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Funny Pics II: The Revenge


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24 minutes ago, death tribble said:

So the 1914-18 war is classic ?


I don't usually use the classic label on historical events, unless we're talking about the Golden Age of Classical Music (c. 1780-1880)*. I tend to reserve the label on art forms.


*I do consider the Baroque and Romantic eras as part of Classical Music.

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Seriously, though:


it was such a problem for us way back as far as the early 80s that I added a regular feature to a lot of my fantasy settings.  Eventually the rules and such of the entire organization had taken size enough to be a stand-alone work drawn from my notes, so I did that very thing.  There's a second section that needs finishing and the whole thing needs formatting, and I doubt I'll ever actually have the time to finish it, but it does exist.


The inner workings of the Torchbearers' Guild.

My wife cracking a joke a few months ago in reference to those early problems prompted my to get it all into one document.


My son had been watching a british guy on youTube-- one of the guys with the "speech impediment" british accent as opposed to the 'classy and sophisticated' british accent (I'm sure they have actual names, but I have no idea what they are).  At any rate, she was coming in the house, yelling "get the groceries!" as it had started raining very hard and very suddenly, and as she entered the kitchen, lightning struck and the lights went out briefly.  While the room was dark, my son, in a misguided attempt to fake the accent he'd been listening to, asked " Ooze goh a torch?"


My wife feigned rage and self-loathing and smacked her hand on the counter, groaning "Every!  Damned!  _TIME_!"


and I just lost it.  :rofl:



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