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Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)


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Be interesting to see what impact this has on the eventual platform for the DNC. I'd personally love to see more (some) opposition to income/wealth inequity and the corrosive influence of money in politics (for both parties).


I'd also like a pony...


I'm sure there are politicians who will promise you a pony...

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If the next words out of your mouth are not "Applejack is the very best pony" you're dead to me.

Obviously, Applejack is the very best pony. Great strength, a lasso, and down home simplicity.


I'll take the Mustang though. My drivers side window is plastic and duck tape on my 2003 Altima, and I hit 230k miles today. I need a car.

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From CNN: 


"Despite the former secretary of state's status as the almost certain Democratic nominee, tens of thousands of Democratic voters still prefer another candidate — Sanders."


Disingenuous, much?


Try millions.




CNN totally isn't in Hillary's pocket. Why didn't they rip into Trump and his actually violent rallies?

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