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    This club is to discuss Champions and their supplements of 5th edition, or prior to 5th edition.

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    A place for heroes to show off and brag about their accomplishments. Club houses in every major city. The concept: The Adventurer's club is a place to put up your heroes and post about their adventures. New players can look at how you built the character to gain inspiration or possibly adapt the character design as their own. GMs can use the heroes as NPCs. Posters retain all rights and responsibilities to their posts. This club is unmoderated in general but I or other admins reserve the right to remove strongly offensive posts or other unwanted posts like ads for non-associated things. Please label your posts for any material which would not be suitable for a PG movie.  This includes foul language or nudity.  Certain common sense subjects are generally banned from this location (ex: Pro-nazism, advancement of child pornography or abuse, etc.).
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    The campaign is set in San Angelo, California, which is in Northern California’s Central Valley. The Del Oro River Delta is a group of islands located where the Del Oro River meets the Sacramento River. We will be using 6E rules and the San Angelo books. The heroes are members of the Junior Justice Foundation, are in 9th or 10th grade, and attend Taylor Allderdice High School in the University Commons area. The school colors are green and white and the mascot is the dragon.

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    For years, the chief protector of Deco City was the convivial community crusader, the Cricket! While sometimes mistaken for a criminal, the champion of chirp had become something of a city mascot. He had saved the day, foiled plans, and kept more malevolent masks from terrorizing the citizenry! The Cricket had some close calls, sometimes he wanted to quit, but in the end, he stuck by that most heroic of mottos "With Great Can Do Might, Comes Great Ought to Right" But villains don't care if you're nice, they don't care if you're doing the right thing. They do care if you keep stopping their plans and/or putting them in jail. After a year of dealing with Cricket, the villains began to conspire on how to remove themselves of the meddlesome skyline skipper. They found an evil businessman to sponsor a hit on the Cricket, and teamed up to set up an ambush! And what better way than to use a local gathering as bait? Trap innocents into a building, and set it to explode. Sure enough, the jolly jumper came to the rescue right on time! And, this time, in the battle between good and evil, evil won. The Malice Mob was triumphant in laying the Cricket low, and then to drive his defeat home, they destroyed the support of the building. So the Cricket could watch his failure as he died with the innocents he wanted to protect. But there's more to the story. The cosmic being went by many names, but for brevity we'll refer to him as Mr. Actuality. Mr. Actuality was bored. The reason he was at such an insignificant event when he could be crafting a new solar system is unknown, but he found the debris, which could not hurt him, annoying. And Cricket, with his broken spine and blood flowing out saw this man had powers too (He had no idea how much) and begged him to save the innocents here. "With Great Can Do Might, Comes Great Ought to Right" Cricket said in his increasing delirium at the end of it all. Perhaps Mr. Actuality was swayed enough to at least do something, or perhaps the fact these 'villains' were actually thinking they were superior offended him, maybe the cosmic being decided on an experiment purely on whim? But saved the innocents (At least most of them) he did. One moment the Malice Mob were saving their triumph watching the building crumble from the outside, the next moment they were gazing up at the collapsing ceiling and walls from within the building wearing bodies that were not their own. Their minds and souls had been put into the bodies of their victims (Not including Cricket himself who simply went onto whatever reward awaits heroic souls). Of course, to make room, Mr. Actuality had put the minds and souls of the innocents into the villains' bodies in turn. And so, the Malice Mob died, crushed under the debris they had created but their bodies lived on, with new owners. And so it begins, a group of confused, terrified, once non-powered individuals now given a second chance of life in the bodies of their murderers. Wanted by the law, their old lives forever gone, our sheep are now wearing wolf's clothing and are appropriately and metaphorically fanged.

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    The campaign is set in San Angelo, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Del Oro River Delta is the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. We will be using 6E rules and the San Angelo books. All the heroes are in high school and attend Taylor Allderdice High School in the University Commons area. The school colors are green and white and the mascot is the dragon.

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    A club for people who are interested in the Here There Be Monsters urban fantasy campaign setting. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx

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    Brideswell is a super prison. In my world(s), its a relatively new super prison and I was thinking, I have a lot of ideas of supervillains which get used maybe once or not at all. Wouldn't it be a cool place to create a site which allows people to show off their supervillains to the world? Then the idea of creating a club at the Hero site was formed. The site is public and will not be monitored. People should feel free to post their super and normal villains here. Any applicable rights of anything put here is the right of the poster (i.e. club claims no rights). Its not monitored for content but that being said, I reserve the right to remove unwanted posts (like spam) or posts which violate the general Hero forum rules.
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    This section is reserved for GMs only. It contains write ups and possible adventures for use in Babylon City.

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    The concept here is to make an open living city which GMs can use as a setting for their games. All information here should be freely available to players and GM. Please read the rules and regulation post.
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    Test bed for Star Trek HERO PbP

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    Champions games running at GameKastle in Silicon Valley(Santa Clara, Mountain View, Fremont). I've made this not particular to my game, Champions of the West Coast, but I think initially, that may be the only campaign in here.

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    This is a PBP campaign rpg that contains my two campaigns from Champions: TEAM ALPHA and THE COURT OF DREAMS. Both will be played as either PBP rpgs or PBEM games if that is your preference if anyone is interested please contact me via PM or simply email me. If You want to create your PCs,go to the TEAM ALPHA game and Download your own Fillable CS.

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