looking for terms to fill in the last two levels of experience. For example, as titles for the character sheets:

  • Lamarckian, Rookie Hero
  • Lamarckian, Veteran Hero
  • Lamarckian, Unstoppable-Force-Sure-to-Doom-Us-All-Should-She-Ever-Stop-Being-a Hero


So does the Hero community have any standard terms for this sort of thing? Or terms you personally use?



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How about:

  • Noobie/Rookie 
  • Seasoned/Established 
  • Veteran 
  • Expert/Ace/Ranked 
  • Legend - wait for it - dary

Personally I am using in the campaign I am running:

  • Vigilante
  • City 
  • State
  • Region
  • National 
  • International
  • Galactic

These are based on influence and pull.


Finally, you could also do it on school ranks.  This would also be good if they have to go through training.

  • Freshman
  • Sophmore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • "Graduate"
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Thanks for the feedback!  I really like:

  • Novice - A more appropriate term than rookie, for someone who's not part of a team.
    I'd use this term for a 0xp build of a character (equivalent to Rookie)
  • Journeyman - Spot-on definition: "a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding".
    I'd use this term for a 25xp build of a character.
  • Seasoned - Perfect for my use (despite Greywind's efforts to ruin it with a pun): "accustomed to particular conditions; experienced".
    I'd use this term for a 50xp build of a character.
  • Veteran - Someone with "long experience".
    I'd use this term for a 100xp build of a character.
  • Renowned - Just throwing something in, to fill the geometric experience point ranges....
    I'd use this term for a 200xp build of a character.
  • Legendary - By now they've earned multiple epithets. Spidey, Wallcrawler, Webhead, Webslinger, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
    I'd use this term for a 400xp build of a character.

The geographic terms also look useful as a proxy for power level, but all the characters I'm building would count as "international" heroes. (Even at the starter level, they're the only superheroes in the campaign world.)




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On 1/25/2020 at 1:10 AM, Steve said:

I like how the published Gestalt setting by Scott Bennie does it, although there it is more a description associated with power level and points.


Novice Hero

Experienced Hero

Respected Hero




Shouldn't there be a "disrespected hero" before novice?

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13 hours ago, dougmacd said:


Bit of a jump in power level there, eh?   ^_^


Is https://www.herogames.com/store/product/257-gestalt-the-hero-within-pdf/ the setting you're referring to? I might grab a copy.





Yes, that is what I refer to. I find it to be a very interesting setting concept, and the character-building section is very useful in my own campaigns.

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A further observation: The way I see it, labels applied by outsiders is pretty much irrelevant. At least to lifer supers, it will probably be viewed as nothing but armchair quarterbacking. 


For the most part, game recognizes game. If you are part of the elite strata of supers that gets called whenever there is an extinction-level event threatening the earth, then you probably have all of the other usual suspects on speed dial. At that point, labels aren't really relevant or necessary.

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I like alot of these. I've got to get this thought of out my head: when I first saw the threat title, "What comes after rookie?", I thought "Wookie". So, there you have it, Rookie then Wookie. Chewbacca would agree.

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On 2/11/2020 at 10:11 AM, Tech said:

I like alot of these. I've got to get this thought of out my head: when I first saw the threat title, "What comes after rookie?", I thought "Wookie". So, there you have it, Rookie then Wookie. Chewbacca would agree.



Wookie Master

Cookie Monster?

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And it might not be about points per se.  A fairly significant change to the character sheet...change out a Hunted (the organization's dismantled) to a DNPC (in the process of doing so, you became obligated to take care of a kid.)  Change the static Multipower to a VPP where the theme's the same, the powers are the same but you can use em in a whole bunch of new ways.  Reputation, among the public in the character's operational area, or sometimes with his peers or the authorities responsible for Supers activities, can be a great freebie for the GM to assert...positive OR negative.  In a lot of ways, a positive reputation with the public can be considered the definition of "established."

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